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In the cliff house, Steffy pleads with her mother not to turn herself in. Taylor hollers that it’s the only way to de-fang Bill and vows that she will sacrifice her own freedom before she sacrifices the safety of her daughter’s family. She’ll have zero regrets. Steffy argues that if she goes to the police there’s no guarantee Sheila will go to prison — Bill has the judge bought and sold. She won’t let her mother go to prison! Taylor finally says, “Alright. I won’t go to the police.” Steffy’s relieved and hugs her. Taylor is so happy she gets to be there with them and her grandbabies. She’s sorry she was away for so long. “I’m here now at the mercy of Bill Spencer. He can take that away whenever he wants.” She wonders if he has any idea how dangerous this is. Steffy says that until they can get through to him, there’s nothing they can do. Taylor turns steely. “You leave that to me.”

At Bill’s place, Sheila asks him how it feels to have someone forever in debt to him. She wonders if he’s ready for the mob that is going to come knocking at his door… Katie, Brooke. Bill states that they both turned him down. Sheila muses that if they’re upset about this it’s their own fault anyway. She assures him he’ll always be able to count on her and they kiss. Sheila then announces she’s going to go freshen up and leaves the room.

At Forrester, Katie and Brooke can’t get over Carter telling them that Sheila Carter has been released. Katie wonders if she was institutionalized but Carter insists she was set free. Brooke can’t understand what the hell happened. Carter intones, “Someone’s responsible for this.” Katie replies, “The question is who?” They continue to puzzle over whether there could have been new evidence — perhaps showing it wasn’t intentional. Carter argues it was clearly intentional when she shot Steffy. Brooke can’t believe a judge could hear that and still let Sheila go.
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At the cliff house, Finn asks Steffy what she thinks Taylor meant when she said, “Leave it to me.” Steffy gawps, “Oh no!” as she realizes Taylor’s gone to Bill’s.

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Taylor enters Bill’s house and asks, “Where is she? Where is Sheila?” Bill says she’s upstairs. Taylor asks why he’s keeping a dangerous psychopath out of jail. Is he forgetting what she’s done to her family, “And to yours too. Sheila almost left Kelly motherless with no remorse. Not a second thought!” If he can think about that and still not agree she belongs in prison, “You can’t! And I can’t allow it!” Suddenly, Sheila appears behind her and asks, “Allow what?” Taylor turns and Sheila purrs, “Hello, Taylor.”
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At Forrester, Katie says word is going to spread fast so she needs to pay Steffy a visit about a press statement. Carter urges Brooke to warn everyone they’ll need more security. “Sheila’s not going to prison after all.” Katie says to him, “Let’s go find out why,” and they head out the door.
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At the cliff house, Steffy can’t reach her mother and realizes her location is blocked. “She never does that.” Finn realizes Steffy is going to go over there and urges her to be careful. She’s just worried Bill or Sheila will rile her mother up and she’ll turn herself in.

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At Bill’s, Sheila tells Taylor that it’s lovely to see her. What isn’t she going to allow? Taylor says, “You. Your freedom.” Sheila wants them to be friends. Taylor points out she’s trying to send her to jail — that’s not very friendly. Taylor can’t believe anyone would allow this. Sheila tells her she can’t blame Bill. Taylor pleads, “Come on, Bill. You are not this desperate.” Sheila says he’s finally found a woman who will always have his back. Taylor intones, “A murderous psychopath… that’s who you want by your side, Bill?” Sheila says the judge sided with her. Taylor fumes that the judge was bought. Sheila argues that she didn’t mean to hurt anyone. Taylor tells Bill to see that she’s trying to make herself the victim. Sheila complains that they all cast her aside. “No one’s given me a chance,” she turns to Bill, “Until now. Until Bill.”
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Finn is texting Steffy to be careful when Katie and Carter arrive at the cliff house. Finn guesses they heard. Carter says a friend from the courthouse tipped him off. Katie asks for Steffy, but Finn says she’s not there and won’t want to talk to the press right now. Katie asks how the hell Sheila was set free. Finn informs her she can thank her ex-husband. Katie asks, “Bill?!”

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At Bill’s place, Taylor tries to tell him he’s going through a crisis and needs someone to talk to. Sheila snips that he’s fine, “We both are.” Taylor disagrees. Sheila complains, “No one is allowed to appreciate me or see the good in me.” Taylor tells Bill, “She’s using you.” Sheila knows it happened suddenly but it’s true. Taylor laughs. Sheila knows this must be difficult for Taylor because Ridge never put her first — she’s never had what she has. Taylor rolls her eyes and groans as Sheila claims they’re in love. Sheila wants her to find it in her heart to accept her again. Taylor believed in her and then she put a bullet in her daughter and left her for dead. “I don’t give a damn about your happiness. I just want to see you behind bars.” Sheila doesn’t want Taylor to do or say anything that will land her behind bars. Taylor says, “Bill, what I did to you in this very room all those years ago? It was awful. But so is blackmailing me and my daughter to keep this pathological criminal on the streets.” She claims Sheila’s not capable of having feelings, only manipulating. “You are smarter than this!” she implores Bill. He finally speaks and says, “Taylor wants the truth,” he addresses Sheila, “I’m sure you do too.” Steffy walks in as Bill makes a speech about Sheila’s utter devotion. He says he finally knows what that’s supposed to feel like. “I love you, Sheila.” Taylor and Steffy agonize. Sheila gasps, “That’s all I’ve ever dreamed of, that’s all I’ve ever wanted, is to be loved.” She throws her arms around Bill and gives Steffy and Taylor the hairy eyeball.
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