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At the cliff house, Steffy and Finn kiss as they feel they’re finally getting into a routine. Finn remarks on how well Douglas has fit in and how helpful he’s been. They kiss again and Steffy gets a text. Finn asks, “Is everything okay?” Steffy sighs, “It’s Hope. Wondering about Douglas.”

Liam enters the cabin and Hope asks how drop-off was and if Beth seemed okay to him. He says, “Yeah.” Hope remarks on Douglas being gone and says she’s hurting right now. She misses Douglas a lot. Liam hugs her.

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At Forrester, Carter walks into the office and spies a gift and a card with his name on it. Smiling, he opens the note and reads the tribute to his 10-year anniversary at the company, signed from Eric, Ridge, Steffy, and everyone at the firm.
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Carter flashes back to Ridge promoting him to the new COO of Forrester and Eric telling him how valued he is to the team. As Carter runs through other memories of his time a Forrester Creations, Eric comes in and notices he found the note. Carter can’t believe they remembered. Eric talks about the impact he’s made over the past 10 years — how could they forget? Eric shakes his hand and congratulates him.
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Carter thanks Eric again and they sit down at the table to get down to business. Carter credits Katie with working her usual magic and bringing marketing in under budget. Eric wants to discuss the other departments before Steffy gets there to talk about creative — he’s not looking forward to that. Carter knows he’s referring to the issues with the Hope For the Future line.

At the cliff house, Steffy tells Finn she feels bad for Hope. The longer Douglas is there with them, the longer he’s not at home where he should be.

At the cabin, Hope and Liam recap their reasons for letting Douglas decide where he wanted to live. Liam assures her this too shall pass and it will be okay. “I promise.” Hope asks, “Will it?”
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At Forrester, Carter and Eric remark on Hope For the Future continuing to underperform.

At the cliff house, Finn takes a call from work, but then tells Steffy he wants to finish their conversation before he goes. He asks about what else is going on between her and Hope. Steffy explains that Hope’s line didn’t do as well as when Thomas did the designs. He asks what will happen. Steffy is going to meet with her grandfather and Carter to discuss just that. Finn’s sorry. Steffy sighs, “The timing couldn’t be worse.” Finn asks if she’ll pull the line. Steffy has to look at the numbers and go from there. Hope is dealing with so much with Douglas that she’s concerned about how she’ll take the news about her line.

At the cabin, Hope rants to Liam that she’s been Douglas’s mother in every way that counts. She’s terrified he’ll decide he’s happier at Steffy and Finn’s. Liam insists that’s not going to happen. He knows Douglas loves her as much as she loves him and that will bring him home. In the meantime, he’s safe and protected. Hope grits, “This is his home, and he belongs here with us.”

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At the hospital, Li stops into Finn’s office to visit. They talk shop for a minute until she says she’s heard buzz about his hard work and dedication — he could be in the running for the head of his department. Finn would be honored but doesn’t want to get ahead of himself. He’s been putting in the time but it’s cut into his life with Steffy and the kids… though no one understands work demands like his wife.

At the cabin, Liam asks Hope if anything else is bothering her aside from Douglas. “You’ve seemed a little… internal.” Hope’s been under a lot of stress. It’s mainly about adjusting to life without Douglas, but there’s also Sheila running around, and Hope For the Future is not doing too well. Liam gawps, “Oh.” He tells her she doesn’t have to go through it alone. “You can talk to me about anything, I hope you know that.” Hope kisses him. “I know.” She just needs Douglas to come home and her line to rebound so her life will go back to the way it was. She leaves.

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At Forrester, Steffy joins Eric and Carter, who she hugs. He thanks her for the engraved clock and asks about life at the beach with Douglas in the mix. She says it’s going well. Carter asks how Hope’s holding up. Steffy admits she’s concerned about her. Carter explains the line is starting to cost them. Eric feels terrible about it. Steffy says that, unfortunately, they can’t let personal feelings dictate business decisions. Changes need to be made to Hope For the Future.
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They go over how the line is wrapped in Hope’s identity. Eric agrees; it’s never been just about the clothes for Hope. Steffy levels that they have to do what’s best for the company even if it hurts.
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Hope comes through the door just then and Steffy asks her to stay. She informs her the latest numbers are in. Eric hands Hope the documents and says he takes full responsibility. Hope declares they’re just in transition and that’s why the numbers are low. It will require some patience and them finding their new identity and then they’ll rebound. She looks around the table, “Do you not agree?” Steffy tells her it’s been one of their most popular lines but they can’t allow Hope For the Future to keep bleeding like this. “It’s not sustainable and it’s not good for business. We need to take action now.” Hope asks, “Are you thinking of cutting Hope For the Future?!?”
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