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At Forrester, Thomas eavesdrops through the door as Steffy and Hope debate having him back to work on the line. He hears the elevator and ducks away as Steffy asks the blonde, “Could you really work with Thomas again?”

Thomas rejoins Paris in the design office and tells her he thinks there might be a chance. “I think I might actually get back on Hope For the Future. Possibly as soon as today.”
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In the main office, Steffy knows Hope For the Future is important to Hope, but asks if it’s worth compromising her values. To work with Thomas again, that’s exactly what she’d be doing.

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At Il Giardino, Sheila gushes, “Sweetheart!” when she spots Finn. He sits at her table and tells her to stop it. That’s not what they’re doing there. Ever. Sheila says it’s really good to see him. He wishes he could say the same thing. “Maybe some day… the day I see you behind bars.” Finn reveals that he knew she was there — he got a heads-up from a friend. Sheila grins — he rushed right over to see his mother. Finn corrects that he came to inform her that she will never have anything to do with him or his family.
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At Bill’s place, he flashes to Sheila telling him she’s his for life. Katie comes in and asks if he’s kicked Sheila out. His expression tells her he hasn’t. She declares she’s more worried about him than she’s ever been. Bill assures her she doesn’t need to worry about him, but she’s scared — for him and for their son. Katie will do whatever is necessary to save him from this unhealthy situation.

In the Forrester design office, Paris is excited for Thomas and she knows how sorry he is about what he did. She recaps that Hope’s line can only go so far without him, so it’s no surprise she’s considering putting him back on her line. Charlie enters and tells Thomas that Ridge doesn’t want him there. If he doesn’t do what he says, his name will be on an orange jumpsuit. “Amscray. Pronto.”
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In the main office, Steffy wonders if Hope would feel good about it if Thomas came back and the line was a huge hit. Hope muses that she has a point. Steffy asks her to consider what it could do to her marriage. Hope gawps. Steffy is right and she can’t believe she was even considering working with Thomas again. She thanks Steffy for taking her time to help her deal with this when the threat of Sheila is looming.

At Il Giardino, Finn fumes to Sheila that he doesn’t want to see her or even know she’s alive. She needs to stay the hell away from him, Steffy, and their children. “Stay the hell away.”
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At Bill’s place, Katie tells him he’s unrecognizable. She understands he feels rejected but what she doesn’t get is that he can’t see that he’s being played. “You are Dollar Bill Spencer and you’re believing all of Sheila’s lies.” Bill knows all of her sins and she knows his. Katie says the man she knows would never allow himself to fall for this con. “Why can’t you see that Sheila Carter is playing you?!”

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In the design office, Charlie won’t listen to Thomas’s protests and gets on his walkie-talkie. Thomas declares that he’ll leave but teases Charlie that this is top secret before he exits.

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In the main office, Steffy and Hope reflect on Taylor’s future being in Sheila and Bill’s hands. Steffy complains that it’s a nightmare — Sheila is a threat to everyone but mostly to her family. Talk turns to Bill being like a completely different person. Hope says Liam is really worried about him. Steffy hopes someone, somehow, will get through to him.

At Il Giardino, Sheila understands why Finn is hesitant. Finn clarifies that he is not hesitant. “It will never happen.” Sheila says they’ll see. She has patience and can accomplish anything she puts her mind to.
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At Bill’s place, Katie tells Bill that Sheila doesn’t know how to love. Her heart is a cold, dark place. Bill intones, “Maybe mine is too.” Katie shakes her head, “No. No way. You can’t say that to me.” She takes his hand. “I have felt your love. I’ve witnessed it. You can’t tell me that. This is not you. This is not who you are. You’ve been hurt. I hurt you. But for you to turn to a fugitive…” She sniffs, “I’m so sorry if my rejection played any part in this. I’m so sorry.” Katie will regret hurting him for the rest of her life. “I am so, so sorry.”

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Katie wonders what this future with Sheila looks like? Will he show up with a murderer on his arm when Will gets married? “How will we explain this to our son?” Bill says, “His father found someone, someone who cares about him.” Katie informs Bill that Will never meet her. She can’t allow him to be around their son if he’s with Sheila. “I don’t want to keep him away from you, Bill. I love the bond that you have.” She knows he loves all of his boys but he raised Will and their relationship is special. She’s not attacking him. She wants him to know he has people in his life that love and care about him. Katie pleads with him not to do this; not to bring this woman into our lives. Bill asks, “What do you mean our lives? You turned your back on me, Katie?” He wanted to raise their son together. Katie corrects, “You wanted Brooke. That was the problem.” They’ve hurt each other but knowing he’s with Sheila is killing her. Sheila lurks as Bill asks Katie if it has to meant the end of them forever. “You and me and Will?” Katie confirms if he’s with Sheila it’s the end of their family. “But if she were in prison…” Bill asks if she’s saying she would take him back if Sheila goes back to jail. “That are family could be one again?”
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