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At Bill’s place, Sheila questions if Liam finally got him to distrust her. Bill told his son she’d never betray him — she’s too smart for that and knows who she’s dealing with. “You’re dancing with the devil, Sheila.”

At Deacon’s place, he gets a beer from the fridge and flashes to sex with Sheila.

At the cabin, Liam confirms to Hope that Bill said Sheila would pay if she betrayed him, but something is off because his father is talking like he’s the one in the driver’s seat. Hope guesses Katie and her mom rejecting him did more damage than they thought. Liam says this is different. He doesn’t know what it is, but hopes one day his dad comes back to them.
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At Forrester, Thomas insists to Brooke that he’s not trying to take advantage — he was as surprised as anyone when Steffy approached him to return to the line. Brooke exclaims that there are bigger things at stake than the line — how can she trust he won’t hurt her daughter again?!? The blonde apologizes to Taylor but she’s not sure she can trust her son again. Taylor understands and thinks Thomas would simply like the opportunity to earn it. Thomas points out Steffy will shelve the line if he’s not attached. “Give me a chance to save the line. Give me a chance to redeem myself. Can you do that Brooke?” Brooke narrows her eyes at him as Taylor looks on expectantly.

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In the cabin, Liam laments that his dad is dead set on his relationship with Sheila. If there’s something that will wake him up, he has no idea what that would be. He hopes Bill will opens his eyes and do whatever it takes to get Sheila back to prison. He doesn’t get it and needs answers. Hope encourages him to visit his father and try again. She will be fine and has to go back to Forrester Creations. “We will talk later, I promise.” Liam tells her to wish him luck and heads out. Once alone, Hope frets.

At Bill’s place, Sheila tells him she’ll never be able to repay him for what he’s done. Bill just wants her to be open, her love, her commitment… and her total loyalty. They embrace and Sheila looks wary.

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At Forrester, Taylor would understand if Brooke walked out the door right now; it’s clear she’s not ready to give Thomas as another chance. They’ll respect that. Thomas says, “It’s true.” Brooke asks, “So, you don’t see me as the enemy anymore.” Thomas says she’s not the source of his trauma. He’ll always choose his mother but his father was the reason he left their family — it was easier to blame Brooke. Thomas really wants to be a better person for all of them… but he really wants to make his mother proud. Brooke watches as Taylor assures him she’s already proud and hugs him. Thomas then gives Brooke a promise that he’ll be a better man for the family and Douglas. Will she give him a chance to prove he can be trustworthy so that Hope can trust him too?

At Bill’s, Sheila recaps that he saved her life and made her feel loved. Liam bursts in and tells his dad he needs to talk to him again… alone. Sheila grabs her purse and heads out of the room. Liam tells Bill he loves him and doesn’t recognize him. He doesn’t know what’s going on but he’s not leaving until he finds out. “If Katie or Brooke had taken you back, would you be with Sheila right now?” Bill’s expression says he wouldn’t. Liam asks, “So, how can you stand there and tell me that you love her?”
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At Forrester, Hope listens at the door as Thomas acknowledges to Brooke that he’s hurt her daughter over and over again. He explains that everything that’s beautiful about Hope is in her line and pleads with Brooke to let him save it. “I owe it to her.” At that, Hope opens the door and walks in. Thomas says he’s doing what she asked and apologizing to her mother. “Please don’t let the line go, Hope.” He feels people need it and its message and asks her to let him help bring it back to life.

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At Bill’s, he tells Liam he should be worrying about his own family. Liam reminds him he’s his family. They’ve been through hell and back over the years and he’d like to think it brought them closer. Bill confirms, “It has.” Liam asks him to help him understand, then, why he’s with Sheila. “You’re nothing like her.” Liam is there fighting for Bill, and Sheila’s son is fighting to protect his family from her. “How can you love Sheila Carter? How?!?”
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Elsewhere at Bill’s place, Sheila is eavesdropping and thinking about Deacon when he calls her. She tells him he shouldn’t be contacting her and explains Liam is there trying to prove to Bill that she’s playing him. Sheila informs Deacon there’s nothing to talk about — what they did was crazy and dangerous. Deacon notes it was also hot and sexy. He has a pretty good idea of what would happen if Bill found out about them but he can’t stop thinking about her. Deacon is pretty sure she can’t stop thinking about him either.

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At Forrester, Brooke acknowledges that Thomas could save Hope’s line, but he changed the course of her life and sabotaged her line. “I will never forgive you for that.” He’s done some terrible things but he’s an amazing designer and she can’t think of anyone better to fill the space at Hope For the Future. Her real concern, however, is her daughter and his obsession with her. Taylor jumps in to say she would never support this if she still believed that obsession was ongoing. Brooke believes Taylor but she wants to believe Thomas. She tells Hope that in order for this to work she’ll have to trust Thomas. Brooke’s not sure she can do that or what Liam’s reaction will be. She tells her daughter it’s her decision and hers alone.

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At Bill’s place, Sheila tells Deacon by phone they can never be in each other’s arms ever again.

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In the living room, Liam continues grilling Bill about his love for Sheila. He admits it’s different than what he felt for Brooke and Katie. Liam will take that as him not being in love with her. He urges his dad to take off the necklace and send Sheila back to prison. Bill intones, “I got her out for a reason.” Liam flies off the handle and spouts, “Whatever this is, it’s not love!” He slams out. Sheila appears and leans on Bill as he looks into the mirror at his sword necklace.
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