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At Forrester, Zende shows Brooke and Hope a new design for the Hope For the Future line. Hope says it’s not what she was expecting but is exactly the eco-friendly fashion the line is known for. They thank Petra the model as she files out. Taylor arrives and Brooke remarks on Hope trying to focus on work. Taylor assures her that the situation with Douglas won’t last long. She’s there because she and Brooke have a lunch date today. Brooke queries, “We do?!” Taylor winks and says it’s being delivered from Deacon’s restaurant.

At Il Giardino, Hollis tells Deacon he’s personally delivering the food order to Brooke Logan. Deacon’s puzzled at Hollis being specially requested to deliver the order and asks what’s going on. Hollis admits they got to flirting a little bit the other day and he must have made an impression. “Is that a problem?”
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At Bill’s place, Sheila flashes to her last visit with Deacon where she told him goodbye and grimaces. Bill enters the room and says, “You seem pretty intense. What’s going on, Sheila?” Sheila titters, “Bill! I didn’t hear you come in.” He thinks she looks upset. Sheila wraps her arms around his waist and reminds him she has nothing to be upset about. She’d be a fool not to realize how lucky she is. Bill embraces her.

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At Il Giardino, Hollis tells Deacon he can’t blame him for being attracted to Brooke. Deacon gets it and says every good quality his daughter has she got from her mother.
Deacon Hollis B&B

At Forrester, Taylor teases Brooke until Hope learns that a very handsome waiter hit on her mom at Il Giardino the other day. Hope wants to know the identity of this man who was flirting with her mom.

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At Bill’s place, he asks Sheila again to tell him what’s going on. He can tell she’s not fine. Sheila assures him she’s not bored or irritated by him working — he doesn’t have to entertain her. Bill insists on knowing what’s bothering her. Sheila laughs that he’s relentless. Bill is concerned that she won’t tell him what’s going on.
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At Il Giardino, Hollis asks Deacon if he’d have a problem with him asking Brooke out. He knows there’s a history there. Deacon says that ship has sailed and the only person who has to be okay with it is Brooke. Hollis grills Deacon to find out if there is someone else he’s interested in — perhaps that redhead who was in there before? Deacon flashes to being with Sheila as Hollis asks, “Is that the new mystery woman in your life?”
Deacon Hollis B&B

At Forrester, Brooke laughs, “Oh, Taylor is just trying to play matchmaker.” Taylor says she might just be living vicariously and reminds Brooke she’s single and not committed right now. Hope points out that Taylor’s not either and asks if she’s purposely trying to stay unattached until Ridge comes back. Taylor and Brooke assure Hope that they’re not about that anymore and that they’re genuinely friends. Brooke isn’t sure there’s anyone who understands her or what she’s been through more than Taylor.

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At Il Giardino, Deacon tells Hollis to get the food over to Forrester. Hollis notes that as soon as he brought up the little redhead he started pushing him out the door. Deacon doesn’t want the food to get cold. Hollis presses, “So, you didn’t have some mystery woman you were shacking up with?” Deacon flashes to Sheila’s sizzle-in-the-pan moment and insists he was living alone. Hollis has to get over to see Brooke. Deacon warns him she is and always will be all about Ridge Forrester. Hollis tells his “boss” not to underestimate him.
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At Bill’s place, Sheila tells him her issue will pass. “I’ve already dealt with it.” Bill recaps that she’s safe from jail and from judgment. “So, talk to me.” He reminds her they don’t keep secrets from each other. Sheila croons that he knows her so well, she’s not sure she could if she tried. Bill asks, “So, why do it?”
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At Forrester, Hope is happy for Taylor and Brooke and their connection. She just wants everyone to get along. A knock comes at the door and Taylor teases, “Brooke, why don’t you get it.” The blonde opens the door to Hollis, who says he was happy to see her name on the ticket and that she asked for him specifically. Brooke laughs that her “nosey” friend Taylor placed the order.

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As Hollis muses about the beautiful inspiration to be found in the office, Hope clears her throat. Brooke re-introduces him to her daughter. Hollis says her dad is always bragging about her. Brooke chimes in, “You are exceptional.” Taylor adds, “Like mother, like daughter.” Hollis agrees. He should get back, but tells Brooke he’s been thinking about her and would like to see her again. “How about dinner tonight?” Brooke says that would be nice. Hollis tells her he’ll be in touch as he has her number. Once Hollis is gone, Hope marvels that he asked her out in front of them — she doesn’t know whether to be offended or impressed. Taylor giggles that she won’t apologize for setting her friend up with a hot younger man. “Tonight, Brooke Logan, the possibilities are endless.”
Brooke B&B

At Il Giardino, Deacon remembers slow dancing with Sheila.

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At Bill’s house, he presses Sheila to share with him what’s bugging her. If he doesn’t understand, he’ll try. Sheila concedes, “Okay, there is something weighing on me. There’s someone that I just can’t get out of my head.” She recaps that he’s given her everything and helped her when everyone else threw her away. Sheila will be honest with him, “So, yes. There’s someone else. Someone that I have tried so hard not to think about, but someone that I miss terribly.” Bill stews.

Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Hope queries Taylor about her true motives, and Sheila keeps a secret from Bill.

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