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Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: It was a dark and stormy night. Now, if you know anything about soaps, that means something very bad is about to go down. And with Sheila on the loose, that is almost assured… right?

We open with Finn and Steffy cannoodling in front of a roaring fire and enjoying the fact that the kids aren’t home. What they don’t realize is that somewhere out there in the night, Sheila, a determined look on her face, is getting behind the wheel of a car.

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In the main office at Forrester Creations, Ridge welcomes Hope, Brooke, Carter and Eric, thanking them for coming out in the storm. Eric and Ridge say that Steffy won’t be attending, as she’s already dealt with enough of her brother’s antics. Next to enter is Thomas, who admits he came because he was summoned. “You created a problem, Thomas. We’re here to fix it.”

Rather than go on the defensive, Thomas thanks everyone for showing up. Briefly recapping what he did and why he did it, he admits that the real problem is he wasn’t thinking. He was angry about Brooke having threatened to call CPS, and he wanted to see his parents reunited.

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Steffy and Finn settle in on the couch with wine, and he tells his wife how proud he is of her having stepped up at the wedding and done the right thing despite how difficult it was.

“I don’t know what flip switched that made me think framing Brooke was a good idea,” admits Thomas, adding that he clearly needs more therapy. But he adds that he’s made great progress in recent years, and he’s made more steps forward than back. Thomas hopes to remain a part of the Forrester design team, but Eric stops him. “Do you have any idea how disappointed I am in you?” Eric says that he invited Thomas to live in his home and this is how he was repaid. The person he should apologize to, says Eric, is Brooke.

Brooke, in turn, says that when he told her the truth about the CPS call, he showed no remorse whatsoever. “Sure, you can say I’m sorry in front of everybody in this room, but I know how you really feel.” She goes on to say that Thomas made it clear he would do whatever it took to keep Ridge away from her. “I tried,” she laments. “I tried to have some kind of relationship with you, to show you some kind of love, support. And this is what I get? This is what you throw back in my face?”

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Thomas admits he didn’t respect the marriage, but apologizes for what he did. The apology, however, is not enough. “Are we going to keep believing you forever?” asks Brooke, and Thomas admits that all he wants is his family back together. But Brooke’s not hearing it. “There are no more excuses. This is the end of the road.”

Carter is next to speak as both Ridge’s best friend and the CFO of Forrester. He really thought this time, Thomas had turned his life around. “How could you do this? You devastated this man,” Carter says, pointing to Ridge, asking if there is anything else he should tell them. “Any other lapse of judgement that might blow back on Hope or Hope for the Future?” But Thomas says he would never do anything to hurt Hope, the line or his son. He asks Hope if she believes that.

“I did,” she admits. “I believed everything you said about learning from your past, making an effort to move forward.” But this, however, has her realizing that she should have listened to all the warnings. “You have hurt Douglas. You continue to just think about yourself. You didn’t even think about how traumatizing this might be for your son!” Ultimately, she thanks him for having been such an important part of the team, “but I think the line will do just fine without you.” In fact, she’ll never be able to trust him again.

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At the beach house, Steffy emerges from the bedroom to find Finn has lit more candles than is probably safe. But hey, he’s planning a “serious seduction,” and Steffy? She ain’t mad at it! But foreshadowing what’s to come, Sheila continues driving down the road, saying she’s almost there…

“I made a mistake,” surmises Thomas. “I got caught up in a dream… of wanting to have my family together again. It was so close. All it needed was a nudge, and I pushed it right off a cliff.” He is, he swears, so sorry. He apologizes to each person at the table, even telling Brooke he never meant to hurt her. As for Hope? “I never, ever wanted to see that look of disappointment in your eyes again, and now I have to see it every day.”

Thomas then apologizes to Ridge, and I’m sort of annoyed that the older man doesn’t even attempt to own his own part in all of this. Instead, he says that he stood by Thomas when nobody else did, even blaming himself for not being around more when he was a child. “But I was there when you were a grown man, and you played me,” says a sad Ridge. Standing, Ridge paces as he goes off on his son. “Maybe you can’t change. This is you. You’re making me do this for the family! For this company! I’m sorry.”

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And with that, Ridge announces that Thomas’ days at Forrester Creations are over. One by one, everyone walks out of the room. Hope stands in front of Thomas is if perhaps she might say something, but instead quietly turns and walks away.

Steffy asks Finn if when he sees the wound where he was shot, he thinks about his mother. But he tries never to think about her… and certainly not when he’s with his hot wife! The two are enjoying some passionate sexy time on the couch when, outside, Sheila flips the power breaker. (Of course, they don’t notice because the house is only lit by candles). Then, Sheila opens the front door as lightning strikes…

bold beautiful sheila lightning

“Oh my God, Sheila!” shouts Steffy as we fade to black…

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