Taylor Brooke B&B
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At the cabin, Hope tells Liam that Beth has gone to sleep before lamenting the missing Douglas. They go over why they agreed to let him stay with Steffy and Liam asks Hope to try not to worry about things she has no control over. Hope has something different they could talk about. “My mom.” Liam grimaces, “Oh no, what now?” Hope reveals she’s dating again. Liam asks, “Who?” but before Hope can answer, Taylor comes to the door. She relays that she was at Brooke’s helping her get ready for her date. It could be the first of many. Hope muses about the age difference and wants to be sure her mother’s not taken advantage of in any way.

At Brooke’s place, she laughs at something Hollis said over dinner and tells him she’s having a good time though it’s a bit strange for her — it’s been a long time since she dated. Hollis confirms that it’s indeed a date and doesn’t want it to be awkward or strange — they can just get to know each other and have fun. Brooke agrees, “Okay.”
Hollis Brooke B&B

Hollis tells a story about an abrasive customer at the restaurant and then asks Brooke to tell him about her work, her life… everything. Brooke giggles, “Okay.”

After dinner, they move to the sofa, where Brooke regales Hollis with tales of her Brooke’s Bedroom line days. He asks if she still models. Brooke says she works on the business end of things now. Hollis thinks she could do both. Brooke explains it was never her intention to model. Hollis says Deacon told him she was pretty hard core and had a chemistry degree. Brooke shares that she invented the BeLief formula. Hollis tells her, “That is so cool,” as he strokes her hair and muses, “Chemistry, huh.” Brooke husks, “Yeah, chemistry.” Hollis leans in and they share a sweet kiss.
Hollis Brooke B&B

At the cabin, Taylor tells Hope not to worry about Brooke; this could be the beginning of a brand new chapter in her life… without Ridge. “The possibilities are endless!”

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In Brooke’s living room, she and Hollis make out until she puts on the brakes. Hollis asks, “What’s wrong?” She says, “Nothing. This has been lovely.” Hollis muses, “Has been?” Brooke tells him he’s a great guy, and handsome, but she can’t do this. Hollis would never ask her to do anything she’s not ready for. Brooke explains it’s a strange time for her. She’s not sure she’s ready for dating. Hollis gets it. He grabs his coat and she thanks him for the wonderful evening. Hollis hopes he gets to see her again soon, even as friends. They hug and he leaves.

At the cabin, Hope tells Liam she wants her mom to find happiness but she thinks it might be too soon — she doesn’t want her to get hurt.

In her bedroom, Brooke is in her pajamas and hears Taylor call out, “Hey Brooke! Are you up here?” She tells the blonde she saw Hollis leaving when she was on her way out of the cabin. “What happened?” Brooke said it was a fun night and he was sexy and intelligent. They kissed each other and it was one darn good kiss. Taylor doesn’t understand what’s wrong. Brooke doesn’t know. The woman she used to be would just go for that situation but she’s not ready. “I can’t. I couldn’t.”
Taylor B&B

In the cabin, Liam assures Hope that if Hollis and Brooke have nothing in common there won’t be a second date. Hope worries about how her father will react and would rather see her with someone who already understands her and connects with her. Liam points out that Ridge, Deacon, and his father are all unavailable at the moment. Hope tries to think of someone else that could be a good match for her mother that she already has a bond with.

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In Brooke’s bedroom, she and Taylor agree they’re not pining for Ridge. Brooke wonders, then, why she put the brakes on with Hollis. Taylor thinks maybe it was just too much, too soon. Brooke says it felt nice but she knew she had to stop and couldn’t go any further. Taylor assures her that’s okay. Brooke muses that she just doesn’t know him. “Dating is weird. It’s horrible, actually.” She’s always been so in love with Ridge. “So, what am I supposed to do now?!” They laugh at the idea of dating random men or creating a dating profile. Brooke doesn’t want to take the time to get to know somebody. “Is that terrible?” Taylor doesn’t think it’s terrible at all. They just want to be with someone who knows exactly who they are and likes them anyway. Brooke muses that if she’s to be with anyone in the future, it will have to be someone she knows. “I don’t want to have sex with a man I just met.” Taylor asks, “Did you hear that? It’s Stephanie doing the happy dance.” They laugh. Taylor feels the same way. Brooke wonders, “If it’s not Ridge for you, then who is it? Can you imagine yourself with any man out there for the rest of your life?” Taylor shakes her head. Brooke marvels, “So that just means we’re alone and never getting to have that kind of affection again?” Taylor says, “No, no, no,” and pulls her into a hug. She recalls that Brooke asked her to move in. She’s not really ready for that yet, but she’s there for her… always. “I can even stay here tonight with you.” Brooke would really like that. Taylor and Brooke recap that they know each other, trust each other, and like each other despite everything. They embrace, Brooke laughs amid her tears, and kisses Taylor’s shoulder. “My dear friend Taylor.” Taylor echoes, “My dear friend Brooke.”
Taylor Brooke B&B

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