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At Bill’s place, Sheila stands lost in thought as she recalls her final goodbye with Deacon. Bill comes into the room and apologizes — he had to close that deal. He wants to get back into their conversation and wants to know who is missing from her life.

At Il Giardino, Deacon asks Hollis if his delivery to Brooke was all he’d hoped it would be. Hollis says it was but reveals that it was actually Taylor who called in the order. Deacon still can’t get used to them being friends.
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At Brooke’s place, a table for two is set and Taylor tells Brooke she helped Hollis with their dinner date. Brooke’s leery but Taylor reminds her it’s just for fun. “Remember fun?” Brooke remarks on Hollis being a much younger man. Taylor thinks that’s a good thing and advises Brooke to remember there a no obligations. “This could be the beginning of a brand new chapter for you.”

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At Bill’s place, he asks Sheila why she’s being so secretive. He can’t help her if she won’t tell him what’s wrong. Sheila says the person she’s missing, the person she wants so desperately in her life again is… Finn. “My son.” She loves him and her grandson and wants to share her new good fortune with them but Finn wants nothing to do with her. “I’m on the outside begging to be let it and that door just gets slammed in my face every time.” Bill’s sorry. Sheila shrugs that it was her own fault — she was just hoping for some compassion and forgiveness. She wonders if she’ll ever have a relationship with her son and grandson again.
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Li visits Finn at the cliff house and asks how he feels about Douglas moving in. Finn loves having the boy around. “I welcome having him here, besides, it’s something Steffy really wants.” They laugh as Li says, “Happy wife, happy life.” Finn remarks that ever since he learned Sheila is his birth mother he’s become even more protective of the people in his life. “That includes Douglas.”

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At Il Giardino, Hollis offers to call off his date with Brooke if it’s a problem for Deacon. His boss marvels that he moves fast and assures him that it’s not like that between him and Hope’s mom anymore. He feels protective, but he knows Hollis. The bartender admits his interest is far from frivolous — he’s genuinely fascinated by her. Deacon asks when this started. Hollis has always been interested, but there was Deacon and Ridge to consider. Deacon gives the okay, as long as he’s sincere and not just trying to pick up a wealthy older woman. “And if you tell Brooke that I said that last part you’re going to peel spuds in the kitchen for a month.” Hollis just wants to spend time with an amazing woman and get to know her better.
Hollis Deacon B&B

At Brooke’s place, she parades in her outfit and Taylor gushes that she looks stunning. Brooke laments that it’s been ages since she dated. Taylor knows it feels awkward and even scary. “No one likes the unknown. So, you do what you know, and that is to be fabulous, darling.” Brooke thanks her; she needed that. They embrace.
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Brooke tells a thrilled Taylor that she’ll make the most of tonight. There’s a knock at the door and Taylor hollers, “Come in!” Hollis appears and gawps at Brooke. “I just need to catch my breath.”

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At the cliff house, Li and Finn speculate about what switch Sheila flipped with Bill to get him to help her. Finn will do whatever it takes to keep her away from his family.

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At Bill’s place, Sheila tells him that Finn was softening toward her. If she could have stayed patient she’d have a relationship with him and her grandson now. “I alienated my own son.” Bill feels there’s no sense in beating herself up about things she can’t change. Sheila grits that Finn is a genuinely good man, “And he came from me.” Bill says even people like them bring good into the world. Sheila wants to know Finn and Hayes. Bill hugs her.
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At Brooke’s place, Hollis thanks Taylor for her help and accepts sparkling water from Brooke. Taylor announces she’ll get on her third wheel and get out of there. Once alone, Hollis and Brooke toast to the beginning of a wonderful friendship. Brooke tells him this is all very surprising. He asks, “Which part?” She says all of it — being on a date — “and being on a date with you.” Hollis says he’s had a thing for her for years and tells her how drop-dead gorgeous she looks in her outfit. “I’m excited to see where tonight takes us.”
Brooke Hollis toast B&B

At the cliff house, Finn admits there was a time he thought there might be a place in his life for Sheila. He’d heard the stories but hadn’t experienced her firsthand. No one gets a second chance with his family. Li worries because he’s so kind and compassionate and Sheila is very cunning. Finn vows Sheila will never come near his family or be a part of their lives.

At Bill’s house, Sheila complains that Finn just looks at her with hatred now. Bill declares there’s a fine line between love and hate — she gave birth to him, which is not so easily discounted. He remarks on her giving up. Sheila concedes it goes against everything she is but at some point she had to realize she’s alienated her own son. Bill promised to give her everything she needed to be happy, so he’s going to make a reconciliation happen. Sheila asks, “How?” Bill tells her not to worry about that. “You just keep the faith and leave the rest to me.”

At the cliff house, Finn promises Li he will never let Sheila near his family again.

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At Bill’s house, he holds Sheila and promises to do whatever is necessary to reunite her with her son.
Bill Sheila B&B

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