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At the cliff house, Taylor gawps, “You didn’t testify because of me?!?” Steffy and Finn tell her about Bill and Sheila’s visit in the storm and him tying her freedom to hers. “You’re not going to believe this, mom, but something is going on between Sheila and Bill.”

At Bill’s place, Sheila marvels over him getting her off. “Here I am a free woman again!” Bill tells her freedom looks good on her and they toast. Sheila moves closer, “You’re the reason why I am a free woman.”
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At Forrester, Katie guesses someone is keeping Ridge in the loop. Brooke says Steffy speaks to him most, but she’s talked to him too. She reflects that he’s still traveling and it’s been good for him. Talk turns to Brooke and Taylor’s new friendship. Brooke goes on about all they have in common. Sheila’s name comes up and they’re relieved that after today she won’t be a threat ever again.

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At Bill’s place, Sheila chuckles over the look on Steffy’s face today. They go over the judge letting her go even as Finn and Steffy thought he would keep her in custody. Sheila recaps that there is no evidence against her, and no one testified against her… because of Bill. “My hero.” They kiss deeply.

At the cliff house, Taylor cringes as she considers Bill and Sheila getting romantically involved. She learns that he only turned her in after making sure they wouldn’t testify. Taylor balks, “So, Bill’s loyalty is to Sheila Carter? The woman who nearly killed you both?” Steffy and Finn nod.
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At Forrester, Katie and Brooke compare notes on feeling stressed out about Sheila and look forward to her being locked away for good. Brooke teases that Katie can then go back to focusing on her love life. Carter walks in with a grim look on his face. “I have some shocking news,” he intones. Katie asks what and he says, “Sheila Carter has been released from jail.”
Brooke aghast B&B

At Bill’s place, he assures Sheila he’s happy for her and says he can see how happy she is. She gushes about no longer being a fugitive. “I’m also not a monster.” She claims she made her mistakes out of fear. She hurt the ones she loves but it was not intentional and she’s not evil. Sheila believes Bill understands the woman that she truly is. Bill pulls her into a kiss. Sheila recounts that he didn’t hold her past or terrible reputation against her. With the intense passion they share, he never looked at her like a villain. He gave her another chance and she’ll be forever grateful.
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At the cliff house, Taylor bellows, “This can’t be happening!” and rails about Sheila being free to go on with her life. She’s even more incredulous when she hears Mike Guthrie’s claim that he forced her to leave jail. Steffy fumes that Bill is behind all of it. Taylor flips out — does he not know how much danger this puts them in?!? She declares, “There must be another way to make her pay for what she’s done.” Suddenly, it comes to her. Taylor announces, “There’s only one way that I can think of… and we both know what that is.” Steffy can’t let her do that. Taylor won’t allow her family to be in danger. She’s sorry Finn had to learn about her crime. Finn knows why. Steffy recaps that Taylor wasn’t herself when she shot Bill. Taylor just can’t believe Bill broke his word in order to help a psychopath. Taylor declares that she’ll turn herself in, and then they can go testify against Sheila, who will spend the rest of her life behind bars where she belongs!
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At Forrester, Brooke and Katie rant about Sheila being freed despite having committed attempted murder. Katie asks Carter how he knows about this. Carter says he got a call from a colleague at the courthouse. Brooke and Katie can’t understand this and state that Sheila deserves to be behind bars. Carter agrees but that’s not what happened — she walked out of the courtroom totally free.

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At Bill’s place, Sheila wonders how long it will be until they come with pitchforks and torches. Bill doesn’t know and doesn’t care. He told security to let them through and get it out of the way. Sheila warns he’ll be in for it too. She insists what happened in the alley that night was a terrible accident. She loves her son, her flesh and blood, and loves Steffy too. Sheila curls into Bill’s arms on the sofa as she wishes things could have been different.

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Sheila was hoping she could get through to Steffy and Finn and show them they could co-exist. She loves Finn and Hayes; they’re connected and nothing is ever going to change that. “Maybe I was just hoping for too much.” Bill muses that it’s hard to give up on family. Sheila counters that it’s all she ever wanted. She begged Steffy to accept her and not turn her son against her. Now, she just wants to be forgiven but the day will probably never come. Bill can’t promise that she’ll become part of Steffy and Finn’s lives but he promises to do whatever it takes to keep her out of prison. Sheila tells him what he’s done for her is more than money could ever buy. “I owe you my life.” She leans on his chest, strokes it, and smiles.
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At the cliff house, Taylor declares her intent to go to Baker and tell him exactly what happened the night that Bill was shot. She recalls being in a maternal rage and losing it. She just wanted Bill out of their lives permanently. “I have to come forward,” she wails. Steffy argues it might not even help. “Bill owns the judge.” She might confess and go to prison and Sheila would still be free. Finn and Steffy can’t lose her. Steffy begs her to promise she won’t confess to shooting Bill. “Your future is not worth putting Sheila away.”

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