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At the cliff house, Steffy worries that the Sheila nightmare will never be over thanks to Bill. Finn questions if he’ll actually act on his threats. Steffy rants about him turning to Sheila Carter of all people. They go over Sheila having an emotional hold on him. Steffy panics, “What do we do, Finn?” Just then, Taylor walks in and asks who is throwing the party. “Sheila’s finally behind bars!”

At the jail, Bill warns Sheila to keep her voice down and keep her distance from him. He reiterates that he needs to know if this is real. Sheila can’t believe he has to ask that. Bill will not be used. “Is that what you’re doing, Sheila? Are you using me?” Sheila ruminates about wrapping herself in his strong arms and never wanting him to let go. She’s connected with him in a way she never has with anyone and thought he felt the same way.

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At Forrester, Carter is changing in the main office when Katie walks in and exclaims. He chuckles about forgetting to lock the door. She comes over to help him button up and they make out.
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Carter notes Katie’s in a good mood and asks about her visit with Bill. She questions him wanting to talk about her ex, but admits the visit went well. She can’t get over Sheila finally being captured and it’s all because of Bill. “He’s a hero.” Katie recounts that Bill seemed surprised by her telling him this. She muses that he was vulnerable and has been off. Carter recaps that they all owe him a debt of gratitude for having Sheila arrested — now they can focus on other things. Katie grins, “Much better things.”

At the cliff house, an upbeat Taylor says her conference was great. She wants to hear everything that happened. Finn confirms that Bill was responsible for Sheila being locked up. Taylor marvels, “Our family is safe again because of Bill Spencer.”
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At the jail, Sheila pleads with Bill to get her out of there. “Please. Just take me back home.” Bill perks up, “Home?” He asks if she really thinks it can work with the two of them. Sheila says, “Yes.” Bill wonders why she followed him home from Il Giardino that night. Sheila says he was alone and she was bored. “Following you was going to be an adventure.” Bill guesses it wasn’t what she expected. Sheila concedes she didn’t expect him to walk down to the beach and plop down in the sand. They recap how she took the chance to approach him, and they wound up talking until dawn. Sheila still can’t believe he didn’t turn her in then. Bill says, “I can’t either.” There was something about her desperation and the loneliness in her eyes… that night they connected in a way that he’s never connected with anyone. “My God, what does that say about me.” Sheila thinks he’s tired of faking who he is. “You’ve been with the wrong women.” Sheila feels he’s been with women who wanted to change him. “You’re not like them, Bill. Neither one of us are.”
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In the Forrester office, Carter tells Katie the best part of Sheila being arrested is her gorgeous smile. He likes seeing her happy. Katie definitely feels a weight has been lifted. Now they can concentrate on the future and all the wonderful moments yet to come. They kiss.

In the jail, Sheila tells Bill she understands him just the way he does her. Bill paces and says Steffy came to see him. Katie as well. “She called me a hero.” Sheila says, “You’re my hero.” She hopes he’s not wavering. Bill reminds her if they pull this off everyone will hate him. “I’ll says goodbye to everyone in my life.” Sheila continues trying to convince him it’s real. Bill intones, “You’re talking about a dance with the devil. If it’s real, it will be an incredible ride, if it’s not… I know you, Sheila Carter.”

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At the cliff house, Taylor raves happily about Sheila being caught and life being good. “I have a new friend! Brooke freakin’ Logan.” She decides it’s going to be her best year yet. A knock comes at the door and Steffy whispers to Finn that they can’t give into Bill’s blackmail. Taylor ushers Chief Baker into the house. He warns there’s more work to be done. He’s there to go over their statements so everything’s in order for the hearing. As Bill’s threats ring through Steffy’s mind, Taylor assures Baker that Steffy and Finn will do whatever’s necessary to ensure Sheila goes to prison.
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They sit, and Baker reiterates how important their testimony will be. Steffy wants Sheila to pay for what she did. Taylor repeats that they will do anything necessary to keep her behind bars. Finn walks Baker out, and Taylor senses something’s up with Steffy. Finn rejoins the women as Steffy gets choked up telling her mother she’s proud of her and that she deserves to be happy. She will do everything she can to ensure it is her happiest year ever. They embrace as Finn frowns.

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At the jail, Sheila complains to Bill about what those “bitch Logans” have put him through. It’s why he’s having a hard time accepting what they have together. She’ll never walk out on him as they did. This is a connection she’s been looking for her whole life — someone who can handle her and who will stand up for her. “If you’re there for me, I’ll be there for you. And I will be a powerful force behind you.” There’s nothing they can’t do together. “I am so ready to love you the way you need. The way no other woman has. But you’ve got to believe me.” Bill wants to believe she’s telling him the truth. Sheila intones, “I promise you, I am.” They stare at each other.

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