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At the cliff house, Steffy and Finn discuss the new schedule with Douglas. Finn remarks that they have three kids now. They go over how Hope handled the custody arrangement. Steffy wishes she could say the same about her brother. Finn feels it was almost as though Thomas was making veiled threats toward them. He didn’t want to overstep but he couldn’t let her brother talk to her like that. Steffy appreciates it and laments Thomas making things more difficult. Taylor arrives and senses something is going on. Steffy sighs, “It’s Thomas, mom.”

At Paris’s apartment, Thomas complains to the young woman about his son wanting to live with Steffy and not him. She’s sorry, but feels it could still work to his advantage. Thomas reveals he was wrong about that. Paris thinks they should have some sympathy for him. Thomas relays that he made sure they knew they were not going to keep him from his own son.
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In the cabin, Brooke, Hope, and Liam agree that Douglas should be there with them. Brooke wishes there was something she could do. Hope talks about how it tore her apart to drop the boy off at Steffy and Finn’s like that. She left a piece of her heart at Steffy’s. Brooke comforts her daughter as Liam talks up how well Hope handled it — Douglas hardly knew she was upset. He maintains this is just a bump in the road. Brooke asks, “How is Thomas handling this?”
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Hope tells her mother how brave Douglas is being and comments that the cabin seems unbearably quiet. Brooke points out Beth will be home soon to liven things up. Hope groans that she’ll be so disappointed. She knows Steffy was just as shocked as they were at Douglas’s choice. Liam reminds Hope it’s only a matter of time before the boy comes home. Brooke admires her daughter’s strength and asks again how Thomas is coping. Hope says, “Surprisingly well.” Liam cautions that Thomas thinks he has carte blanche to show up at Steffy’s to see Douglas.
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At the cliff house, Steffy and Finn update Taylor on the scene with Thomas over access to Douglas. Finn feels Thomas has pent-up anger toward his successful sister. Steffy doesn’t want to go on this way. Taylor hates seeing her and Thomas fighting. She picks up her phone to call Thomas. Steffy grimaces.

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At Paris’s place, Thomas takes Taylor’s call. She wants him to come to the cliff house to talk before this goes any further. He agrees. After disconnecting, Paris is hopeful his mom can help guide them to a place of understanding. Thomas complains that he needs to be able to have a relationship with his son. “Steffy and Finn are not going to stop me from doing that.”

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At the cliff house, Taylor implores Steffy and Finn to try when Thomas gets there so the situation doesn’t pull their family apart anymore. Steffy rolls her eyes.
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At the cabin, Brooke finds it presumptuous that Thomas should expect to see Douglas whenever he wants. Liam knows he’ll do whatever he can to enmesh himself with the boy. Hope feels Douglas clearly needs a break — from all of them and the pressure he’s been under. Brooke laments that he’s not there in his stable, loving home. He can trust Steffy too, but Thomas is inconsistent. Liam chuckles at the understatement. Hope says she expressed her concerns to Steffy, who swore she would look out for Douglas where her brother is concerned. Hope will never get used to Douglas not living there. She and Liam reminisce about his inquisitive nature and how he’s such a joy to be around. Brooke declares that he’s Hope’s son no matter where he brushes his teeth at night. Hope observes that Douglas picked up on the tension between them and Thomas. Liam feels it’s time they started listening. Hope wonders how Thomas is feeling about all of this.
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At the cliff house, Finn and Steffy warn Taylor if things start getting out of hand, Thomas will have to go. Taylor wants to keep the peace in the family. Thomas arrives and Taylor hugs him. She says she heard things got a little escalated. She notes the situation is tough but she has faith in them because they love each other. She doesn’t want this situation to pull them apart any more than it already has. “Can you find the love, please?”

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Thomas says he has a right to see his own son. Steffy argues he can’t just walk in there whenever he wants. Thomas scoffs at the idea of having to make an appointment with his own sister. Finn reminds Thomas that Douglas chose to live with them. Thomas complains about all of this coming on the heels of Steffy asking him to leave the company. He’s apologized for his mistakes and is feeling the repercussions from everyone, including his disappointed mother. Taylor is only feeling concern and love. She doesn’t think the situation will last long before Douglas asks to go home again — then Thomas and Hope will be back to sharing custody. Thomas gripes that it’s just one blow after another. Steffy scoffs. She’s been loyal to him her whole life. Thomas blames her for playing parent trap for a year and says that when he made it happen, she kicked him out of the company and his own family. Taylor interrupts, “There’s a lot to heal here.” She can’t do it for them. “Come on,” she implores, “Do you really want this situation with Douglas to pull you farther apart.” She doesn’t think they do, so they need to dig deep and find the love. “The future of this family depends on it.”
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