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In the cabin, Hope drinks wine and flashes to Thomas telling her he won’t let her down. Liam arrives and she tells him she just put Beth to bed. He realizes she’s upset and asks if it’s Hope For the Future.

At Forrester Creations, Thomas’s therapist is encouraged by Thomas asking him to meet with him at the office. He welcomes Taylor, who says the sessions have been wonderful for her son. She’s so proud of him.

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In the design office, Katie concludes a work call as Carter comes in. She apologizes for canceling on their dinner plans. He says it’s not a problem and she tells him he’s been such a dear friend to her. This gives him pause.
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Carter asks, “So… you consider me a dear friend.” Katie laughs and says she sound like her grandmother but he’s one of the good guys and she wants to let him know how much she appreciates him. Carter returns the sentiment.

In the main office, Taylor listens as Thomas and his therapist discuss the work they’ve been doing on impulse control. Thomas muses that some people out there don’t believe he’s capable of change. They talk about Hope and Thomas insists he hasn’t been fixated on her. Taylor asks what makes it different now. Thomas just wants the best for Hope and he wants her to trust him. His therapist warns it may take time. Thomas thinks they make an amazing team — as parents and on the line. He thanks the therapist and his mom for their encouraging words.

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In the cabin, Liam recaps Hope’s recent troubles. Hope reminds him they’re threatening to shelve Hope For the Future. Liam’s confident she’ll find a way to remedy the situation. Hope doesn’t think he’ll like what appears to be her only option. “I’m considering bringing Thomas back as lead designer.” Liam grimaces, distraught.
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Hope tells her incredulous husband that she’s considering Thomas thanks to an ultimatum from Steffy, who is back on good terms with her brother and believes it’s the only way to save the line. Liam complains that this isn’t all about numbers — what about the cost to her personally? He asks his wife to name one good thing that has ever come out of her associating with Thomas.

In the design office, Carter and Katie canoodle and go over the challenges they’ve helped one another through and talk about all of the meals they’ve shared. Katie teases, “Oh my God, are you down to a five-pack?!” Carter laughs, “Five and a half.” Katie doesn’t want to mess this up; it’s so rare. Carter strokes her cheek and says he knows exactly what she means. Katie goes over how much they laugh together. She feels safe and secure with him, which is everything she could ever want in a friend. Carter, slightly uncomfortable at the word ‘friend’ guesses they are crossing into the ‘friendzone’. Katie is stunned that he thinks that what she meant and assures, “Oh no,” as she kisses him passionately.

In the main office, Taylor tells Thomas she’s so proud of him and she can tell his therapist is too. Thomas still doesn’t know how his father feels, but Steffy is willing to bring him into the office. Taylor thinks Ridge will come around… the big question now is will Hope?

In the cabin, Hope understands how Liam feels about Thomas but they’re talking about her career, her life. Liam isn’t saying she has to abandon her line, but there’s no way caving and working with Thomas is the answer. Hope explains that Steffy understands she’s putting her in a difficult position but her hands are tied. Liam thinks that’s bull. Hope doesn’t think that her husband wants to acknowledge that Thomas is a talented designer. Liam is willing to do so, but doesn’t believe that’s all that matters. Hope shares his concerns but the difference this time is that Thomas is actually making progress — even Taylor says so. Liam scoffs at this. Hope says Brooke isn’t keen on the idea either but she sees the business side of it and knows the decision is Hope’s to make. Liam asks Hope if she’s already decided. “Are you going to work with Thomas again?”
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In the main office, Thomas goes over the mistakes he made; he wouldn’t blame people if they couldn’t forgive him. Taylor thinks Hope wants to move past this and make sure her line doesn’t get canceled. Thomas points out that Liam hates him. He promises his mother he’s not a threat to anyone anymore. Taylor knows. “Thomas Forrester, I believe in you.”

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At the cabin, Liam asks Hope if she’s already made up her mind and if that’s what this conversation is about. Hope insists she wouldn’t make such a decision without talking to him first. She feels he’s asking her to choose between her career and… Liam interrupts. He doesn’t think Thomas is her only choice and is kind of pissed off at Steffy right now for insisting it is. Liam asks if there is anything Thomas could do that would take hiring him off the table forever. He’s scared that the answer is, “No.” He fumes, “You tell me. Where do you draw the line? Where?!?” Hope asks if Liam has ever considered that it might be beneficial for Douglas to not see his parents at war — to see them working well together as a team?! Liam says that would be a good reason if he actually thought it came from her. He’s begged her so many times to keep Thomas out of her life and when she doesn’t, they all pay the price. Liam doesn’t know what to do so he’s begging her again not to hire him, not to give him that opening in her life. Hope tearfully says, “Fine. I’ll tell him no.” Liam embraces her and vows she’s making the right decision. Hope frets as tears roll down her face.
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