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At Forrester, Taylor goes on about what a good thing it is that Thomas has been asked back to the company. Steffy is ready to forgive her brother and work with him again, but she won’t force Hope to do it. She warns, “But without Thomas, there’s no Hope For the Future.”

At Bill’s place, Liam’s at a loss as to help his father. Is this him lashing out, or what? Bill says he’s not… but the rest of them sure are. Liam argues they’re trying to save him from himself. Bill asks, “Who says I need saving?” Liam responds that given he’s living with Sheila Carter, just about everyone. “How is this happening? How?!”
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At Deacon’s place, he asks Sheila what brings her to his humble abode. She says she tried to come up with an excuse, but there isn’t one. “I needed to. I need you.” Sheila purrs that she misses him and feeling close to him. Deacon reminds her she said goodbye to him; that it was too risky. Sheila more and more thinks it’s worth the risk.
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At Bill’s house, he tells Liam he likes the direction he’s going. Liam snarks, “What direction is that? Psychoville? Self-Destruction Junction?” He tells his father there are plenty of women out there who are not murderers. Bill complains that woman like Katie and Brooke want to change him. He only hopes Sheila feels the same way about him.

At Forrester, Hope is confused. She was willing to work with Thomas before but Steffy talked her out of it. Steffy says it was too soon, but now she’s confident her brother can turn the line around. “What do you say? Are you willing to work with Thomas again?” Thomas tells Hope he’ll respect any decision she makes. Hope goes over how many times he disappointed and hurt her. Thomas has realized he’s the type of person who has to work. He wants to come back and save her line. He can’t take back what he did, but he can earn her forgiveness. Thomas pleads with her to let him do that by coming back to Hope For the Future. Steffy and Taylor decide to leave them alone. Thomas thanks Steffy for believing in him. Once alone, Thomas vows to do whatever it takes to win back Hope’s respect and trust.

At Bill’s, Liam wants to believe his father is still “in there”. He invites him to prove it by calling the police on Sheila. Bill declares, “Sheila stays free, here with me.” Liam asks if he can really be certain she’s not playing him.
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At Deacon’s place, he warns Sheila if they were caught together it would be goodbye freedom, hello prison. He realizes she still has feelings for him. Sheila admits, “Living with Bill Spencer is driving me crazy.” Deacon grins.
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In the design office, Taylor enthuses to Steffy — she thinks Hope will say yes. Steffy knows it’s not easier on him. She wants to believe Thomas will do better. Taylor thinks he will, thanks to his sister.

In the main office, Hope is unconvinced that Thomas can change for the better and exclaims that she wasn’t expecting this when she walked into the office. She complains that her line will be cancelled without him. Thomas asks if they can do this — they make an amazing team. “Please, let me help guide the line. Let’s keep Hope For the Future alive.”

At Bill’s place, he asks Liam, “You think Sheila’s messing with me.” Liam reminds him she got him to bribe a judge. They can find him a dirty librarian that is kinky but not a murderer. Bill tells his son he opens up to Sheila and he hopes she can continue to do the same with him. “I’ll be good to Sheila as long as Sheila is good to me.”

At Deacon’s, he’s overjoyed and admits he has been trying to figure out what she saw in a world-class jackass like Bill Spencer. Sheila complains he’s become emotionally aware and is telling her everything about himself. He wants her to do it too! “Seriously? He wants to know each and every thought I have?!” Deacon thinks she’s tamed the beast. He bought into her and Spencer being hot and heavy. Sheila admits, “We are. He says he’s never been like a woman like me.” Deacon asks what she feels. Sheila tells Deacon, “Every time I’m with him I close my eyes and think of you.”
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In the design office, Taylor is giddy as she thanks Steffy for “finding the love” where her brother is concerned. Steffy says they just need Hope to do that too.

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In the main office, Hope needs time to think about this, but Thomas reminds her Steffy will cancel the line. He promises to come back and be a better person. Hope wants that for him but she’s tired of believing that he’s capable of it. Thomas vows, “No more lies, no more schemes, just a man doing his best to be the best version of himself.” He asks her again to let him come back, “Can we do this together?”

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At Bill’s place, Liam is glad his father acknowledged that there could be an end to this thing with Sheila. He muses that she’d be a fool to betray him. He asks, “Alright, if you found out that she was messing with you in any way…” Bill grits, “She will pay. And pay dearly.”
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At Deacon’s place, Sheila tells him she thinks of his lips on hers and his touch. She realizes he’s turned on. Deacon guesses Spencer ignores some things. Sheila tells Deacon he’s nowhere near as adventurous as he is. She’s relieved to have said it out loud. She’s been wanting to tell Deacon for so long what it’s like living with Bill. Deacon reminds her he’s the ticket to her freedom. Sheila knows. That’s why she has to keep this up. But if she’s going to survive the relationship with Bill, there’s something she needs from Deacon. He tells her, “Anything.” Sheila rips his shirt open and throws him up against the door in a fit of sexual passion.

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