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At the cabin, Liam reminds Hope they agreed she wouldn’t work with Thomas again. He exclaims that he’s gotten to her again and rants about this being the fear — Thomas always takes advantage. Hope protests that it wasn’t like that; this was her decision. Thomas even said he wouldn’t come back to the line if it would cost her. The best part is that Douglas, seeing them getting along, wanted to come back home. Liam is glad of that but asks if the boy only wanted to come back because she and Thomas started working together again.

At Forrester, Steffy beams at the sight of Thomas working and says she’s missed him. He’s missed her too and is so happy Hope was willing to give him another chance. Thomas is bent on making sure that she doesn’t regret. He wonders how Hope is making out telling Liam. Steffy guesses he’ll freak out when he hears what his wife has done.
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Thomas thinks maybe Liam will be on board with him coming back to the line. How could he reject him helping to save Hope For the Future? Taylor walks in and gushes about seeing her kids back together. She wonders why they don’t look happier. Thomas is just a little concerned how Hope’s decision to reinstate him might cause problems for her with Liam.

In the cabin, Liam is confused about Hope’s change of heart. She didn’t want to lose her line and the chance to get her message out into the world and, like it or not, Thomas was the way to save it. Liam shakes his head, “That’s Thomas’s pitch, right?” He’s trying to understand what he did to get to her and make her change her mind… again.
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At Forrester, Taylor worries Hope will listen to Liam and decide she doesn’t want him to come back. Thomas says if that happens, he’ll head home and work out what to do next. Thomas doesn’t want to be an issue in Hope’s marriage. Douglas appears and hugs Taylor. Steffy tells him she heard the big news that he’s going back to the cabin. Douglas hopes she’s not disappointed and thanks her for letting him live with her and for taking such good care of him. Steffy lets him know he’s always welcome and hugs him. Douglas turns to Thomas and enthuses about him and Hope working together again.

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In the cabin, Liam knows Hope’s line is struggling and she wants to do everything she can to save it, he even gets that Thomas is a talented designer, but as her husband, her well-being is his biggest concern. “How many chances do you have to give Thomas before he proves that he can’t be trusted.” Hope argues that he hasn’t been inappropriate but Liam reminds her he kissed her after the fashion show. She agreed with him before, so what changed?! Hope doesn’t give him an answer, so Liam assumes it’s the same as it always has been in the past — Thomas got into her head. Hope reiterates that it was her decision and warns he’s not going to like what she has to say. “I believe Thomas has changed.” Liam, exasperated, exhales and shakes his head, “Whoa.”
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At Forrester, Douglas asks if Hope is telling Liam. He worries Liam will get mad as he doesn’t seem to like Thomas very much. Taylor is sorry the boy has to deal with that. Thomas picks up his son and wants him to remember that even if he and Hope aren’t able to work together, they love him so much and will always be Team Douglas. He’s made mistakes in the past but he will never, ever do that again. Father and son embrace as Taylor and Steffy look on.
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In the cabin, things get heated as Liam asks how many times Hope has to hear from Thomas that he’s a changed man. He runs down every twisted thing Thomas has done and rails, “Why are we just ignoring this?!” Hope insists she’s not justifying or defending any of that, but Liam argues she is by giving Thomas another chance. Hope believes there is good in everyone, even Thomas, and yes, he’s messed up, but… Liam interrupts to say what Thomas does isn’t messing up. He’s ben fixated on her for years and when he doesn’t get his way he turns dangerous. Liam is asking how she can possibly let him into her life again and he’s not just asking for himself, but for the sake of her well-being and the safety of their family. “How?!?” Hope stares at him with tears in her eyes.
Hope tears B&B

In the design office at Forrester, Taylor enthuses to Steffy about Thomas seeing a therapist and doing the work. Steffy sees that he really does want to be better, but she worries about Douglas spending so much time solving adult problems. He removed himself before but now that Hope and Thomas are working together again he feels he solved the problem. Taylor says she’ll keep an eye on it. They agree they have faith in Thomas and that Douglas can come out of this a big winner. Steffy adds, “As long as Thomas’s obsession with Hope is in the past.” Taylor doesn’t feel concerned about that anymore, she just feels complete pride in her son.

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In the main office, Douglas tells Thomas it was fun living at the beach and jokes about Aunt Steffy’s cooking. Douglas asks about Thomas and Hope working together; he knows her line is in trouble. The boy expresses his wish that they could all be together all the time. He still wishes they could live together like a real family. Thomas hugs him.

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In the cabin, Hope tells Liam she hears everything he’s saying but, respectfully, this time she doesn’t agree. Thomas lost everything and in that time alone he re-evaluated, sought professional help, and apologized to her mother. “This time is different.” She insists it’s good for Douglas to see them working side-by-side and getting along. Hope is sorry to go back on her word but she won’t sacrifice her career for this. She needs Liam to trust her. She put Thomas on notice that if she even sees a glimpse of the old him, he’s gone. Liam wants to speak but Hope rails, “Liam, I need you to listen to me!” She understands his concerns and doesn’t want this to become an issue in their relationship because their marriage means so much to her, “But so does my job.” Hope felt this was the only option and believes it’s good for Douglas. She can look out for herself and if Thomas even tries anything it’s done. “Can you just accept this decision? My decision?” Liam husks that it’s clear she’s made it and Thomas is coming back. Hope nods, “Yeah.” Liam loves her more than anything and wants her to have everything she needs but he’s scared. “But I’m not going to let Thomas be the thing that comes between us and our life together.” Hope sobs her thanks for his understanding as they embrace.

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