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At the cliff house, Finn and Steffy lounge in pajamas by the fire and ruminate about “this day”. He insists they’ll find a way to put Sheila back behind bars. Steffy complains this is all because of Bill.

At Bill’s place, Sheila appears in lingerie and he tells her she looks beautiful. He relays that word is getting out about her release and his role in it. He has a bunch of outraged texts from Wyatt and Liam but made it clear he’s not available to be yelled at. Bill wants to end the day there alone with her. Sheila hopes they don’t have anymore unexpected visitors. Bill kisses her.

At Forrester, Katie rants to Carter that Bill is still defending Sheila above all else. “What has the horrible woman done to him?!” she exclaims. Carter wasn’t thrilled about the idea of going there alone. Katie thought she’d have better luck without him but nothing she said had any impact at all.

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At the cliff house, Finn is rubbing Steffy’s feet while she complains about Sheila shacking up with Bill. Suddenly, Li comes through the door, frantic, and asks, “Tell me it isn’t true! Sheila’s been released from prison?!”
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At Bill’s place, Sheila gushes that life doesn’t get any better than this. She toasts to being misfits and says everyone else can go to hell for what they think. “I have everything I could ever want right here with you.” They clink their glasses together and drink.
Bill Sheila B&B

At Forrester, Katie tells Carter how strange it was seeing Sheila in the home that was once hers holding court. She can’t understand why Bill is doing this. Katie knew he was going through something dark and deep, but for him to do something like this? She worries what will happen with Will finds out — he knows how dangerous she is! “How could Bill be so reckless?!?” Carter holds her. Katie marvels that she brought up Will to Bill but it didn’t matter. She’s so worried about him… and her son. “Bill is living with a psychopath!” Carter vows to be there for her and Will as well.
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At the cliff house, Li is so confused. “Bill and Sheila are in a relationship?!” She exclaims, “What is Bill thinking?!?” She feels this still doesn’t explain the judge letting her walk after their testimony. Finn explains that they can’t get into the details, but Bill blackmailed them into not pressing charges against Sheila.

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At Bill’s place, he asks Sheila what she wants to do next. She’s determined to put thoughts of revenge against the Forresters aside… for now. She recaps how Bill stepped in and freed her. They kiss.

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At the cliff house, Li asks what Bill knows about Finn and Steffy. Finn assures it’s not about them directly, and Steffy vows if they could have told him to go to hell, they would have. Li questions the prosecutor not moving forward with the prison escape. Finn says they think Bill bought off the judge. Even if she commits another crime, Bill can just buy off another judge. Li fumes, “No. No. That’s unacceptable.” She declares that nothing is stopping her — she will testify against Sheila!
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At Bill’s place, he feels he has no place to judge Sheila; he’s gone to extremes himself many times. They flash to him dumping Ridge from a helicopter and blowing up Spectra Fashions with Liam and Sally inside. Sheila admires the man he is and insists no one can understand him the way she can. They’ve been abandoned over and over again. Bill flashes to Katie saying goodbye. Bill muses, “That’s the one thing I can’t take; people I love walking out on me.” Sheila vows that will never happen with her. They kiss passionately and she starts unbuttoning his shirt.
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At the cliff house, Li flashes to Sheila trying to kill her by running her off the road that night. “If you won’t press charges, simple solution. I’ll do it.” Finn informs his mother she can’t press charges. “Bill included you on the blackmail threat.” Steffy explains he threatened to expose what she did to get Finn out of the hospital. Li fumes, “My God…” Finn tells Li they’re grateful for what she did but she broke laws to do it. Steffy warns Bill is determined to burn their family to the ground to keep Sheila out of prison. “It’s not worth the risk of going up against him.” Li wonders how Sheila manages to get away with everything. Steffy intones that no one threatens her family and gets away with it. She doesn’t know how, but Sheila and Bill are going down.
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At Bill’s place, he and Sheila are on the floor in front of the fire after sex. Sheila goes on about feeling warm, protected and loved. “You are like my own personal miracle.” She notices he’s quiet and assures him she won’t use his vulnerabilities against him. Bill says, “I struggled for so long.” Every time he thought he found love it slipped away. He pushed them away. “Katie, Brooke…” Sheila feels they didn’t deserve him. Bill muses that for so many years he tried to fit in with the Logans and Forresters, but he never could. It’s like trying to fit a round peg in a square hole. “And I’m never going to do that again.” Sheila vows he’ll never have to do that with her. She admires the man he truly is. “The man that wears the sword that symbolizes what he truly is about. The man that I love.” Bill tells her it works both ways. “You’re what I need. I love you, Sheila.” They kiss.
Bill Sheila B&B

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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Liam and Wyatt attempt to make sense of Bill’s decisions, and Bill burns familial bridges as he makes the ultimate sacrifice for love.

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