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At Forrester, Hope tells Brooke how upset Liam was about the possibility Thomas returning to Hope for the Future. Brooke asks if she landed on a decision. Hope flashes back to her tearful conversation with Liam, as Taylor interrupts, looking for her tablet.

At the cabin, Wyatt tells Liam that Bill is letting him handle a deal, no questions asked. They note they’ve never seen their father so uninvolved before and muse on the capacity for people to truly change. This leads Liam to bring up Thomas and the idea of him returning to work with Hope. They discuss Hope considering it and Wyatt puzzles over Steffy giving her brother another shot. Liam can understand that but not her expecting Hope to get over what he did. If Thomas has a future at Forrester, it’s not because he’s going to be working with Hope.

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Thomas finds Paris in the design office. She asks if he’s back to save the day. He’d love the opportunity, but it’s all up to Hope. She thinks Hope should be begging him to come back, especially since he’s changed. However, Hope might not be able to ignore Liam’s opinion of him. Thomas fears his chances of getting back on Hope’s line are slim to none. Paris tells him Hope is across the hall if he’s ready to find out. She’s sending all the luck his way.

In the main office, Hope tells Brooke and Taylor that Liam believes Thomas is being disingenuous. Taylor says she sat in on Thomas’s therapy session and it’s legit. Her friendship with Brooke means so much to her she would never jeopardize it by putting Hope in danger. Brooke and Taylor both wonder if Hope can find it in her heart to give Thomas another shot. Brooke urges Hope to take her time but Taylor reminds her Steffy is ready to pull her line and reiterates that Thomas is trying to be better.
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Thomas enters the office and Hope asks to speak to him alone. Brooke and Taylor file out. Thomas muses that she must have had quite the conversation with Liam. “I’m guessing he didn’t take things so well.” Hope shakes her head. Thomas wants to work with her and create wonderful designs to bring their visions to life… but not at the expense of her marriage or relationship. “If you have to say no, I’ll understand.”
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In the cabin, Liam asks Wyatt, “I did the right thing, right? Talking Hope off that ledge?” Wyatt assures him he did the right thing. He’s sure Hope will figure something else out. Liam has so much respect for Hope that she doesn’t need him telling her what to do. Wyatt points out her decisions affect him, especially when it comes to someone he can’t trust like Thomas. Liam appreciates the support and hopes his wife appreciates his. Bottom line: he got through to her and she’s not welcoming Thomas back to her line.

In the design office, Brooke and Taylor keep discussing the situation with Hope and Thomas. Brooke insists she’s always wanted Tay’s son to be happy and healthy and tells her Hope was moved by what she said earlier. “So was I.’ Taylor wonders if they were moved enough to give him another chance. Paris enters with Douglas and hugs abound. The boy wants to know what his father’s important meeting is about. Taylor and Brooke tell him it’s with his mother — his parents might be working together again. Douglas feels that would make things a lot better. He hates it when they’re not getting along.

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In the main office, Thomas won’t hold it against Hope if Liam can’t accept the changes he’s making. Hope thinks if Thomas backed up his words with actions, Liam might be able to move on. Especially if her line becomes a success. She notes that no one can capture the spirit of Hope For the Future like Thomas does. She knows it would mean something to Douglas to see his parents working well together. Thomas asks, “Hope… are you saying?” Hope isn’t ready to walk away from this yet and let people down. She believes with Thomas as lead designer they could create something really special. “Welcome back to Hope For the Future, Thomas.” They shake hands.
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In the cabin, Liam tells Wyatt he wants to frame the last cover they did of Hope For the Future for his wife. Wyatt points out it might be a painful reminder. He assures his brother he has nothing to make up for — no one would want their wife working with that creep. He’s certain Hope will find another way to make the line work. Liam was protecting his family, which means no Thomas. Liam nods at Wyatt’s assessment.

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At the office, Thomas understands that he must be dedicated to being the best person he can be, as well as the best co-worker, father, and friend. “I promise I will not mess this up.” Brooke and Taylor walk in with Douglas. Thomas says it’s great timing. Hope announces that they will be working together again. Taylor, thrilled, says Steffy will approve. Douglas asks if they can be friends too because he hates it when they don’t get along. Hope and Thomas assure him they will be. Hope tells the boy he’s been missing him a lot. Douglas decides that seeing her happy like this has made him want to come home to the cabin. Hope is overcome and takes him into her arms.
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