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Stars and rainbows are practically shooting out of Sheila’s eyes as she revels in the fact that Bill has declared his love for her. This, she says, is all she ever wanted. To have a man like Bill, who didn’t recoil from her that night on the beach. Watching from the sidelines, Taylor and Steffy are flabbergasted, gobsmacked and disgusted, all at the same time.

Sheila pleads with Steffy and Taylor, suggesting that they should all find a way to live in harmony. “Shut it!” shouts Steffy, but of course, Sheila doesn’t. Instead, she claims not to want to see Taylor go to jail. She wants them to go back to being besties. “Can you imagine your life without your grandchildren,” asks Sheila, taking things one step too far by saying of Thomas, “from what I understand, he could really use his mother’s guidance right now.” Taylor bristles and accuses Sheila of using Thomas and his issues. And when Bill’s new lady love suggests she’s not the same woman they all feared, Taylor snaps that they’ve all heard that one before! Putting his arm around Sheila, Bill says that his girlfriend will not be a threat to any of them, and she agrees. “Because I have everything that I’ve never wanted. To be valued, appreciated and, mostly, loved.” They kiss, as Taylor and Steffy react in horror.

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Carter and Katie are at the beach house trying to understand how Sheila could possibly have been set free. It makes no sense on any level to them… until Finn admits that he and Steffy are being blackmailed by Bill. Carter and Katie find it impossible to believe that Finn and his wife could possibly have something which Bill could hold over their heads. “Steffy is the mother of Bill’s granddaughter,” says Carter. (You know… the child which for a while she thought might have been fathered by Bill?) “To put a knife to her throat… ” Finn says he can’t get into what BIll’s holding over them, but promises it’s reprehensible. Katie is shocked, asking what her ex could possibly be thinking. “Apparently, Bill and Sheila are in a relationship,” Finn tells them… leading the new couple to comically simultaneously declare, “What!?!?”

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Back at the beach house, Sheila continues to suggest that they can all live in perfect harmony if everyone will just back off. But Taylor has a better idea: She’ll confess to the police. She’ll tell them about the long-ago shooting if that’s what it takes to keep Sheila off the streets and out of their lives. Isn’t it ironic, points out Taylor, that she shot Bill in order to protect Steffy… and now, she’s prepared to confess for the same reason.

Steffy and Taylor return to the beach house, where Katie is still questioning Bill’s involvement with Sheila. Once she has the news of this new relationship confirmed, Katie gathers her things and says she needs to go talk to Bill. And if Sheila’s there? “I will handle her!”

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Alone, Bill and Sheila discuss the night he was shot by Taylor. “Thank God you survived,” she declares. “I doubt a lot of people would agree with you, especially now,” he concedes. She asks if he’s worried what people think, and she says she doesn’t. Well, except when she came back for Finn’s wedding, because she knew that the Forresters would be against her and she would have to prove herself to them. But the Logans and Forresters refused to see the “new and improved” her. But now, she’s found Bill, “the man I’ve been looking for all these years.” Happily, she curls up in his arms for some more creepy canoodling.

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Taylor continues to lament that her past actions put them in their current position. But Steffy says her mom should stop blaming herself, as Bill has clearly lost his marbles if he’s going around declaring his love for Sheila. “Wait, love?” asks Finn, prompting them to share the icky PDA they had to witness at Bill’s house. “Bill is lost to Sheila,” insists Steffy, “and his love for her will destroy him!”

Finally, at Bill’s place, Bill flashes back to having declared his love to Sheila. At that moment, Katie enters, admitting she can’t wrap her head around what’s going on. “You don’t do anything without a reason. Steffy and Finn say you’re blackmailing them, and I don’t know why and don’t really want to know the specifics, because they don’t matter. I’m just hoping that I can get through to you!”

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She points out that Bill himself has said Katie knows him better than anyone. Tears in her eyes, Katie asks how Bill can possibly defend Sheila. “Her evil presence, it threatens all of us! Think about Will! Think about our son! How are you going to explain this?” As did Steffy earlier, Katie mentions that Bill “hasn’t been himself” lately. (Giving, perhaps more clues as what what’s really going on?)

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Bill seems unable to look Katie in the eye, and for a split second, it seems as if perhaps she is actually reaching him. Katie pleads with Bill, saying that she knows he’s hurt and lonely and she will help him… but in barges Sheila, saying that Katie had her chance with this wonderful man, who gave her access to a life she could never have dreamed possible, and took a pass. Now it’s Sheila’s turn. She declares herself to be the love of Bill’s life, and the look on Katie’s face is incredulous, as if uncertain whether to laugh, cry or vomit. As if pleading for the final time, Katie begs Bill, saying that Sheila isn’t capable of love, she destroys. “She will take everything you love and care about and break it.” Please, Katie asks, send Sheila back to prison, where she belongs…

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