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At the cliff house, Finn and Steffy make out on the sofa, him shirtless and her in lingerie. He has to get to the hospital, so she plants a last passionate kiss or two on him. Finn promises they’ll pick this up later. Steffy has to get ready to go too and talk turns to the Forrester dream team being back with Hope and Thomas working together. Steffy wonders how Liam took the news. Part of her feels worried about Hope. Paris asked her if Hope had issues with Thomas coming back. “Hope admitted to Paris a long time ago that she thought Thomas was hot.” She had completely forgot about it and it’s not something she can ignore. On some level Hope is attracted to Thomas. Finn realizes she’s worried it could cause trouble with Liam.

At Il Giardino, Liam and Wyatt have filled in an incredulous Deacon on Hope’s decision to work with Thomas again. Liam complains that they don’t need this right now — they’ve enough on their plate with the situation with their father. Wyatt tells his brother to focus on Hope, he’ll worry about Bill and his newfound relationship with Sheila.
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Liam and Wyatt crab about Hope giving Thomas another chance and compare it to Bill trusting Sheila. Liam finds it different and says something is really off with his father.

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At Bill’s place, he and Sheila kiss. She can’t believe this is real and recaps that he’s her hero for saving her. Bill declares they’re two of a kind and this is the best thing that ever happened to him. “I need this and I’m here for whatever you need.” Bill tells Sheila she can talk to him about anything and he’ll never judge her. They go over being ashamed of their pasts and Bill says they have to be open about it. That’s the gift Sheila’s given him. He had to hide the darkness from Katie and Brooke. “I’ve done bad things too, Sheila.” Sheila says, “Nothing like I have.” Bill tells her he loves her and nothing she can do or say will change that.
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At the cliff house, Finn asks if Steffy’s worried Hope’s attraction to Thomas could turn into something deeper. Steffy’s just concerned about the effect on her of working with him. She wonders if it’s one of the reasons she’s been able to forgive her brother. Steffy wants Hope For the Future to succeed, she just doesn’t know what this means for Liam.

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At Il Giardino, Deacon excuses himself when Wyatt and Liam refer to Sheila as a nine-toed homicidal maniac and “gross”. He continues to listen as Wyatt rants about the psycho being in their dad’s house and Liam wonders, “How do you look into those eyes and go, ‘Oh yeah, this checks out?’”. Deacon flashes to an intimate moment with Sheila.

At Bill’s place, he confesses to Sheila that he dumped Ridge out of a helicopter and wanted to kill him — he’s never said that to anyone. He also blew up the Spectra building with Sally and Liam inside. “I could have killed my own son. Does that sound familiar?” He finds this opening up session healing and urges Sheila to reciprocate. “It’s okay, you can tell me.” Sheila says, “I’ve done things, Bill. Things that you can’t even begin to imagine.”

At the cliff house, Steffy and Finn continue to canoodle as she buttons his shirt. She wishes they could do this all day. Finn marvels about how life can be so good and so chaotic at the same time. Their love will get them through this next chapter — especially with their worst nightmare out there, set free thanks to Bill.
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At Bill’s place, he tells Sheila it’s hard for him to wrap his mind around being able to be himself with her. He feels free. “You know you can trust me too, right?” Sheila says she does. She has her freedom because of him. Bill argues she won’t be emotionally free as long as she carries these things around from her past. “Tell me your deepest darkest secrets, Sheila. I can handle it.” He knows she’s no saint and tells her, “I’ve killed people too.” Sheila flashes to notorious episodes from her past. Bill knows she’s haunted and urges her, “Talk to me.” The electricity browns out and interrupts the moment. She wants to go for dinner, but he has an important business meeting. “We can pick this up later.”

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At the cliff house, Finn is finding it hard to let Steffy go. They kiss and he says he hates being away from her and kids with Sheila out there — it’s only a matter of time before she shows up on their doorstep. Steffy can’t imagine what Bill is thinking. “None of this makes sense!”

At Bill’s place, Sheila sees him off and then calls Deacon. He reminds her it’s dangerous to tal and asks what’s up. Sheila feels paranoid that Bill might have an inkling about them. “There is something weird going on with him.”

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A pair of men’s shoes is shown walking into an area for authorized personnel only. It’s a police operation. A figure in a chair with a ponytail removes his headphones and turns around as the man enters. The figure in the chair is Ridge. He stands and faces the man, and asks, “How are you holding up, partner?” Bill fumes, “How am I holding up?! How am I holding up?” He hollers, “How do you think I’m holding up?!? I am ready. I am so ready to put Sheila Carter behind bars for life.”
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