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At Society, Abby spots Lily. They discuss the situation with Chancellor-Winters and Devon. Lily noticed that Abby was quiet when they were having it out at the penthouse and asks her if she thinks Devon is doing the right thing. Abby reveals that after listening to Devon she understands his perspective. “I don’t know why you and Jill don’t just accept Devon’s decision. Chancellor Industries was huge before it ever merged with Hamilton-Winters. Why not just go back to that? Why are you willing to fight your brother over something that’s dollars and cents to you but is everything to Devon. I think it says more about your priorities than anything else.” Lily gawps, “How dare you question my priorities!”

Lily continues, “Who are you to tell me I care more about business than my family?!” She clarifies that she wants Devon to stay at Chancellor-Winters. Abby says, “Then drop the IPO.” Lily protests that Jill won’t go for that. Lily cares about Neil’s legacy too, and says if they go to court over this, it could damage Hamilton-Winters and she doesn’t think Devon has considered that. A legal battle would damage it all. She urges Abby to tell Devon if she thinks he might regret walking away.
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At Crimson Lights, Devon runs into Victoria, who asks how the IPO is going. They spar about her attempt to take over his company and he snarks about her hiring Nate and Audra. Victoria says she’s sorry there’s a rift between him and Nate and asks how things are going with Tucker. She knows his betrayal must have hurt. Devon shrugs it off — he never trusted him from the time he came back to town. He remarks on the questions she’s asking. Victoria insists it’s as a friend. Devon’s not sure they’re friends and knows she doesn’t do anything without a reason. “Why don’t you just come clean about what you really want?”
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Victoria doesn’t have anything to come clean about. Devon tells her he’s going to take off then. Victoria insists she still sees him as a friend; they’re connected as a family through Abby and Dominic. She wants to find a way to separate the business and personal. If he counts everyone he has a different professional agenda with as an enemy, his circle will get very small.
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At the hotel, Daniel tells Tucker he’s willing to sit down with him but he still has a deal with Chancellor-Winters. Tucker asks about its status. Daniel says he’ll have a better idea in a week. Tucker notes the company is in flux. He tells Daniel that even though Lily’s a friend she can’t do everything and this is a potential legacy move for him. Daniel talks about the importance of aligning himself with someone he trusts completely. Tucker chuckles, “You mean, unlike me.” They toast.

Tucker understands why Daniel’s leery about him; he just wishes he could convince him they share a common vision. Daniel admits he struck a chord with him — he even spoke to his mother about it. Tucker’s encouraged to hear that this will be Daniel’s decision. Daniel insists she works for him, and he’ll handle her. That said, he won’t turn his back on Lily. Tucker argues his company is the most viable place for his dream to be realized. When he sets his heart on something he finds it hard to let it go. He has to trust in the universe and all of that. Daniel asks, “I’m sorry, what did you say?” Daniel reveals that ‘trust the universe’ is something Heather used to say to him. Tucker muses, “You miss her a lot.” Daniel has faith that one day they’ll be reunited. It’s one reason the project is so important — he hopes it will bring Heather and Lucy back to him and is ‘trusting the universe’. Tucker guesses he must trust Phyllis too — he assumes she’s gone to Portugal to smooth things over with them. Daniel digests this news and admits it’s taken him by surprise as Tucker apologizes. Once McCall’s gone, Daniel pulls out his phone and calls his mother. He gets Phyllis’ voicemail and leaves a message saying, “I don’t know what you think you’re doing but you better stop. You better not get on that plane.”

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At Jabot, Diane thanks Jack for telling her about Kyle; she’ll speak to him herself. She calls her son and makes a plan to meet him at the house.

At Society, Sally finishes her phone call and approaches Adam and Nick, who asks her if everything is alright. She says it is, but he thinks it seems otherwise. Sally is more interested in knowing what they’re talking about. Adam informs her that his brother alerted him to a potential landmine. Nick hopes he can use the information. Sally tells Nick she’s lost her appetite and Adam interrupts — she’s not acting like herself. “What’s wrong?” Sally says her new company has hit some snags. Nick will leave with her. As he helps her on with her coat, Sally says the phone call that upset her was from her OB/GYN but she doesn’t want to talk about it there.

At the Abbott mansion, Diane tells Kyle she spoke to Summer, who clearly has concerns about her and Jack being back together. Jack told him they spoke earlier too. Kyle fumes. That was a private father-and-son conversation. Diane wants to hear how he feels and asks him to be honest with her. Kyle tells his mother that he’s worried she’ll hurt his father again. She has in the past. Diane sighs that things were complicated then. Kyle argues that Jack’s heart is not complicated and they need to be able to lean on him as a family. Diane admits she’s scared too, but they’re going into this consciously and carefully. She suspects Kyle is not only protecting his father’s heart but his own too. Kyle is taking a big risk by opening his heart to her again. He had to wrap his head around the fact that she purposely abandoned him. She asked him for forgiveness and filled some of the emptiness in his heart, but it’s still hard for him to quell the lingering doubts in his mind. Diane doesn’t know if she’ll ever be able to heal the wound she created but insists he and Harrison are the reason she came back… and stayed. Kyle argues that there continues to be surprises and secrets and his dad stole from Summer’s grandmother for her. “So, excuse me if I have some reservations about where this relationship with my father could lead!”
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At Sally’s suite, Nick asks what her doctor said. She explains she went in for some routine pre-natal testing and discovered her blood pressure is high. It’s fine, but it threw her, thinking about the huge responsibility and how she’s going to navigate all of it. Nick tells her not to worry, it won’t do her blood pressure any good. He knows she didn’t expect to deal with the reality of being a parent so soon. Sally’s overwhelmed. Nick assures her she’s not alone in this. Sally doesn’t want it to put any pressure on them. Nick tells her, “Stop.” They only have to look as far ahead as her next doctor’s appointment. She thanks him.
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Devon arrives at home and tells Abby he ran into Victoria. He thinks she’s up to something with Tucker as she was very curious about his relationship with him. Abby finds that weird. She relays that she actually ran into Lily, who painted a very different picture of their situation today. “She wants nothing more than to work beside her brother.” Devon can’t understand that. She wants to unify their family by not listening to his concerns or selling him back his company. Abby insists she could see that for Lily it’s just about hanging onto the dream of working with him.

At Chancellor-Winters, Esther brings Lily a tea and asks if Devon is working from home. Lily’s not sure where he is. Esther asks if everything is okay with him. Lily assures her he’s fine and thanks her for the tea.

Devon arrives at Chancellor-Winters, where Esther throws her arms around him. She adores him and prays he and his sister can work things out. Devon assures her they will be and says he’s glad she’s still the same Esther he knows and loves. She pecks his cheek and he enters Lily’s office.

At Devon’s place, Abby answers the door to Tucker, who didn’t expect to see her. Abby reminds him she and Devon are co-parents so it should have been surprising to find her there. Tucker has a present for Dom. Abby informs him it won’t help him score points with her or Devon. Tucker asks her for a minute to hear him out — she doesn’t know the whole story.

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Adam knocks on Jack’s office door at Jabot. Jack invites him in and asks how it’s going. Adam says it was going well until today. He’s learned that Victor is working on a scheme to pull the rug out from under him there at Jabot. Jack can’t say he’s surprised. Adam explains that according to Nick, it’s a move to get him to come back to the fold. They smirk about it being twisted. Jack assures him that they can handle Victor and whatever plans he has. Adam has one other thing to tell him that he suspects he won’t be happy about. “I think Kyle is involved.”

At the Abbott mansion, Diane vows to Kyle that she won’t break his father’s heart. Kyle counters that relationships implode all the time for all kinds of reasons. If that’s the case, what will she do? Diane can’t guarantee what the future holds for her and Jack, but she can promise she will never abandon him again.

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At Devon’s place, Abby lets Tucker in but won’t offer him a drink. Tucker tells her he profoundly regrets how he bungled his attempt to reconnect with Devon. He came back to bond with him both personally and professionally, but he got it all wrong. Abby notes he left her mother out of his mea culpa. Tucker admits he wronged her too but she’s not there so he can’t do anything about it. He won’t give up on Devon though. Abby says he should — he’s bad news. She tells him to go… now. Tucker leaves the gift for Dom and tells her he’ll be back another time. Abby retorts that it will be if she has anything to say about it. She warns him, “Don’t cross me. Don’t cross us.”

In Lily’s office, Devon tells his sister that Abby told him she is fighting to keep working with him, but that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to him. “I don’t know why you would use Abby to influence me one way or the other.” Lily ran into her and thought maybe she could get him to understand that she’s sad and scared because the lawsuit could get ugly. She doesn’t want all of this to fall apart. Devon argues it’s only falling apart because of what she and Jill are doing to him. She’s siding with Jill to push this IPO despite how he feels, and now she won’t give him his company back. Lily wants them to keep working together. Devon replies, “Right, as long as I go along with you and Jill. Partnership doesn’t work like that.” She claims to care about Neil’s legacy but won’t let him protect it, which proves to him that she cares more about profits and Jill’s agenda than him or the family. “The fact that you don’t see it that way, it hurts.” With that, he walks out. Esther peers in at Lily.

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At the Abbott mansion, Kyle wants to believe his mother and he wants her and his dad to be happy. He’s just being honest about how he feels. In his heart, he’s scared the other shoe is going to drop. Diane promises there will be no more secrets or surprises.

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At Jabot, Jack can’t believe Kyle would work to sabotage Adam with Victor. Adam didn’t want to believe it either but he saw them together and their cover story wasn’t very convincing. He is trying to avoid problems for the company. “I think your son is conspiring with my father to take me down.”
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