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In the FBI unit, Bill fumes that he is so ready to put Sheila Carter behind bars for life. They watch her on camera pacing the living room and talking on the phone. Ridge slings his arm across Bill’s shoulder and tells him he’ll have to hang in a bit longer. Bill rants that this has gone on for months… with that vile creature sleeping in his bed. Ridge reminds Bill this was his idea. He recaps that at the end of it she’ll be put away and they’ll all be safe. They turn on the listening device so as to hear what she’s saying.

In Bill’s living room, Sheila hisses into the phone, “Deacon, Bill can never be onto us.”
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In the FBI unit, Bill mutters, “We’re onto you alright.” Ridge thinks Sheila is starting to lose it and soon they’ll have her right where they want her.

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In Bill’s living room, Sheila tells Deacon they have to play it safe and not make any mistakes.
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At Il Giardino, Deacon spots Hope coming in and abruptly tells Sheila he has to go before hanging up. Hope asks if he’s alright.

In the living room, Sheila paces and makes stressed out face.

In the FBI unit, Bill tells Ridge he’s planted some seeds in Sheila’s brain to make her squirm. Ridge hopes he can find a way to make her squirm enough to give up some information. Bill grouses that she was close to confessing everything until the lights flickered. The FBI agent says it was a technical glitch with the bugging devices and won’t happen again. Bill hollers, “It better not happen again!” Ridge assures Bill that she trusts him — he can get her to that place again. He didn’t think Bill had it in him to make someone love him but he did it — tears streaming down his face and the whole works. Bill snaps, “Save it, Samurai Sam.” Ridge urges Bill to keep going and keep pushing her. “We need a confession.” Bill thought she would have caved by now. Ridge says when she does, they’ve got her. They need to get her on murder one. Bill paces, “Right. Murder one.”
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At Il Giardino, Deacon tells Hope he’s not sure how he feels about her working with Thomas again. He adds that Liam isn’t sure Thomas will hold up his end of the bargain. Hope understands why her husband is upset but she’s allowed to change her mind. Deacon enthuses about Douglas coming home and urges her, “Take care of that little family of yours.” Hope is more worried about him and noticed he seemed stressed out and got off the phone pretty quickly. “What’s really going on?” she asks.

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At Bill’s place, Sheila looks at the framed photos on the mantle and thinks.

In the FBI unit, Bill recaps how he didn’t believe Sheila was dead and went to the FBI. He laments that it’s actual torture watching that woman on camera and in real-life. Ridge remarks that it’s no picnic for him watching her 24/7 either… or Bill for that matter. “Although he enjoyed Bill’s pajama choice this morning. Bill wants to ensure there are no cameras in the bedroom. Ridge assures him there’s not — no one could unsee that. Bill remains frustrated that Sheila didn’t spit out a confession and Ridge can see this is really getting to him. Bill exclaims that his sons, Brooke, and Katie all think he’s lost his mind and fallen for Sheila Carter! Ridge is certain he’ll be a hero when all is revealed. They just need the confession and then everyone will be safe. Bill says he’s trying but Ridge argues he’s not trying hard enough. “As long as she’s out there no one is safe!”
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At Il Giardino, Deacon claims to Hope that his stress is coming from the restaurant. She offers to roll up her sleeves and help out, “I could even mop the floor.” Deacon levels, “Are you implying that my floors are dirty.” Hope knows you could eat pizza off of them. She reminds him this is supposed to be fun. Deacon assures her he has everything under control and won’t do anything to ruin this life he’s building.

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At Bill’s place, Sheila flashes to him telling her he loves her, and then shakes her head and looks confused.

In the FBI unit, Bill complains that Sheila’s holding out on him. Ridge advises him to step it up a bit. Bill thinks it’s easy for him to say as he sits in there eating hot dogs — he can’t even imagine what it’s like to be intimate with a murderous vile woman like Sheila. Ridge doesn’t like Bill but he respects him because he couldn’t do what he’s doing… not with someone as dangerous as that. Bill grumbles that he has to sleep with one eye open. Ridge reminds him his kids think he’s in Europe. Bill concedes that Ridge has done a lot. Ridge assures him that in the end, Sheila will be gone.

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Ridge tells Bill he thought he was nuts when he came up with this scheme. Bill shrugs that attempts to keep Sheila behind bars in the past have failed. They have to get this confession. He marvels that he duped her into thinking she actually got the love she wanted from him. “It’s really hard to keep up this façade. I am looking pure evil in the eye night after night, whispering sweet nothings in its ear.” Ridge thinks he deserves a best actor award. “You did it. You reeled her in like a pro.” Bill recalls the night he lured her to the beach. He knew she’d been watching him at Il Giardino, and sent her enough signals to get her to follow him to the beach. There, he played the part of the lonely heartbroken man and she bought it hook, line, and sinker. Bill recalls how they talked for hours and he worked his magic to get her to trust him… along with the promise of freedom. “It was risky. Sheila could have gotten suspicious. It was also risky to tell her that Taylor shot me, but she had to be in on it for the blackmail scheme to work.” That’s why he went to the feds to ensure Taylor would be off the hook.

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Bill shudders at his family believing so easily that he’s fallen for Sheila Carter. He’ll be real with Ridge, “I don’t know how much more of this I can take.” Ridge knows and he doesn’t blame him, but they’re so close. “Don’t quit. Not now.” They look at the cameras and watch Sheila drinking from a glass and pacing.
Ridge Bill B&B

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