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Picking up where Friday’s episode left off, Bill intones to Liam that if Sheila dares to betray him, things won’t end well for her. And of course, at that very moment, Sheila and Deacon are giving into their passion, complete with heaving bosoms, saxophone music and ripping clothes!

Bold Beautiful Sheila Deacon sex

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In the design office at Forrester Creations, Taylor and Steffy wonder about what’s going on in the main office. Steffy knows that Hope is in a difficult position, but giving Thomas the opportunity to design Hope for the Future’s next collection is the only chance the line has. But if Hope does opt to work with Thomas, how will Liam react? (Pretty sure we all know the answer to that question!) “If Hope did say yes” to taking back Thomas, muses Taylor, “it could cause problems in their marriage.

Bold Beautiful B&B Taylor Steffy design office

In the main office, Thomas pleads his case to Hope, who admits that she feels cornered. Of late, everything about her life has changed, including Douglas opting to live with Steffy. Charlie calls to warn Hope that Thomas is in the building. (Right on top of things, as usual, Charlie!) When she hangs up, Thomas says he’s glad the security guard is keeping an eye on her. But Hope makes it clear she isn’t really worried about Thomas, given that the person he tends to hurt the most is himself… with Douglas and his family coming next.

B&B hope and thomas office bold beautiful

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Given how often Thomas has claimed to change but not done so, Hope asks how she is supposed to believe that this time, things will be better.

At Bill’s house, Liam continues beating his head against a brick wall… or, as it’s know, trying to talk sense into Bill. “Why would you want to be with someone you know you can’t trust?” Liam asked. Bill continues to insist nobody betrays him. “What makes you think she won’t try? Because she values her freedom? That’s self-preservation, not loyalty,” says the concerned son. “Everything you’ve given this woman, good God! You’ve protected her, you’ve given her run of the house, you have prioritized her over everyone… everyone in your life! What’s the endgame here, Dad? Where is this going?”

bold beautiful B&B liam bill

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Great question, Liam!

Liam continues pressing his dad, asking the billion dollar question: Does Bill really love Sheila, or is he just trying to get a reaction? “To prove that you don’t need anyone, you can bend the whole world to your will? Let’s be honest, is that why you started wearing the sword necklace again… to prove to the world that you can do things that mere mortals just can’t? Like taming Sheila Carter?” Bill insists he didn’t tame her, which Liam’s glad to hear. “She’s a lunatic and can’t be controlled,” the son reminds his pop. Bill coldly responds, “Neither can I.” Liam draws back, surprised. “There he is. That’s my dad, the Dollar Bill Spencer we all know and love.”

Liam says he gets why his dad was tired of being rejected and lectured. “But here you are, back in control, and there’s nothing any of us can do about it. Is that what this is? Is this just Dollar Bill Spencer flexing his muscles? I don’t think so,” muses Liam. But he doubts it. Bill wouldn’t throw everything away like that. “Sheila matters… I just don’t know why.”

Meanwhile, at Deacon’s apartment, he and Sheila continue gettin’ it on…

B&B sheila deacon sex

… and on…


and on!

At Forrester, Thomas acknowledges that Hope has every reason to be skeptical, adding he has been working with someone… and not just his mom! He points out that before his last “mistake,” he and Hope were working together incredibly well. “You are asking me to take a very big risk here,” she says, but he promises not to let her down (the again is implied).

Bold beautiful steffy thomas hope

Steffy interrupts, saying she needs to grab her computer. She’s followed in short order by Taylor, who has no real reason to be there but clearly wants to know how the negotiations are going. Steffy unnecessarily points out that Hope’s husband will certainly have something to say if Hope starts working with Thomas… as will Brooke! Hope suggests that one way to avoid problems is for Thomas to go and apologize to her mom. In fact, she says that while he does that, she’ll talk to Liam, and then they can reconvene to decide whether or not Thomas has a future on the Hope For the Future line.

In the final moments, at Bill’s place, when it seems as if he is close to telling Liam… something, his son begs him to open up. But ultimately, Bill keeps quiet, leaving a distraught Liam to get emotional. Bill asks what he wants. “The truth!” shouts Liam. “Because you haven’t been acting like yourself, and you haven’t since this whole crazy saga with Sheila started.” Unable to get through, Liam asks his father to “promise that you’re keeping an eye on her.”

Bold beautiful sheila deacon bill will kill us

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At Deacon’s apartment, after their latest round of lovemaking, Sheila looks around and suddenly realizes the magnitude of what she’s done. After all, Bill is the only thing standing between her and prison. “You’re worried about prison?” asks Deacon. “We’re talking about a guy who blew up a building with his kid in it. If he finds out about us, prison will be the least of our worries.” The lovers realize that if they’re going to go forward with their clandestine affair, they must proceed with caution. Otherwise, Bill just might kill them both!

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