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At Bill’s place, he stares at his sword necklace in the mirror as he flashes to Steffy being upset at the cliff house. Next, he recalls Brooke telling him they’re not going to be together, followed by Katie saying goodbye to him. Bill paces, stops, and flashes to Sheila saying she loves him so much and sealing it with a blood kiss.

At the cliff house, Steffy tells Finn that Bill’s lost his mind — how can he align himself with Sheila?!? She’s worried what this could mean for her mom. Finn agrees, and recalls how they saw on the news last night that Sheila had been arrested. Steffy wonders who called the police. Finn replies, “Obviously, not us.” He gets a notification on his phone and learns Bill was the one who turned Sheila in. Steffy gawps. “Hopefully that means he has finally come to his senses!”
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At Forrester, Katie and Carter discuss Sheila being taken into custody. He muses about Bill being the person to have her apprehended and questions why she was even over there to begin with. Katie says one thing is for sure — she didn’t have Sheila getting arrested at Bill’s house on her bingo card. She’s relieved that Will wasn’t there and remarks that Bill’s place is like a fortress — clearly, it didn’t help him. They decide to celebrate the arrest later. Carter’s still crazy how it happened. Katie plans to find out and says she’d like to thank him — he’s a hero.

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Wyatt and Liam arrive at Bill’s place freaking out over him having had a homicidal maniac in his house. Bill says she’s gone now. Liam wants to know why she was there in the first place. Wyatt demands, “Dad? What’s going on?!?”
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At the cliff house, Finn and Steffy wonder what changed after Sheila and Bill left their house the night before. Finn figures maybe they got into it on the way home, or she put him up to the whole thing. Steffy hopes that’s the case, but she needs to find out if Bill is dropping the whole blackmail scheme.

At Bill’s place, he flashes to telling Sheila he’ll get her out and they’ll be together as Wyatt and Liam grill him. Wyatt asks, “Where’d you go just now.” They want to know why Sheila was there. Bill says she showed up, pleading her case, so he held onto her and called 9-1-1. Wyatt finds that crazy since he’s the last person who would have sympathy for her. They describe their panic over the wig and earring. Liam asks, “Where were you when we showed up last night?”

At the cliff house, Steffy wonders if Bill had a psychotic break and adds the thought of him and Sheila grosses her out. Finn feels they’re finally getting some justice. Steffy insists something feels off. Bill’s actions don’t make sense — she worries it’s part of some grand plan. She asks Finn not to say anything about Bill and his blackmail. “It’s too risky.” Finn pulls Steffy into his arms and assures her he won’t let anything bad happen to their family.
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At Forrester, Katie tells Carter that Brooke is ecstatic about Sheila being arrested. Carter marvels at Bill saving the day and making Sheila pay for her crimes. Katie’s sure he’ll tell the story for years to come. Katie shudders at him coming face-to-face with a violent felon. She doesn’t know what she would have done. Carter reminds her he’ll keep her safe and they kiss.

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At Bill’s place, he tells Wyatt and Liam he was out last night. Bottom line, he took care of Sheila. Liam goes on about his bravery and Wyatt says society owes him a huge favor. Bill doesn’t want to hear it and tells his sons he’s tired. Wyatt rants about how concerned they were about him — Sheila could have hurt him. Bill says Sheila will never hurt him and assures his sons that everything will be fine.

At the cliff house, Steffy tells Finn she’ll go talk to Bill alone. This makes Finn nervous, but she assures him she can handle this. “I won’t do anything to rile him up.” Finn doesn’t trust the guy but believes in her. She promises to be careful and to call immediately if she needs back up. They kiss.

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A little later, Finn gets a text from Steffy, saying she just got to Bill’s. He warns her again to be careful.

At Bill’s place, he fondles his sword necklace and recalls Sheila reminding him to remember what it represents to him. Steffy walks in and wants to talk to him about what happened last night. Bill snaps that it’s not a good time. Undeterred, she recaps his shocking visit to the cliff house and asks, “Why the sudden shift? What’s driving this?” She knows he called the police on Sheila and wonders if that means he’s come to his senses. Steffy runs down all the people Sheila has shot. He hasn’t forgotten. Steffy was convinced that he was actually falling for Sheila but there’s no future in that. “We will be pressing full charges.” She asks if Bill is okay and whether Sheila has something on him. He can’t possibly have feelings for a woman like that; she’s deranged. Steffy muses that perhaps she, Brooke, and Katie should have been more sensitive to his feelings. “Please tell me this isn’t true. Please tell me you’re not falling for Sheila.” She asks him to tell her he won’t blackmail her and side with Sheila. “For all of our sakes, you can’t do it!”
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