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At the cliff house, Steffy and Finn go over Sheila’s hold on Bill and Taylor shooting the man being front and center in their lives again. She states that Brooke needs to get through to her mother.

At Taylor’s, Brooke screams her name after finding her unconscious on her bed.

Sheila answers the door at Bill’s house to Deacon, who has her order from Il Giardino and is in disguise. He pulls off his hat and shades and declares he wanted to check out her new digs. Sheila tells him she won’t go back to jail, this is her permanent address. She admits she’s missed Deacon, who tells her he’s missed her too — a lot. Sheila explains Bill’s at the office on a conference call so Deacon should stay awhile. Deacon thinks the mansion suits Sheila, who explains that Bill’s made the transition easy. Deacon shoots her a look when she runs down Bill’s good qualities.
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At the cliff house, Steffy laments that they’d be living totally carefree lives if Sheila wasn’t out. They recall how she crashed their wedding. Steffy is counting on Brooke to get through to her mother so she doesn’t give up her freedom over it.
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At the beach house, Brooke frantically works to rouse Taylor, slapping her face and, finally, throwing a glass of water from the nightstand on her. Taylor awakens, shocked and sputtering, “Brooke! What are you doing?!?”
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At Bill’s place, Deacon pockets a knight from Spencer’s expensive chess set while Sheila’s getting him a beer. He says he throws up a little in his mouth at the thought of her with Bill. Sheila gushes that he’s an amazing man and her ex-lover can’t believe it. Sheila insists they feel safe showing their vulnerabilities and have an amazing connection. “Bill doesn’t hesitate to admit he’s never been with a woman like me.” Deacon can’t get over it but there’s something he and Spencer agree on, ‘Cause honey, there ain’t nobody like you.” Sheila chuckles.
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Deacon and Sheila continue chatting and he teases her about being in “insta-love” with the pompous Bill Spencer. Sheila thinks he’s jealous, but Deacon complains he uses his money to be an obnoxious bully. Sheila argues that he got her out of prison and is gorgeous. “He is mine, all mine.” Deacon calls her out for flaunting her relationship with Bill right in his face. She thinks he should be happy for her. Deacon muses that she hit the jackpot in some ways. Sheila will never forget that he gave her a safe place to stay when she needed it — they made memories she will never forget. Deacon wishes things could have been different between them.

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At the cliff house, Steffy tells Finn her mother’s in pain right now and she’s scared to think what she might do to make it stop.
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At the beach house, Brooke tells Taylor she saw the pill bottle and the note saying she was going to end it all. Taylor protests that the pills are just a sleep supplement and that the note meant she was going to end this thing with Sheila and Bill by confessing. Brooke apologizes for the water in her face. Taylor says it’s okay; she was just worried, which means to much to her. They embrace.

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At the cliff house, Finn urges Steffy to trust Brooke to handle it. Steffy hates waiting. Finn grins, “Tell me something I don’t know.” They kiss and the phone rings — it’s Brooke, who reports everything is fine with her mom. She’ll hang out to make sure she doesn’t go to the police. Steffy thanks her. She hangs up and hugs Finn.

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At Taylor’s place, Brooke is worried about her being there alone with all this shame and guilt. She has the perfect solution. “Move in with me!’ Taylor chokes on her tea.

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At Bill’s place, Deacon expresses bitterness about her devotion to Dollar Bill. “Have you ever asked yourself what’s in it for him?” Sheila says, “Me. A woman who isn’t going to try and change him or leave.” Deacon warns he’s not trustworthy and urges her not to give him her heart. “He doesn’t deserve it.” Sheila says it may already be too late and Deacon cracks a joke. Sheila laughs and lays her head on his chest. “I miss you.”
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At the cliff house, Finn understands how hard it is for Steffy to see her mom suffer. He assures her that they’ll be there for whatever Taylor needs. Steffy is grateful for him and his support. They kiss and canoodle on the sofa.
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At Taylor’s place, she balks at Brooke’s offer to move in with her. She has her own life with Hope, Liam and the kids down at the cabin. She doesn’t want her to worry about her. Brooke is concerned and insists that her moving in would benefit her as well. She goes home to a big empty house every night. “It would be nice to have a roomie!” Taylor isn’t sure what to say. Brooke urges her to say, “Yes.” She reminds Taylor that they used to be rivals but now they’re good friends. Taylor is going through an emotionally challenging time right now. Maybe she could bounce things off of her. They might have a lot of fun together. Taylor knows they would. She’s overwhelmed and thanks Brooke for her kindness. Brooke promised she’d always be there for her and she meant it. Taylor thanks her again. Brooke asks, “Does that mean you accept?” She coaxes some more. “Just tell me you’re going to move in with me.”
Taylor B&B

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