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Off her conversation with Steffy yesterday, Hope returns to the cabin and tells Liam that there’s a good possibility the Hope for the Future Line will be put on pause. (FYI, “pause” is clearly one of those words which is going to go into heavy rotation on the show in the weeks to come. So get ready to play our soap opera drinking game with it!)

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Hope laments that everything in her life has changed lately, with the biggest blow being Douglas’ new living situation. Plus, the numbers for HFTF have tanked. Liam says she’ll turn things around, because she’s a good and kind person, using the fact that she stepped in to help raise Douglas in the wake of Caroline’s death as proof. And one day soon, Douglas will come home. “I worry that in no time, he’s just going to be completely out of reach,” sighs Hope. But he tells her to look at it as Douglas being on an extended playdate, giving them more time to bond with Beth. “As for Hope for the Future, it’ll work out, my love,” he concludes. “And if nothing else, you’ll always have me,” he adds. (Cue their marriage hitting the skids in 3… 2… )

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Having talked through her issues, Hope asks her hubby how things are going on his end, reminding him that “Your stuff is also my stuff.” Liam admits that the “creep factor” is off the charts over at his dad’s house, and he can’t figure out what the heck is going on. “To be honest, I don’t know what my dad feels for Sheila!” Hope suggests that given how much Bill has given up to be with Sheila, there must be some feelings there, right?” Uncertain of the situation, Liam frets that “those personalities, alone in that house together, it’s like darkness upon darkness. It’s not healthy!”

Over in the big office at Forrester, Taylor and Brooke’s new friendship seems about to face its first true challenge as the brunette suggests to the blonde that Thomas might be the key to the future of Hope’s line. Perhaps, Taylor suggests, Brooke can forget the CPS call and look toward the future? That call did, Brooke points out, cost her a marriage. Sure, Taylor grins, but she gained an awesome friend in the process!

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As they’re talking, Thomas opens the door, hears the conversation and walks in to apologize. Can Brooke forgive him, he asks… not only for his sake, but for Hope’s? He lays out his case to Brooke, agreeing that his biggest issue is impulse control. He takes responsibility for what he did, but Brooke isn’t sure why she should believe him this time given how often he’s made these same promises. While Brooke does seem willing to consider what Thomas has said, she wonders how she’s supposed to trust him to be around her daughter. “She considered you a friend, and she worked really hard to trust you again. And you betrayed her faith… and now you want to come back to work… and act like none of this ever happened?”

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Thomas can’t blame Brooke for being skeptical, but says it’s important that he prove to Douglas he’s the kind of man that can be looked up to. Chiming in, Taylor says she’s learned that everyone makes mistakes. “Sometimes, good people make bad choices,” she reflects. “It doesn’t mean they’re bad. It means they’re human.” Brooke tells Thomas that the only way this can work is if his fixation is really, truly over.

In Deacon’s bed, Sheila thanks him for being “the gift that keeps on giving.” But their conversation quickly turns to Bill and the fact that this betrayal could push him to kill them! As they dress, Sheila does a bit of psychoanalyzing of Bill, suggesting that he’s all about the thrill of the chase. But, she continues, he grows bored once she’s given in. “She’s his whole world for that moment, till the glow wears off and the reality sets in. Then he’s looking for his next fix. What happens when I’m that woman? When I’m the one he wants to be done with? Do I go back to prison?” Deacon says if Bill finds out about their trysts, prison might be the safer option. They agree that he can never find out, because there’s no telling what he’ll do!

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Soon enough, Sheila receives a text from Bill, who wants to know where she is. Deacon asks if she’s going to go running back to Bill, and the former nurse rants that she’s “not used to answering to anyone!” But what can she do? “Am I just supposed to leave, because that is not an option! The reality is that Bill put everything on the line to keep me out of prison. Underestimating him would be dangerous! If Bill were to find out… ” She begins hitting Deacon, forcing him to swear that he’ll never reveal what they’ve been doing.

In the final moments, at the cabin, Liam admits to Hope that he’s starting to wonder if he’s had things wrong. “Maybe it’s Sheila who should be a little worried,” he ponders, adding, “My dad made it pretty clear that if Sheila ever crosses him, she’ll regret it.”

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And at that moment, Sheila is arriving home to a suspicious Bill. She claims to have been on Rodeo Drive, yet she has no bags. Sheila claims it’s not about the shopping, but being able to wander about freely. Aware that something is bothering Bill, Sheila asks what’s on his mind. Turns out, it’s something Liam said: That he shouldn’t trust her, because she’s playing him. But of course Bill trusts her. “Liam knows, you know, everyone knows that nobody betrays me and gets away with it,” he intones as the music grows threatening. “Nobody!”

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