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At Forrester Creations, Hope tells Thomas how excited she is for Douglas to move home. Thomas offers to bring him to the cabin. Hope realizes he might be upset by this news and was hoping the boy would want to live with him. Thomas admits it’s still painful, but it’s okay now that they’re in a better place. He’s ready to see what the future has in store for them.

At the cabin, Liam tells Wyatt that, thankfully, Thomas will not be returning to Hope For the Future and he’s relieved he got through to Hope. The guy should never be allowed near her again. They go over the finer points of the situation and Wyatt thinks it’s insane that Steffy believes Thomas is the only one who can save the line. Liam has to get off the train at the whole ‘I’m a changed man’ thing — he’s still the same guy. Wyatt agrees he’s creepy. He feels Liam must be glad he got through to his wife.

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At the office, Thomas assures her he wants to be the kind of person she and the rest of the family can be proud of and that his son can look up to. Hope grins. Steffy arrives and they tell her everything is “great”. She asks, “Does this mean…?” Hope confirms she’s agreed to let Thomas back on Hope For the Future. Steffy is pleased.
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At the cabin, Liam hasn’t heard from Hope yet and wishes there was something more he could do to help — but Hope For the Future is sputtering. They go over her disappointment over Douglas and Liam tells Wyatt that it’s all Thomas’s fault. Wyatt hopes Hope sees that. Liam doesn’t want her to be manipulated, which is why he took a stand. He doesn’t want to be the laying down the law guy, however. Wyatt learns they argued a little but Hope understood what he was saying. Wyatt declares that her working with Thomas is a non-starter — he cannot be in their lives!
Liam Wyatt B&B

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At the office, Thomas gives Hope and Steffy his word that he’s changed. Hope notes that even her mother sounded cautiously optimistic. Thomas know she’ll never forgive him for what he did to her marriage but she let Hope make up her mind on her own. He was ready to accept whatever Brooke said. Hope tells Steffy that Douglas has heard the news and Thomas says he might have been more excited than they were. They’ve agreed to be a team at work and as parents. Hope reveals that Douglas told her he’s ready to come back home. Steffy gawps, “Hope that’s great!” She told her it was only temporary and is pleased they have a call into the judge already. Steffy asks how Liam feels about her working with Thomas. Hope hedges, “He actually doesn’t know yet.”
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In the cabin, Wyatt tells Liam he should get going. Liam wonders if Hope’s hung up at the office trying to figure out how to salvage her line without Thomas. Wyatt thinks maybe she’ll find something better. Talk turns to Bill and Wyatt asks if Liam confided in him. Liam chuckles, “Absolutely not.” Wyatt jokes that maybe Bill and Thomas will become best friends. They make gagging noises and then start going over the horrifying situation with Sheila. Liam doesn’t know what to do about it, but at least he gets to cross Thomas off his list.
Liam Wyatt B&B

At the office, Hope tells Steffy and Thomas that Liam insisted she say no to bringing Thomas back on the line. He wants to protect her. Thomas is sorry, it must have been a hard conversation. Hope assured him that she would tell them both no. Thomas realizes that she planned on letting him down today. Hope confirms she was going to turn him down. He asks what changed her mind. Hope loves her line and doesn’t want to see it end. She also believes it will be good for Douglas to see them working together. Thomas assures her this time is different. Steffy worries that Liam won’t find this reassuring. Hope has to go tell him now since she doesn’t want him finding out from someone else. Thomas says he doesn’t want to cause her anymore heartache — if she has to let him go to protect her marriage, he’ll be fine with that.

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After Hope’s gone, Thomas tells his sister he’s happier than he’s been in a long time simply because the two of them put their faith in him again. Steffy doesn’t want to see a hint of his old behavior. Thomas feels different but wonders how their father will feel about her bringing him back on board. Steffy says they’ll cross that bridge when they get to it. Talk turns to Hope having to break the news to Liam. Thomas insists he has no ill will toward their marriage.

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Outside the cabin door, Hope flashes to telling Liam she wouldn’t ask Thomas back to the line and frets. She goes inside and Liam tells her she just missed Wyatt — he filled him in on everything and he was pretty shocked that Steffy would push her to hire Thomas back. He’s glad she didn’t get pressured into making a bad decision. He knows she’s been stressed over the line and Douglas as well. Hope breaks the news that she saw the boy and he wants to come home. Liam hugs her — this is amazing! She asked what happened to change his mind. Hope hedges, “He saw Thomas and I together.” Liam wonders if the boy saw them arguing. She says they weren’t arguing. She assures her husband that he respects what he thinks but after hearing all the sides to the issue, she changed her mind. Liam asks what she’s saying. Hope says, “I asked Thomas to come back to Hope For the Future as the lead designer. Thomas and I are going to be working together again.” Liam’s face falls.

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