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In the cabin, Hope assures Liam she won’t let Douglas see how she’s feeling — she doesn’t want to burden him with her pain. Liam tells her it’s that kind of love that will bring him home.

At the cliff house, Steffy tells Finn she spoke to Hope, who told her that Douglas is keen to move in. She figures the boy just needs a break. Finn asks, “Can you blame him?” He reflects on having Thomas as a father. Finn can’t understand why Douglas wanted to come to them rather than stay with Hope and Liam.

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Steffy takes a call from Hope, who says Douglas is packing up and will be ready to come over soon. Steffy knows this is hard for her and assures her the boy will want to go back to her soon.

At the cabin, Hope disconnects from Steffy and Liam reassures her that Steffy will take good care of Douglas and he’ll have a great time with Kelly, Hayes, and Finn.

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At Forrester, Thomas tells Eric he’d like an opportunity to make things right with the family. Eric asks, “You want another opportunity? Another chance?!?” Thomas knows he let him down. Eric runs down the people whose lives were turned upside-down by what he did. He should be asking them. Thomas wants to repair every relationship but most importantly, the one with his son. Douglas is the most important thing in the world to me.
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Later, Eric learns that Douglas chose to live with Steffy and Finn and gawps, “I didn’t see that coming!” Thomas didn’t either and relays that Hope is really hurt. Eric asks if the boy explained why he chose that. Thomas thinks he’s a kid and wants to have fun. Eric asks if he’s okay with it. Thomas wouldn’t say that, but he’s starting to see it could be a benefit. “I’ll have full access to my son.”

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At the cliff house, Steffy tells Finn that Douglas’s room is ready. Finn recaps that they’ll take good care of him and eventually, he’ll want to go back home.

In the cabin, Hope spots a book that Douglas won’t want to forget and tells Liam she can’t believe this is happening. “Are we doing the right thing, letting him go?” She really thought he would pick them. Liam nods, “He told us he would.” He says Douglas is a human being and needs a change of scenery. “This too shall pass. I promise.” They embrace as Douglas appears with his suitcase and backpack. Hope hands him his book and asks if he’s ready to go. Douglas has something to say first.
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At Forrester, Thomas tells Eric he needs to earn back Douglas’s trust and that will be easier with him living at Steffy’s. Eric doesn’t think Hope would ever keep the boy from him. Thomas isn’t so sure; she has Liam in her ear every second. Eric points out he has no one to blame but himself for the animosity.
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At the cliff house, Finn tells Steffy he was thrown when she asked him to let Douglas live with them. He’s concerned as to how it will affect Kelly and Hayes. They need to make sure they feel secure, confident, and aren’t put out in any way. Steffy feels this is what makes him such a great father — he prioritizes their children’s needs and protects them. Finn cares about Douglas. Steffy knows he does. She’s proud to be his wife. They embrace.
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At the cabin, Douglas doesn’t want Liam and Hope to be sad. Liam promises they won’t be but they’ll miss him a ton. Douglas just needs a change and feels it will be so fun living on the beach — maybe Finn will even teach him how to surf. Liam tells Douglas none of this works if he’s not happy. He’s just going to his aunt’s house and he’ll have a blast. Douglas whispers, “Don’t let mommy be sad.” Liam assures, “I’ve got this.” Hope tells the boy this will always be his home and he can visit whenever he wants. Douglas loves them. “Especially you, mom.” He throws himself into Hope’s arms. She fights tears and then kneels down to tell the boy, “I will always love you.” Liam struggles with his emotion as the two embrace.
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At Forrester, Eric reminds Thomas that Steffy will be acting in Douglas’s best interests, not his. He warns his grandson not to manipulate the boy. Thomas won’t. He reflects that Douglas chose to live in a place where he can come and go as he pleases. “Trust me. I will be there a lot.”

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At the cliff house, Hope and Liam are dropping off Douglas, who thanks Steffy and Finn for letting him stay. Steffy says he’s always welcome there but reminds him his home in the cabin is always there if he needs it. Liam and Finn take Douglas up to see his room, but he runs back to embrace Hope. “I love you, mom.” Hope says she loves him too and reminds him to be on his best behavior. “Go check out your room.” Once alone, Steffy tells Hope she knows this must be hard for her but the novelty will wear off and Douglas will want to go back to them and Beth. Hope hands over a list of his likes and dislike and asks her to be careful with Douglas around the cliff. She warns, “Watch out for Thomas. I get that he’s your brother, but he’s already put Douglas through a lot.” Steffy vows she’ll protect him like he’s her own. Hope breaks down in tears. It’s hard not to feel rejected after she worked so hard to fill his life with love after all he’d been through. “It stinks.” She reminds herself it’s just temporary and she has to respect his choice. “Please Steffy, take care of my son.” Steffy says, “I will,” and hugs Hope.
Hope Steffy B&B

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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Eric, then Steffy, puts Thomas in check, Taylor and Brooke band together in the best interests of Douglas.

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