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At Forrester Creations, Thomas promises Steffy he’ll be on his best behavior — he realizes he went too far and that people don’t want to see him at the office, but he can contribute and save Hope For the Future.

In the design office, Hope and Paris debate whether or not the blonde should invite Thomas back to her line. Paris reminds her he designed the most successful collection — how much does that mean to her? She really think he could bring Hope’s line back from the brink. Hope declares that it’s up to Ridge and Steffy to decide.

In the main office, Thomas understands that his sister is furious with him and vows to be obedient. Steffy didn’t want him to be obedient, she wants to be able to trust him. Steffy rails that she doesn’t want to be at odds with him and she wants her brother back. Thomas’ eyes well as he tells her she’s always been so much better than him. “I want to be the rock that you can lean on. I’m sorry I haven’t been but I promise that I will work tirelessly to become that man, okay? I promise.”
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At the cliff house, Finn plays with Kelly and Douglas, and passes out stethoscopes for them to play with. Liam arrives Kelly informs her father she’s a doctor. Liam chuckles and recalls she was a chef when he called earlier. He’s there to pick up Douglas and asks, “Are you ready to go?” He wants to stay a little longer. Liam says it’s okay with him if it’s okay with Finn — it will give them a chance to catch up.
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The kids run off to the bedroom, and Liam tells Finn how happy they are to have Douglas back with them. He wants the boy to feel supported because he’s never been able to count on that from Thomas. “It’s not easy to be let down by your father.” They discuss how amazing Douglas is considering everything he’s been through. Liam muses that when Caroline died, Thomas was all he had left. He hates to think what his life would have become if Hope hadn’t stepped up. Finn thinks it’s a shame he got caught up in another of Thomas’ schemes. Liam recaps that he knew something was wrong. If there’s any justice in this world it’s that Thomas will learn from this that actions have consequences.

In the design office, Paris asks if Hope could see Thomas working on her line again. Hope isn’t sure and asks for Paris’ impressions of him. Paris notes he knows what women find appealing. She thinks he went too far trying to get his parents back together but that kind of passion is what makes his work so good. “Do you think you should talk with Steffy and see if both Thomas and his collection can get a second chance?”
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In the main office, Thomas chides Steffy, “Come on,” they’ve hit rough patches before. What he did was wrong, but he did it for the right reasons. Steffy says that’s no excuse. Thomas understands and was prepared to take his time in exile. It’s okay for him to be punished but not Hope For the Future. The line needs him.
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In the design office, Hope admits to Paris that losing Thomas from the line was a blow. They were good at collaborating and she thought they understood each other. “But I was wrong.” She told everyone he had changed, and he let her down. Hope trusted him with a lot of things she holds dear. She swore never to work with him again, but she cares about her career and her line. She has a responsibility to the people who work for her at the company. “So… I don’t know what to do.”
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At the cliff house, Liam and Finn feel it’s great the way the kids all get along. Liam regrets how Douglas came home to him and Hope, but they’re trying their best to give him the secure home he deserves. Finn muses, “Away from Thomas.”

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In the main office, Steffy doesn’t want to have a conversation with her brother right now but he points out she doesn’t have much time. As he’s making another pitch, Hope walks in. She stops short when she sees him and asks what’s going on. Thomas explains he was hoping Steffy might let him help her with the line. He gestures toward the designs he’s been working on. He says what he did to her mother was unforgivable and he never meant to hurt her. Thomas isn’t asking for forgiveness, just to help with the line. Hope asks for a word alone with Steffy. Thomas knows this won’t fix the problems he caused but it will help her collection. “I at least owe you that.” After Thomas exits, Hope tells Steffy that no amount of tinkering is going to fix what’s wrong with her line. Steffy wonders, “Are you asking me to let Thomas come back to the company and design for Hope For the Future?”
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At the cliff house, Douglas packs up and says to Finn that he told Kelly he might be able to come back after school tomorrow. “Thanks for letting me hang out, Uncle Finn.” Finn tells him they love having him and they share a hug.

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In the design office, Paris is surprised to see Thomas. She tells him Hope is considering letting him back on the team. Thomas says Hope and Steffy are discussing it right now. He thinks there’s a good chance he’s getting his job back.

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In the main office, Hope runs down Thomas’ transgressions and Steffy says he won’t learn anything if they don’t hold him accountable. She adds that Hope has her line to consider. Hope points out they have a lot of people to look out for. Steffy wonders if she’s suggesting he work without coming into the office. Hope isn’t sure what she’s suggesting. Steffy worries about giving her brother a pass — he’s had so many chances and no real consequences. Thomas eavesdrops as Hope agrees he hurt a lot of people including Douglas but his designs are a very big part of the line’s success. Steffy asks, “Are you saying what I think you’re saying? In order for Hope For the Future to succeed, we need Thomas and his designs.”

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