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At the cliff house, Katie reels after Taylor confesses she’s the reason that Bill was able to blackmail Steffy and Finn. “Bill is using Sheila’s freedom for mine… I shot Bill.” Katie shakes her head and gawps.

At Bill’s place, Sheila revels in the two of them being all alone holding each other. She tells him he’s taught her a new way to live and has given her a second chance at life. Sheila can’t begin to tell him how humbled and grateful she is.

At Il Giardino, Deacon hangs up from taking a reservation as Hope and Brooke walk in. He greets them with, “Hey, look at this! My two favorite ladies!” They gush over him being the new owner of the place and tell him how proud they are of him.
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Brooke asks how if feels to own his own restaurant. Deacon says it’s a lot of work but shares his vision to source only local ingredients and start an herb garden. A pizza arrives and Deacon invites them to try a slice and give him their honest opinions. Hope and Brooke dig in and marvel, “That’s good!” Deacon says, “It’s missing something, right?” Hope suggests a thinner crust and Brooke wants the sauce to be more Italian. Hope thinks a little bit of smoked mozzarella goes a long way. Brooke remarks on it being a tad crispy. Hope and Brooke will need more to give a proper evaluation. Deacon realizes they’re messing with him. They all laugh.
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At Bill’s place, Sheila cozies up to Bill as she flashes to him asking Katie if she’d take him back if he put her back behind bars. She tells Bill his head seems a million miles away. She tells him to put out of his mind what Katie said.

At the cliff house, Katie can hardly believe what she’s heard from Taylor. “All those years ago, when Bill was shot, that was you?! It was you!”
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At Il Giardino, talk turns to how outrageous it is that Sheila’s out of prison. Deacon doesn’t say anything and Hope asks if he’s okay. Deacon claims he’s so busy and tired he hardly knows what else is going on. Brooke replies, “Of course! Why would you be thinking about Sheila?”
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At Bill’s place, he admits to Sheila he’s thinking about the past and what might have been. Sheila reminds him that Katie and Brooke didn’t love him unconditionally. “They left you time and time again, and then the worst part, Taylor. She shot you in cold blood.”
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At the cliff house, Katie hollers that Taylor needs to piece this all together. Taylor can’t make sense of it, but she keeps coming back to Sheila, who has this darkness inside her. They’re not all like her but there is a darkness inside all of them. It’s the human condition. “I don’t know what happened to me but I allowed my anger and rage to take over.” She cries, “I’m trying to understand what happened but I can’t!” Katie fumes that Will could have lost his dad forever. “What were you thinking?! What could have possibly possessed you to pick up a gun and shoot Bill?!”

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At Il Giardino, Deacon asks Hope for the names of some good planners so he can do a relaunch. He’d like to get it in one of Bill’s publications too. Hope and Brooke start in on Bill making poor decisions these days — they’re really disappointed in him. Hope marvels that someone would have to be crazy to develop feelings for Sheila Carter.

At Bill’s place, he tells Sheila the shooting is something he’ll never forget. Sheila muses that it’s something Taylor will have to live with for the rest of her life.
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At the cliff house, Katie implores Taylor to explain why she’d shoot Bill. Taylor agrees it’s against everything she stands for and says she thought Bill had done something unforgivable. She was consumed by rage and went over to confront him. “I was never going to kill him.” She recalls the howling winds that night and classical music playing as she approached the open door. She saw Bill, who was standing with his back to her and drinking, looking out at the terrace. She looked around, saw a gun, and picked it up. All the women have tears streaming down her face as Taylor recalls walking toward Bill and pulling the trigger. Steffy walks over to her mother as she sobs and puts her arms around her.
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At Il Giardino, Deacon contemplates as Brooke and Hope talk about the insanity of Bill being with Sheila. Brooke proposes that maybe Sheila is using Bill. Or maybe Bill’s using Sheila. She’s just trying to make sense of it. “How could any man be in love with Sheila?!” Deacon flashes to slow dancing with Sheila as Brooke wonders what is going on with Bill.

At Bill’s place, Sheila recaps that he was shot in cold blood in his own living room. It’s chilling to think she could have lost him all those years ago. She believes she didn’t because they are meant to be. She marvels at Taylor falling victim to the dark side. This tells her that she herself is not a monster; she’s just made mistakes like everyone else. Sheila loves that Bill understands that about her. They kiss.

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At the cliff house, Taylor apologizes to Katie and says she was horrified by what she did. “I still am!” She protests that it wasn’t her that night. Steffy reminds Katie that she knows her mother is a good person. “Bill forgave my mother. He promised he wasn’t going to say anything… until now.” Katie can’t even wrap her mind around this. Taylor keeps apologizing. Katie feels this still doesn’t explain how Sheila was able to get in his head and turn him against everyone he loves. Steffy agrees they need answers, but they have to figure out how they’re going to get Sheila out of their lives. “How we’re going to stop Sheila once and for all.”

At Bill’s place, Sheila gives a sly smile as she strokes the sword necklace on Bill’s chest.
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