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At the jail, Li tells Sheila she came to see her in the cage where she belongs. Sheila alludes to being there for only a few days, just like Li managed on the street for a few weeks. Li informs her they have nothing in common — she’s going to spend the rest of her life loving Finn and Hayes while Sheila spends hers behind bars. Sheila grins.

Steffy arrives at the cliff house and reports to Finn that she didn’t get through to Bill. He can’t believe the guy is still defending Sheila.

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At his house, Bill flashes to Sheila asking him to get her out soon and telling him she loves him so much. She reminds him that the sword necklace means he takes no prisoners and wins at all costs. Katie comes in and rants that she’s been calling and texting, but he hasn’t got back to her. “I can’t believe what’s happened! Sheila’s finally been caught and it’s all because of you.”
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At the jail, Li and Sheila debate which of them is delusional. Li asks if she thinks this is a game. Sheila doesn’t, but if it was, it would be one she wins in the end.

At Bill’s place, Katie wants to know what went down with Sheila. Bill says she showed up there and he called the police. Katie finds this incredible and brave. She’s sure Brooke, Steffy and Finn must be elated. She still doesn’t understand why Sheila showed up there. “What did she want from you?”

At the cliff house, Steffy tells Finn that Bill is not backing down. If they testify against Sheila her mom is going to end up locked up too!
Finn Steffy B&B

At the jail, Li assures Sheila that she’s not getting out of there. Sheila mocks her “negative thinking.” Li declares that her days of terrorizing her family are over. “There’s no excuse for what you did.” She inflicted violence and pain on those she claimed to love and then on herself to escape. Li says she’s done her worst to her and the Forresters but it’s all over. “You will now pay for your crimes.” She believes in right and wrong. She believes people like Finn and Hayes deserve the best in life and people like Sheila get what’s coming to them. Sheila assures she agrees with her — she will be getting exactly what she deserves.

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At Bill’s place, he cryptically tells Katie that Sheila’s days of running may finally be over. Katie looks forward to moving on but worries, “You don’t think that Sheila will still be a problem for us, do you Bill?” She admits she was upset about the idea of Sheila harming him. They’ve been out of sorts, but she cares about him — they’re family and will always be connected. It’s terrible for her to think she could have hurt him in any way. Katie is grateful she didn’t and that they don’t have to worry about that awful woman ever again. “Because of you. You have eliminated Sheila Carter from our lives forever. Bill, you’re a hero!”
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At the cliff house, Steffy tells Finn she really thought she was getting through to Bill. He said he heard her, but he needs a woman who can handle him. Finn can’t believe Bill has seriously developed feelings for Sheila. Steffy can’t believe she’s saying this, but she thinks Bill has lost his mind — and now they’re all going to pay the price.

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At the jail, Sheila banters that Li is confusing justice with retribution. Li is confident she will pay for shooting Steffy and Finn and leaving them for dead. She laments Finn and Hayes having even a drop of her blood in their veins and vows she will be erased from their lives forever. “And there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.” Li informs the guard that she’s done. Sheila asks her to tell Steffy and Finn that she misses them, and they’ll all be together soon. With that, she cracks up.
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At Bill’s place, Katie notices he’s so quiet and wonders if he’s still shaken. She reiterates that he’s a hero and urges him to take the sword necklace off. “You don’t need it.” He’s not that guy anymore and what he did with Sheila proves it. She feels he doesn’t have to protect himself anymore because their greatest threat is behind bars. “And you put her there.”

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At the cliff house, Finn disconnects from Amelia and tells Steffy the kids want to stay at the park. Steffy wishes she knew what Bill is doing. Finn wonders if Sheila’s blackmailing him. Steffy says he denied that when she asked. Finn thinks he’s lost it. Steffy declares that they’re in real trouble if Bill has feelings for Sheila. They recap that Bill is threatening Taylor’s freedom and that Sheila belongs in prison, not Steffy’s mother. Finn declares that Bill is hurting their family. If Sheila doesn’t stay locked up there’s no telling what she could do to them — she’s depraved! Steffy can’t believe this is all happening because Bill is lonely. She explains why Bill is interested in Sheila. Finn gawps, “So, he’s fallen for her because she doesn’t have any real feelings. This is the most bizarre thing I’ve ever heard.” Steffy retorts, “It’s worse than that — it’s insane!”

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At the jail, Bill shows up to see Sheila and the guard is told to give them time alone. Sheila marvels, “No one gets privacy in here.” Bill tells her he’s the exception to the rule. “I had to make sure you were okay.” He confides that everyone out there thinks he’s there to confront her. Sheila moves in close, “Is that all you want to do?” Bill pushes her back. Sheila asks if he’s still going to come through for her. Bill says these last few weeks have been surreal for him. He’s working to get her released. Bill asks if she’s sure she wants whatever this is between them — are the feelings real? “I’ve got to know, Sheila. Are they real?” Sheila’s mouth quirks up at the corners.
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