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At Forrester, Steffy gushes over Thomas’s latest creation. The model asks him out on a date but he asks for a raincheck. The model files out Thomas tells his sister he’s focused on being a better person. She’s really proud of him. Thomas hopes their dad feels the same way. Steffy is beginning to wonder how involved Ridge even wants to be. “He hasn’t been back to L.A. in so long.”

In the FBI unit, Ridge wants Bill to get back to his house and get a confession from Sheila, but Spencer is on a donut break. They recap what’s going on and how their families will be safe from Sheila once she’s put away again.

At Bill’s place, Sheila takes a call from Deacon who wants her to come over — it’s urgent.

In the FBI unit, Bill confirms there’s no way Sheila can find out her phone is bugged. He wonders why Deacon wants her to come over and worries about them thinking he’s onto him. Bill has sacrificed too much for this thing to fall apart now.
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At Forrester, Thomas realizes Steffy is starting to worry about their father’s absence. Hope comes in and enthuses about the new design. Thomas thinks they’ll take Hope For the Future to new heights. Hope loves the sound of that. Steffy watches them as they grin at each other.
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At Deacon’s place, he’s still on the line with Sheila, who’s reluctant to come over. He insists it isn’t some booty call; it’s urgent! Sheila will have to be home before Bill gets back. Deacon tells her, “Just get over here as soon as possible.”

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In the FBI unit, Ridge and Bill watch Sheila primp in the mirror before leaving the house. Bill rants that it sickens him to look at her. He needs to do something more drastic. The FBI agent warns they need to stick to the plan in which Bill earns her trust. Ridge recaps that when they get her confession she’ll be out of their lives forever.

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At Forrester, Thomas declares this is just the beginning of him improving his life. The phone rings and Steffy steps away. Hope and Thomas turn their attention to the sketch pad and discuss dropping the neckline on a gown. She tells him it’s good to have him back and he says that means a lot. Hope feels they’ll create a lot of buzz together Steffy, now off the phone, watches them interact and flashes to finding out Hope thinks Thomas is hot.

At Deacon’s place, Sheila comes in wearing glasses and a hood and asks why she’s there. Deacon says, “Sheila, we need to talk.” Sheila asks, “What’s going on?”
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At the FBI unit, the agent confirms to Ridge and Bill that Sheila went over to Deacon Sharpe’s apartment. Bill feels he should have left her in jail but Ridge argues she would have found a way to go out. Bill nods, “She has to go away for 1st-degree murder.” The agent reminds Spencer that Sheila trusts him and believes he controls her freedom. Spencer warns if she gets an inkling of a set-up she’s gone. Ridge is sure she’ll crack. Bill fumes that she needs to crack… every day she doesn’t is another day he has to lie to his family. It makes him feel sick every time he has to say he’s in love with Sheila Carter.
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At Forrester, Steffy watches Hope and Thomas working together on the sketches. Thomas gets called to the sewing room and exits. Steffy looks questioningly at Hope, who says, “What? I trust your brother’s instincts.” Steffy thought she might be a little more reserved. Hope was surprised how easily they fell back into step together. Steffy asks, “In a purely professional sense, right?” Hope retorts, “How else would I mean it, Steffy?”

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At Deacon’s place, he reminds Sheila he’s put a lot on the line for her. She’s greatly appreciative. He adds, “And you know how I feel about you.” Sheila says he shows her every time they’re together, but they don’t have time for that today. Deacon says they don’t have time for anything… not today, or ever again. Sheila gawps, “What?!?” Deacon explains Hope stopped by the restaurant when they were on the phone earlier. She’s finally proud of him. Sheila realizes he’s worried she’s going to find out about them.
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At the FBI unit, the agent steps out and Bill grimaces as he talks to Ridge about living with that creature. Ridge gives him a veiled thank you as they spar verbally. Bill goes over how he has to burn every bridge to keep their loved ones safe from that monster. Ridge assures him that when it’s all over he’ll be able to spend time with his family without fear. Bill doesn’t need his pats on the back — this is real life and the stakes couldn’t be higher. He has to stay focused on the endgame, that’s the only way to get through this. Ridge says, “Good, then do that. Focus and get the information we need.”

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At Forrester, Steffy asks Hope if she’s going to be able to work with her brother. She doesn’t want to make something out of nothing, but… “Should I be concerned about how this is going to affect you personally.” Hope says she already talked to Liam and she and Thomas are getting along great. Steffy just wonders how this is all going to play out considering Liam’s feelings about her brother, “And yours.” Hope asks what she’s insinuating.

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At Deacon’s place, he explains to Sheila that Hope is the only good thing he’s ever done in his life. He loves his daughter, and he can’t lose her. “You’ve got to understand that better than anyone.” Sheila says they’ll just have to be more careful. Deacon protests that they can’t see each other anymore. “This has to end!” Sheila states, “You can’t stop seeing me. Can you?” Deacon concedes, “No. No, I can’t.” She strokes his chest.
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In the FBI unit, Ridge assures Bill that he’s Sheila’s number one guy. “You can give her things Deacon can’t.” Bill intones, “Well, she’s right about that. All Sharpe can do is make her pizza and license plates.” Bill goes over how difficult the ruse is to keep up and how intensely frustrating it is. Ridge insists it will pay off. It pains him to say it, but this is working because of Bill. Spencer complains this was supposed to be a slam dunk but they’ve had to go way past that. “I’ve had to reach for things in my life that I put away a long time ago. How long? How long do I have to play this broken lost man whose only found love in the arms of Sheila Carter? Sheila Carter!!!” Ridge says he’ll have to do it as long as it takes. “We need a confession!” Bill punches the wall and paces like a caged tiger.
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