We open at the cabin in the woods with Brooke being the latest person to have her mind blown as Hope and Liam tell her about Bill’s new girlfriend. “How could your father stoop so low?” asks Brooke. “Bill has made mistakes in the past that have had frightening consequences, but this?” Liam rolls out the “something’s not right with him” line as Hope points out that Steffy, Liam, Wyatt and Katie have all failed to reach Bill. As if a light bulb just went off over his head, Liam suggests there’s “one person who hasn’t talked to him yet. One person he values and respects more than just about anyone.” You, Brooke. He’s talking about you. Hope suggests that’s a great idea.

hope and liam talk to brooke about sheila bb

Liam and Hope tell Brooke that while Katie and Wyatt know Bill is blackmailing Steffy and Finn, they don’t know over what. “I’m not one for advocating secrets,” says Brooke, apparently forgetting just how many times she urged Douglas not to blab about having seen grandma kiss “Santa.” She does, however, understand Taylor not wanting to know the truth about the shooting. Brooke shares that Taylor was thinking about turning herself in, but everyone knows that won’t do any good if Bill has bought the judge. Taylor would wind up behind bars and Sheila would still remain free.

When Brooke asks if Sheila has something on Bill, Wyatt says that his dad insists that’s not the case. He really claims to love Sheila. Finally, Brooke agrees that it’s time for her to become the latest person to march on over and play out the same basic scene we’ve been watching all week.

sheila offers to leave bill bb

Sheila sits in Bill’s living room, tidying up and flashing back to their night of passion in front of the fireplace. “Hello, handsome,” she says as he enters. Bill asks if Liam and Wyatt’s visit upset her, but she says just the opposite is true. She got to see him defend her and, in laymen’s terms, she found it totally hot. It does, however, bum Sheila out that nobody in his life supports their relationship. She asks how he feels about this, but the only thing he seems to care about is the new woman in his life.

Sheila says if she can give Bill even a percentage of what he’s given her, she’ll be forever grateful. “You are my miracle,” she says, expressing shock at the fact he’s basically thrown all of his other relationships under the bus in order to stand by her side. “I know that has to have taken a huge toll on you,” she says. Maybe more than he realizes. “You can tell me anything,” she says, vowing to leave if he wants her to. “I’ll live a happy life of freedom, forever grateful to and in debt to you.” She’ll pack up and go, remembering him fondly, if that’s what Bill wants. “Just say the word.”

liam vents to hope about Sheila bb

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At the cabin, after Brooke has left to see Bill, Hope worries about having sent her mom into the lion’s den alone. But Liam says Bill would never, ever let harm come to Brooke. Sure, his wife says, that was true of old Bill, but with this new Bill, all bets are off. They discuss again that Sheila is holding Taylor’s having shot Bill over him.

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While discussing the night of the shooting, they somehow wind up flashing back to the night of the incident. Liam mentions that thanks to the concussion he sustained, he briefly believed himself to be the one who’d shot Bill. “I still actually remember myself doing it,” he admits, “and I think that’s just my mind’s way of coping with the betrayal. Like, I imagined my father dead, and then I imagined myself making that happen.” Hope says that as upsetting as it was, a whole lotta people were gunning for Bill at the time. Hope asks if perhaps Bill has been holding this secret all these years, planning to eventually use it. But Liam says no, he still thinks Sheila came along and changed Bill’s mind about busting Taylor. In any case, Hope says that Bill has aligned himself with a murderer over his own family. “The threat of Sheila still lingers because of the choices your father made.”

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Meanwhile, at Bill’s, just as Sheila is again asking Bill if he wants her to leave, Brooke strolls in. “So everything I’ve heard about the two of you is true,” she says, expressing shock that Bill would blackmail Taylor to keep Sheila, of all people out of prison. Sheila points out it keeps Taylor out of prison, too. “You can keep staring daggers at me, but it’s true.” Brooke asks for a moment alone, but Sheila’s not budging. She lists the litany of people who’ve come over to trash-talk him and his decisions, saying none of them were able to change Bill’s mind. “It’s no surprise that you want a turn!”

Brooke says she would never tell Bill that he’s a horrible person. But what she has to say is to Bill. “Whatever you and I have to say to one another should be through the bars of a cell,” insists Brooke. “I don’t know what you did to get to Bill, to have him risk everything that he cares about, but somehow you did. And I’m here to put a stop to it.” Brooke’s intent? To make Bill realize what a mistake he’s made and see Sheila behind bars!

Sheila tells Brooke she doesn’t appreciate her “coming into my home and saying these things.” Brooke points out it’s Bill’s home, not Sheila’s. “Well, now you’re just being rude,” snarks Sheila. But Brooke insists she’s not being rude, she’s come with one intention: To help a friend out. “Somebody who I see has gotten off track and needs help to get back on. Someone I care about and share many wonderful memories with.” Roll the clip package, please! Hot air balloon! Dubai! Smooching!

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“You and I have been through way too much for me to just give up on you now,” says Brooke. Sheila points out that Bill does have memories of Brooke. Memories of her turning her back on him. Ignoring Sheila, Brooke reminds Bill that on the day of Ridge and Taylor’s wedding, her stallion came riding over, promising to do anything for her. “Well, now is that time. I’m begging you. You need to see Sheila for who she really is. You say that you love me. And yet you claim to love this woman the same way? She’s the opposite of who I am. I know what you need. I know, because I’ve been there. And Sheila is not the woman you need!”

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Brooke urges Bill to take off his sword necklace, because it is clouding his judgment. “You’re a good man who deserves to have a good woman by his side… and that’s not Sheila!” All the brunette knows how to do is cause chaos. She urges Bill to pick up the phone and call the police. “Let’s put Sheila behind bars, today!” And it seems as if she’s reached Bill, who tells Brooke she’s right in everything she’s saying…

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