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Steffy calls out as she sees Bill appear in the open doorway of the cliff house. Sheila smirks, as Finn holds her arms with her hands tied behind her back. As Bill walks into the house, Steffy and Finn are stunned when Bill isn’t surprised to see Sheila. Steffy demands that Bill help them but he doesn’t want Sheila tied up and has no intention of letting them call the police. “Sheila deserves a second chance,” Bill says. Everyone makes mistakes.

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Sheila admits Bill knows everything and Steffy demands, “What’s going on between you two.” Bill confesses, “Sheila’s become a part of my life.” He reminds Finn that Sheila is his mother and plans to defend her because nobody else will — he knows what that feels like. Sheila brings up how Katie and Brooke turned their backs on Bill… it was so, so wrong. Bill recalls how it all started with Steffy — no one cares about him, if he lives or dies, but Sheila knows how that feels.

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Finn brings up how Bill helped save him and flew him to Monte Carlo, what’s changed?! Bill’s main goal is to make sure Sheila stays free. Steffy wonders what Sheila has on Bill and thinks he’s lost his mind! With tears in his eyes, Bill says he knows he’s caused so many people pain — he’s done terrible things — but still… Sheila leans into Bill as he places his arm around her. He’s moving on with Sheila and refuses to allow Steffy to turn her in. Steffy screams, “This woman is going to jail! I’m pressing charges and she’s going to suffer in there for the rest of her life!” She can see he’s gone to a dark place but no amount of loneliness can justify this – Sheila shot her own son! Sheila asks Bill to turn around then lifts up his shirt to expose his gunshot wound. Finn’s confused but Steffy’s stunned to hear Sheila knows that Taylor shot him. Bill has kept quiet all these years and warns. “You go to the police, I go to the police.”

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Over at Forrester Creations, Taylor and Brooke continue to talk about Sheila and don’t think she’d be stupid enough to show up at one of their homes. Taylor thinks if Sheila was going to make an appearance it would’ve been on Christmas. Brooke then asks about Taylor’s holiday with the family and Taylor does the same and wonders if Eric was sad that Ridge wasn’t there. “Ridge showed up,” Brooke reveals. Taylor’s taken aback as Brooke insists she’s holding true to their pact — she’s not going to cave to Ridge and doesn’t need a relationship. Taylor’s proud her, proud of them both. They like the new versions of themselves. If only Stephanie could hear them now. They’re happy to call each other friends and share a hug. Both agree it feels good to be in each other’s arms.

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In the design office, Katie is startled by the thunder and blames it on being jumpy due to Sheila. Carter recalls how Sheila broke into Katie’s house before and assures her he’ll watch out for her. Katie feels extra safe around him. Will briefly checks in on Katie via phone, who comments how good Carter is with him. He’d be a great dad. Carter asks about Bill, to which Katie insists she can’t save her ex from himself. She doesn’t want to talk about Bill anymore. Carter then gives Katie a belated Christmas gift — a heart necklace. She has the most caring, strong heart of anyone he’s ever known. Katie’s touched and puts on the necklace. They kiss and share a slow dance.

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