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Picking up where Friday’s episode left off, Steffy is still freaking out about the fact that Bill and Sheila have become a couple. Finn asks how his mom and Bill even got together, and Sheila says that sometimes, “love just finds a way.” Steffy wants to know what kind of number Sheila’s done on Bill, but he tells her to simply accept what’s happening. Otherwise, off to jail Taylor will go for having shot him years ago.

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At Bill’s house, Liam and Wyatt are still trying to figure out why Sheila might have been at their dad’s house — let alone what she was doing there. Was Bill kidnapped? Is he dead? Liam suggests they look for clues, but Wyatt reminds him that their dad’s been in a very, very bad place of late. While Wyatt looks for clues as to what’s going on, Wyatt calls Tony, the security guard at the front gate.

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Tony proves a font of absolutely no information, although he does say that the storm has knocked out the security system. The boys deduce that wherever their dad is, Sheila’s there, too.

Cut to… Steffy trying to remind Bill that Sheila is beyond dangerous. Steffy recaps that Bill feels hurt because of the failed relationships he’s had over the years, but asks if being with a psychopath is really the best option. She also brings up the fact that Li was so traumatized by Sheila that for a while, she couldn’t speak. (And honestly, that seems kinda low on the list of Sheila’s crimes, doncha think? Also, it’s worth noting at this point that Finn’s entire contribution to the situation so far today has been looking handsome.) “You need to wake up! Sheila is a threat to anyone who gets closer to her!” Steffy suggests Sheila only hooked up with a powerful man so he could keep her out of jail, then defies Bill to do the right thing.

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“You’re not understanding what Sheila has come to mean to me,” says Bill, adding that he and Sheila have been living together. (Since when?!?) “She’s been abandoned, so have I. Not that I didn’t give the people in my life good reason. I drove them away because I hurt them.” But in Sheila, he’s found a woman he can’t hurt. Finally, Finn speaks, asking about the pain she will cause and the damage she’s already doing. But his mom insists they are two sides of the same coin and understand one another.

“I accept him as he is,” insists Sheila. “Just as he accepts me for who I am.” Bill and Sheila leave, with him insisting that Steffy and Finn are to say nothing to anyone about their relationship. And if they don’t play by his rules, Taylor goes to jail.

Liam and Wyatt reach out to Baker, who suggests that perhaps Bill and Sheila have jumped on his private jet. “With any luck, Sheila will be in custody tonight,” says the cop.

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Having changed clothes, Steffy and Finn go over the conversation that just happened, still clearly struggling to understand. Finn brings up a good point: Why would Sheila turn to Bill, who turned her in once before? “It’s crazy!” says Steffy, pointing out that somehow, Sheila manages to make the impossible possible. Finn then asks for details… not about Sheila and Bill, but about Bill and Taylor. “Why did Taylor shoot him?” asks Finn. Oh, go ahead, tell him, Steffy… this should be fun!

Instantly looking uncomfortable, Steffy gives a sort of edited version of what went down all those years ago. “I found out that Liam kissed another woman, and I was just so hurt. I felt betrayed.” She explains that she was angry and emotional, and that when Bill showed up… it suddenly dawns on Finn what his wife is saying. “You and Bill?” She admits it never should have happened, and that Taylor thought Bill had taken advantage of Steffy and that’s why she shot him. Tensing up, Finn makes a fist and what I guess is his “I’m angry” face.

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Steffy says she never told him what happened with Bill because it was “one moment of weakness” that she would always regret, adding that it was completely consensual. “If I had been in a better frame of mind, if I wasn’t so upset, it would never have happened,” she admits, and her husband (rightly) accuses Bill of having played on her emotions. Steffy wants to move past it, saying what happened happened. Now they need to focus on their future and their family. “I wasn’t purposely trying to keep it from you, I just never think about it,” she says. Finn insists he’s not angry at her, but says Bill should have known better, as would any “halfway decent man.” Steffy only cares that what happened between her and Bill doesn’t eat away at Finn and impact their marriage. But he says it won’t and thanks her for having opened up. The conversation turns back to Sheila and the fact that they both want her behind bars, but how to do that without putting Taylor behind bars, too? Steffy says her mom was a different person back then, and they can’t gamble with Taylor’s life.

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Bill and Sheila pour drinks and toast to one another at his mansion, which she says has been a sanctuary to her. They speak about how each understands the other in a way no one else ever will. “You say that you’ve hurt so many people over the years and that you could never do that to me,” says Sheila, “and that might be true. I can’t even imagine a scenario where anything like that would happen, let alone me doing something to hurt you.”

Bill tells her it’s time. “It’ll be a rough road for a bit, but in the end, you’ll have your freedom.” And with that, he calls the police, pretending to be panicked. “This is Bill Spencer,” he reports. “Sheila Carter is in my home. Hurry! She’s got to be apprehended! Hurry!” They go over their story one last time: That Sheila showed up, desperately pleading her case, but Bill shut her down and called the police. “You’re going to be in jail for a bit, that’s a necessary step,” he warns. “I will then do everything in my power to get you out, and you will be a free woman again, and we can be together.”

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She declares her love, and says he should never forget what his sword necklace means to him. “You take no prisoners, and you win at all costs,” she says. Using the jewelry to prick her finger, Sheila smears blood on her own lip and then kisses Bill, declaring “I’m yours for life.”

Bold beautiful sheila arrested

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Seconds later, the cops arrive, guns drawn. Bill sticks to the plan, saying Sheila broke in. She begs him not to turn her in, but the police cuff her and read her her rights. “This time,” says Baker, “it really is over.” But the look Sheila and Bill exchange as she’s being taken away indicates that might not be true…

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