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At Il Giardino, Sheila tells Deacon he’s outdone himself. He says it’s nothing compared to what she’s accomplished. He has to know if she’s in love with Bill, or just using him.

At Forrester, Eric assures Hope that they’ll make adjustments. Steffy declares that the reviewer is wrong — the designs were spectacular. Eric blames himself; he has decades of experience and should have been able to pull this off. Hope notes it was a collaboration and they all signed off on it. She’s trying not to panic but wonders, “Do we need Thomas back on Hope For the Future?” Steffy gawps, “Hope, seriously?!”
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Eric asks, “Have you forgotten what he did to your mother?!?” Hope won’t forgive him for that but this is bigger than her. She suggests, “Thomas could work remotely.” Steffy tells the blonde she’ll consider it but they need to speak to her dad before making any decision about Thomas.
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At Paris’s apartment, Thomas tells her that no one can bring out the life of the Hope For the Future line like he can. He’s waiting for Hope or his sister to reach out and tell him how much they need him. Paris thinks he seems pretty confident. Thomas knows it will be hard for them to swallow their pride but the review proves they need him. He thanks Paris for letting him crash there. She says she always tries to see the best in people and she knows he regrets his mistake. Thomas muses that no one wants to hear his apologies. The worst part is that he lost his son. “I miss Douglas so much.” Paris reminds him that Forrester seems to need him. “They’re struggling without you.”

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At Il Giardino, Sheila asks Deacon why it’s so hard to believe that she’s in love with Spencer. Deacon says he’s not her type. He thought she was into him, and now she’s with Bill, the most arrogant jerk on the planet. Sheila urges him not to take it personally. Deacon questions if he really lost out and asks, “Is your relationship with Spencer the real deal?” Deacon wants to know how it got started. Sheila explains that when she was living there, she snuck down one night and Bill was at the bar. Something seemed off so she followed him to the beach where they sat talking all night. She says he surprised her — they’re more alike than she ever thought. “It turns out we both just want to be loved.” Sheila claims she has real feelings for Bill and she is going to spend the rest of her life with him. Deacon muses, “I’m sure you hope you do.”
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Deacon tells Sheila he’s trying to wrap his head around the idea of her and Spencer and asks, “Where you just using me?” Sheila tells him she cared about him and still does. “You were a very, very giving roommate.” Deacon asks how he measures up to Bill. Sheila laughs, “You measure up just fine.” Deacon punches the air in celebration. He marvels at the crazy ride she’s been on — and now she’s free as a bird. “Miracles do happen.” Sheila says they don’t just happen, “I make them happen.”

Paris arrives at Forrester’s design office and apologizes to Hope for missing the meeting. Talk turns to the review. Paris pretends she hasn’t heard it as Hope informs her the critic wasn’t too impressed. Paris guesses the problem is that Zende and Eric aren’t Thomas.

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In the main office, Steffy’s on the phone doing damage control when Thomas appears in the doorway. Steffy hangs up and asks her brother, “What are you doing here?!” He assures her he snuck in. Steffy fumes that he shouldn’t be there. Thomas read the piece on Hope For the Future. His sister says it’s not his business anymore. Thomas muses that hearing the spins she was trying to put on the bad review, it seems his timing couldn’t be better.

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At Il Giardino, Deacon thinks Sheila made it happen with Bill, but she insists it happened organically between them. She tells Deacon she looks back fondly on their time together. Deacon warns she can’t say anything about that. Sheila really doesn’t want Bill to know they were rooming together. Deacon points out they were sleeping together… in the bed, on the couch, up against the wall… Sheila tells him how much she appreciated him coming to see her in jail. Deacon understands she’s not playing Bill, but asks if she’s really that tight with the guy who is so full of himself. He goes in for a kiss. Sheila warns him that will never happen again. She can’t risk what she has going on right now. Deacon asks why she came then. Sheila wanted to congratulate him.
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In the design office, Paris tells Hope she thought the collection was beautiful. Hope did too, but they didn’t recapture the magic. Paris asks if she’s considering asking Thomas to come back.

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In the main office, Thomas asks Steffy to look at his newest designs for Hope For the Future. “They’re exactly what Hope’s line needs. It’s a shame they’re not in production right now.” Steffy fumes, “You know why, Thomas.” Thomas knows he screwed up but he still cares about the line… and Hope. Will he never be forgiven and brought back into the family or the line? He’s sorry about what he did but what about Brooke and all the pain she brought their family? Thomas wants to be a part of the family business. He went way overboard and it pains him that he hurt her and Douglas, “But please, give me another chance.” Thomas knows she can give him another chance. “Please tell me I have a place here.”
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