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At the cliff house, Taylor enthuses that today’s the big day — they’ll finally be rid of Sheila for good. She’s heading out, but reminds Finn and Steffy that their testimony is crucial to putting her away. “I know it isn’t easy, but it’s necessary. Justice will be served, and Sheila will be locked up where she belongs.”

At home, on the phone, Bill asks, “So, we’re all set then?” He listens to the response on the other end, nods, and replies, “Very good.”

At the jail, Sheila question having to go to a meeting with her lawyer before the hearing. The guard says it’s not her attorney and guides her into the visiting room. Sheila grins when she sees Deacon waiting there. He tells her he just got back into town and is so sorry to see her back behind bars. Sheila assures him it had nothing to do with him. He knew this is where she’d end up but a little part of him hoped she’d beat the odds. Sheila smiles and confides, “Maybe I have.” Deacon wonders if she’s accepted the fact that she’s going to be in prison for a long time.
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Taylor walks into the office at Forrester and greets Brooke. They’re happy to see each other, share a hug, and get to talking about how much has changed since Taylor left. She declares that today is the day when justice will be done and Sheila will get what she deserves.
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At the jail, Sheila thanks Deacon for coming to see her — she knows it’s not his favorite place. He thanks her for not ratting him out and asks how they’re treating her in there. “I’m worried about you.” Sheila finds that so sweet. Deacon is surprised she’s not down in the dumps. Sheila tells him it’s not an act. Deacon asks why she went to Bill Spencer’s house. “You knew the minute he saw you he’d call the cops.”

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At the cliff house, Finn and Steffy recap not getting much sleep last night thanks to wrestling with their dilemma. Steffy can’t believe Bill would allow someone like Sheila Carter into his life. Her mother is so excited about her future, and it could all be taken away if they agree to testify about Sheila today.

At Forrester, Taylor and Brooke go over Bill being the one to turn Sheila in and declare him a hero. Brooke relays that Katie went over to visit him and said he seemed genuinely surprised that she was there to thank him. Taylor isn’t close with Bill given their history, but she hopes it works out. It’s because of him that Sheila will be out of their lives — especially when Finn and Steffy testify.

At the cliff house, Steffy explains to Finn that she told her father not to come today. He’s been doing some soul-searching and, besides, he hates Bill. Finn agrees he doesn’t need to be there. They go over Bill blackmailing Steffy and Finn vows he’ll never look at the guy with anything other than contempt regardless of what they decide to say today. Steffy reminds Finn there’s still a chance that Bill could come around.

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At the jail, Deacon knows Sheila must be dreading seeing the judge later today — Finn and Steffy will detail every horrible thing she did to their families. He vows he won’t abandon her as everyone else has and will come and visit her. Deacon knows she said the best was yet to come but he’s afraid this is the end of the line for her. Sheila can see and hear Deacon’s concern, and it’s sweet, but everyone has always underestimated her. Deacon doesn’t want to make things more difficult, that’s not why he came. “I had to see you. I had to tell you that I really enjoyed our time together and I care about you.” Sheila takes this in and replies, “I care about you too.” Maybe if things had been different, they’d have had a chance… The guard interrupts their time is up. Deacon promises he’ll never turn his back on Sheila as she’s led out of the room. Sheila turns at the door and says, “Bye.”
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In the judge’s chambers, Steffy agonizes to Finn. What is she supposed to do? If her mother knew what was going on she’d sacrifice herself and go straight to the police to turn herself in. Bill arrives and reminds them of their deal. Finn rants that even if they went along with it — what about his mother? Sheila terrorized her and ran her off the road and tried to kill her! “She can just come forward and…” Bill interrupts. “She’ll have to be kept quiet.” He points out that falsifying medical records could have an impact on her career. Finn fumes, “So, now you’re threatening my mother too.” Steffy exclaims, “Have you forgotten that Sheila escaped prison? One way or another she’s going to do the time.” Bill doesn’t want to hear a word out of either of them today and urges them to leave before the judge gets there. “Remember, Sheila’s freedom for your mother’s freedom.” He walks out and Steffy dissolves into sobs in Finn’s arms.
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At Forrester, Taylor complains to Brooke about Sheila’s hearing not being open to the public. They both want to see her face when she’s hauled away. Brooke can’t believe they survived all that she did to their families. Taylor declares that Sheila is untreatable because she doesn’t think anything is wrong with her. She’s just glad that she’ll be locked away for the rest of her life. “She’ll be put away securely away from all of us… all because of Steffy and Finn.”

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At the hearing, Bill listens and watches Steffy and Finn debating what to do on a tablet in the next room. Sheila joins them when she’s led in by the guard. Sheila’s lawyer soon follows and advises his client not to speak. Sheila hopes they do the right thing. Judge Craig McMullen comes in and tells Steffy and Finn their testimony will be important today. He goes over Finn being Sheila’s biological son and asks if he’s ready to proceed with the case against Sheila. Steffy looks ill as Sheila glances up at the camera. Bill watches it all on his tablet.
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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Taylor and Brooke engage in a war of compliments, and shocking new evidence comes to light at Sheila’s hearing.

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