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At Forrester, Finn and Steffy kiss in the office as he visits her on his break from the hospital. Steffy can’t concentrate on her work due to thinking about Sheila. She’s out there roaming the streets and it’s all because of Bill. Steffy declares that they’ll protect her mother at all costs, but they have to find a way to put an end to Sheila!

At Bill’s place, Sheila reads a text from Deacon asking her to come to his place ASAP and flashes to telling him goodbye. She agonizes and Bill walks into the room and says it’s obvious who she’s thinking about. Sheila apologizes for being in another world lately. Bill knows she’s thinking about Finn and missing him. Sheila lies — that’s who she was thinking about.

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At Il Giardino, Deacon meets with JJ the party planner about his grand opening. Once she leaves to take a call, Deacon whispers to himself, “Come on, Sheila. Get over here!” Suddenly, Hope appears and calls out, “Hey, dad!” She wanted to give him a heads-up about her mom’s date with Hollis. Deacon says he knew about it and it sounds like they had a nice time. Hope’s surprised when her father says that he’ll always love Brooke, but he thinks that ship has sailed. She asks, “Wait… does this mean you have a new woman in your life?!” Deacon flashes to kissing Sheila and Hope sees a twinkle in his eye. He swears the only commitment he has right now, besides her, is the restaurant. Hope’s very proud of him. That means the world to Deacon, who asks for her help making the grand opening party a success, which depends on who attends.
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Deacon assures Hope they’ll be serving his signature pizza and that he’ll always have a table for her. Hope asks who is coming. Deacon says it will be a select group of VIPs — her and Liam, of course — and he’s hoping Brooke will come, as well as some key people from Forrester. Hope vows to spread the word at work. Deacon asks how she’s doing. Hope tells him life is difficult without Douglas. He assures her that the boy will come back. Hope reiterates that she’s proud of Deacon and teases that all he needs now is a hot girlfriend. “Then you really will have it all.”

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At Bill’s place, Sheila goes over how impossible it will be for her to reconcile with Finn. Bill reminds her he told her he’d do anything to make it happen. “Impossible is not a word I am remotely familiar with.”

At Forrester, Finn thinks they owe it to themselves and everyone to ensure Sheila goes back to prison — she can’t control herself and could be plotting as they speak. Steffy would turn in the dirty judge right now but she can’t risk her mother’s freedom. There has to be an answer — something Sheila won’t see coming. “It’s time, Finn. Time to get Sheila out of our lives once and for all!” They embrace.
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At Bill’s place, Sheila suggests they just stay like this all day, all night; pretending there was no one else. Bill kisses her. They make out until he gets a notification for the conference call he has to jump on. Sheila just wishes he were jumping on her… again. Sheila recaps that she’ll never forget what he’s given her.

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At Forrester, Finn ends a work call and tells Steffy the situation is handled… unlike Sheila. Hope comes in and thanks Steffy for texting her about Douglas and keeping her in the loop. Steffy fills her in that they were talking about Sheila the psychopath. They marvel at Bill’s involvement with her. Hope can’t fathom anyone being sympathetic to Sheila, let alone having feelings for her.

In his apartment, Deacon tidies up, only stopping to flashback to being with Sheila. She arrives and he tells her he’s been thinking about what she said the last time she was there — that he was a loser who would screw things up for her. He admits it hurt, probably because it’s what he’s always thought of himself, but that’s why he called her there. He no longer believes it; and he doesn’t think she does either.
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At Forrester, Steffy declares they’re not going to let Sheila and Bill dictate their lives. Hope wonders how they’ll be able to stop them. Finn says they haven’t worked that out yet. Steffy adds they need to get control of the situation, and then decides she doesn’t want to talk about Sheila anymore. Talk turns to Deacon saving them from the alley and his success with the restaurant. Hope asks them to come to the grand opening. They quickly agree. Steffy asks if Brooke will be there and if Hope’s hoping her parents will get back together. Hope relays that he’s finally given up. Steffy wonders if there’s someone else. Hope knows he wants a relationship; she just hopes he finds someone who will ground him.

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At Deacon’s place, he tells Sheila he knows she only said nasty things to drive him away. She reminds him how Bill feels about him — if he ever found out about their past… Deacon would never rat her out but he wants her to be a part of the good stuff happening for him. Sheila informs him that’s just not possible for so many reasons. Deacon enthuses that he’s found his passion after so many years. Sheila is really happy for him. Deacon tells her it would mean a lot if she’d come to the opening party. “I need you there.” Sheila reminds him how risky it would be for them to be seen together. Deacon tells her this is his shot at the brass ring and it’s happening because of her. He never expected her to come limping into his life the way she did, but she gave him the kick in the ass he needed to do this. Deacon wants her at the opening, even if it’s just for a few minutes so he can see her across the room. “Please, tell me you’ll come to the grand opening.”
Deacon B&B

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