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At Bill’s place, Sheila listens and gawps as Bill tells Katie if he sees to it that Sheila goes back to jail it could be a chance for them.

At Forrester Creations, Hope and Steffy go over Bill using blackmail to keep Sheila free. “He doesn’t seem to care about us,” Steffy fumes. Charlotte enters and tells Steffy the Eye on Fashion interview has been rescheduled. Steffy’s not sure she wants to do it at all now. Taylor comes in, compliments Charlotte, and they all muse that moments that make them smile are few and far between with Sheila on the loose.

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Charlotte tells Steffy she really feels for her and her family. “How is it possible that Sheila Carter isn’t spending the rest of her life behind bars?!” Taylor looks uncomfortable. Charlotte suggests Steffy file a civil suit against Carter and offers up her dad’s services — he’s a lawyer. Steffy isn’t sure that’s in her best interests. Charlotte concludes that anyone who puts a bullet in someone shouldn’t be walking around free. Taylor glances at her in alarm. Charlotte asks Steffy again about the interview. Steffy tells her they’ll reschedule. Charlotte exits and Taylor freaks out saying she’s turning herself in. Hope and Steffy assure her that someone will get through to Bill — they just have to figure out how.
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At Bill’s place, Katie tells Bill that she wants them to put their family first, and if Sheila’s in prison that’s possible. “But as far as you and me…” she trails off. Bill muses, “You won’t even entertain the idea.” Sheila walks in and says she didn’t know Bill was expecting company. She offers tea to Katie, who snarks that she gets it — Sheila’s the lady of the house now. Sheila intones, “I certainly am.”

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At Forrester, Taylor insists she’s the only one who can put an end to this. Hope and Steffy argue that even if she turns herself in, Bill will just bribe another judge to keep Sheila out of jail. Hope declares that it’s not worth it. Taylor worries about Sheila hurting someone they love and sighs that all of this is happening because she lost control one night. Because of her, Sheila is free. Steffy hugs her.

At Bill’s place, Katie informs Sheila that Bill will figure out that she’s using him and has brainwashed him to keep her out of prison. She scoffs at the idea of Sheila having actual feelings. “You have tried to kill people we love. You are horrible and vicious. You put a bullet in your son and left him to die.” Sheila is tired of defending herself to people like Katie. She feels terrible for the pain she caused her son. Katie scoffs, “Yeah, but you still did it. You left him in that alley; you didn’t call for help!” She asks Bill if this is the person they’re supposed to trust around their son. “You almost killed your child, but Bill’s safe with you?! Yeah, sure.”

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Sheila insists he’s finally with a woman who can stand next to him. She sneers that Katie never did — she never appreciated the man that he truly is. Sheila thinks Katie is scared by the sword around his neck and what it represents. “I admire that.” She declares that she and Bill have found their true partners. Katie tells Sheila she’s a sociopath who puts everyone around her in danger. She informs Bill that she’ll never accept this for him or their son. “You’re nothing like her!” She believes Bill will undo this. “I won’t give up on you. You hear me. I will fight!” Katie reminds him she doesn’t give up. “I don’t care how long it takes, I won’t lose you. I won’t lose the father of my son to Sheila Carter.”
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Later, Bill and Sheila sit together on the sofa and he notices she’s upset. Sheila wonders if Katie were to give him another chance… Bill guesses she overheard him and Katie talking. He claims he got caught up in the memories and misses the family they were… or were trying to be. “It wasn’t sustainable. He caresses her. “Not like this. Not like us.” He says she came into his life when he needed her most. “I’m committed to you, Sheila. You don’t have to question that.” Sheila kisses him, smiles, and cozies up to him. She reminds Bill how Katie walked out on him time and time again. Everyone deserves to be accepted for who they are. “Even the two of us.”
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At the cliff house, Steffy hopes Taylor’s not still thinking about turning herself in. Taylor says it’s not just about Sheila. Even if Bill wasn’t blackmailing them, she’d still be carrying this terrible secret. “I shot him. In the back.” She can’t stop thinking about it and can’t sleep. Steffy urges her to go rest and relax. “We’re going to get through to Bill. Sheila’s going to prison. Not you.” Taylor goes off to lay down.

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Steffy answers a knock on her door — it’s Katie, who just came from Bill’s. She declares she can’t let this hold Sheila has on Bill continue and needs to know what he has on Steffy. Katie has to know why Steffy and Finn won’t testify against her. “If I’m going to get Bill away from Sheila, I need to know what’s going on. I need you to tell me. Right now.”

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At Bill’s place, Sheila goes over Taylor shooting him in the back. She feels if his holier-than-thou ex-wife knew about that maybe she’d realize they’re not the only ones who have done something bad.
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At Steffy’s house, Katie is scared — Bill’s a shell of himself. Steffy says she is too. Katie rants about Sheila not being in prison — is she really okay with it?!? Steffy, emotional, says it’s complicated. Katie demands, “What is he blackmailing you with?!” Taylor appears and says, “It’s me. It’s because of me. I shot him. I’m the one who shot Bill.” Katie’s rocked.
Katie rocked B&B

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