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At the cliff house amid the storm, Bill intones, “You two aren’t the only ones who were shot.” Sheila reminds Steffy she knows who shot Bill. “Your mother.” Steffy gawps at Spencer and asks, “How could you do this?!?” Bill tells her the choice is hers — if they prosecute Sheila, she won’t be the only one behind bars.

Liam arrives at Bill’s place and calls out, “Dad you here? Daddio?” Suddenly someone comes up behind him in the dark and scares the crap out of him — it’s Wyatt, who cackles, “You should have seen your face!” They compare notes. Neither of them can find or connect with their father. They wonder if he’s not there and not at the office, where could he be?!? Liam worries that Bill is nowhere to be found and the storm is insane.
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At the cliff house, Bill puts his arm around Sheila and reiterates that if Sheila goes to jail, Taylor goes to jail. Finn asks his wife what is going on. Steffy explains that a few years ago, Bill was shot. He says, “It was Taylor. Your mom tried to kill me.” Finn doesn’t understand why she’d do that. Steffy says it was an awful night; one she regrets. She pleads with Bill, “I thought you cared about me and my family.” Bill insists he does. Steffy shouts, “Then how can you do this?!” She reminds him Sheila is dangerous and hollers, “You can’t defend her!” Bill calmly says, “That’s exactly what I’m doing,” as Sheila leans her head on his shoulder.
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At Bill’s place, Liam concludes a call with Hope after assuring her he shouldn’t be long. He banters with Wyatt before the mood turns serious again. They discuss how angry, hurt, and betrayed their father feel with Justin over at Forrester and Katie and Brooke not giving him the time of day. Wyatt argues that he pushed them away. Liam knows that. He insists something inside their father has changed. Wyatt complains about him putting the sword necklace back on. If he’s so lonely, why is he pushing them away?! Wyatt showed up there the other night and Bill wouldn’t even let him in. “I feel like he’s hiding something.”
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At the cliff house, a tearful Bill insists he doesn’t want to hurt Steffy or cause her and Finn any pain. “I just want mine to stop.” Steffy shakes her head. “Bill, Sheila can’t help you. She’s a monster!” Bill thinks maybe it takes a monster to help a monster. Steffy declares he’s not a monster, but Bill argues he is… and he’s reminded of it every day. Bill recalls how he tried to imagine his own funeral. “No one was there,” he laments.
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Bill goes on to explain that he vowed to make himself into a better man and bury the old Bill, but he was repaid by labeled a pariah and unworthy of being loved. Steffy implores, “Bill, if you want to be better, then be better! What you’re doing right now…” Bill says what he is doing is siding with the one person who sees him for exactly who he is and doesn’t balk. Sheila says, “You all act like you’re better than him, just like me. Maybe you are. He’s not perfect but neither are you, neither am I, and neither is your mother.” Steffy hisses at Bill, “You’re siding with the devil!” She wonders if it’s revenge but he states, “It’s not about revenge.” Turning to Sheila, he kisses her deeply. Finn and Steffy look on horrified.
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At Bill’s place, Wyatt and Liam puzzle over Bill isolating himself. Liam found him a little manic the last time they spoke — he was going to try and convince Katie to get back together. Wyatt muses, “We know how that turned out.” They’re certain that Katie and Carter are getting together and that means Katie and Brooke have both rejected him. Liam believes he genuinely loves both of them and thought he’d end up with one of them. They agree the sword necklace and isolation is a recipe for self-destruction. Wyatt adds, “And we know dad. He doesn’t implode, he explodes and destroys everything in his path.”

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At the cliff house, Finn implores Bill not to do this — his family’s in danger! Sheila retorts, “I am your family.” Bill thinks if they’d have given Sheila a fair shot in the first place none of this would have happened. Steffy fumes, “You’re insane.” Bill is just tired of living in the darkness alone and having his heart broken so many times. Steffy reminds him he hurt people. Bill agrees he has — maybe Katie and Brooke most of all — and they’ve made it clear they want nothing to do with him. Sheila says Bill has opened up to her and he doesn’t blame them for not wanting him, he just wants to be better. Finn doesn’t know Bill well, but this isn’t like him. Bill just wants a fresh start and a brand-new future. Steffy asks how he can say he wants to be the man who doesn’t hurt people when he’s with a dangerous criminal. Finn bellows that she shot her own son. Bill wants a chance to make it right. “This is the one person I can’t hurt. This is the one person in the world I can’t break. She can take care of herself.” He doesn’t want to make another woman cry again. Steffy hollers that Sheila can’t cry, “She’s pure evil! Bill, you’re devoting yourself to her!” Bill pulls Sheila protectively into his shoulder.

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At Bill’s place, Wyatt tries to call his father and gets voicemail. Liam decides to search for clues and finds and earring. He tosses it to Wyatt, who declares their dad has a new mystery woman. Looking under the sofa, Liam finds a blonde wig. A lightbulb goes off, and Liam tells Wyatt that Steffy texted him a photo of Sheila in disguise. He shows it to Wyatt on his phone. Wyatt realizes Sheila Carter was there with their dad. He figures she’s kidnapped Bill. “What else could it mean?!?”
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At the cliff house, Sheila tells Steffy she loves her mother, and they don’t want to see her go to jail. “I saved your mother’s life.” Steffy hollers that she tried to take her life years ago when she shot her! Bill intones, “Just like Taylor shot me.” Finn yells, “Think about what you’re doing!” Steffy implores Bill to remember that Kelly is his granddaughter, “I thought you were one of us!” Bill is moving on with his life with a woman who is just like him. “I will not let you take her from me. I will not be alone again.” Steffy grits, “Can you hear yourself?!?” She screams that his granddaughter could have been left motherless because of Sheila. “I will not let her get away with this. I am pressing charges!” Bill replies, “No you’re not. You’re not pressing charges. Your mother will spend the rest of her life in prison unless Sheila remains a free woman. That is my deal. Take it or leave it.” Steffy sobs.
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