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The Forrester mansion is all decked out as guests began arriving for the annual event. Sure, Sheila’s on the loose, but that doesn’t mean the family is going to lock the front door or have security call to announce guests. Obviously, Sheila wouldn’t dare interrupt the festivities!

Carter Brooke B&B

Paris and Zende arrive, asking if Ridge has shown up yet. Eric admits that Ridge might not put in an appearance, although he encouraged his son to be there. Brooke, too, hopes Ridge won’t stay away simply because of her. Paris says she totally understands Brooke’s stance, and Zende agrees, and I’m like, “Wait, they missed an opportunity to repeat the dialogue about how things went down between Ridge and his women? Merry Christmas to us all!”

When we cut to the credits, it’s one of those fun things where they throw the sound of jingle bells over the regular music and anyone who knows me, your guest recapper, knows I love that kinda thing. Total sucker for it.

When Hope and Liam arrive, they agree that walking through the front door feels “like a warm hug.”

Liam B&B

The kids are all gathered around the tree singing when they spontaneously stop so that Paris can shame them all by belting out the final line and stealing the show. Everyone compliments Charlie on his fishing rod — although I’m not quite sure why he’s wandering around the living room with is — and he says he and Pammy will be sneaking away for a little bit of R&R. “Pammy will knit and I will stare at her lustily,” he says. (Too much information, dude!) Talk turns to Stephanie, and how she is never far from their thoughts.

Eric Donna Katie Carter Brooke B&B

Katie and Carter find themselves under the mistletoe, and she says how happy she is to have someone who will take care of her heart. “A very special, miraculous heart,” he smiles, and we know it’s also a healthy one, thanks to her recent cardiologist visit. (Shouldn’t someone have invited Paris’ mom and Katie’s doc to the party? Meanwhile, I’m still suspicious about that whole doctor’s visit… this is not a show which has random scenes for no reason.)

Eric raises a glass and proposes wishes everyone a happy holiday, playing the role of Tiny Tim by saying “God bless us everyone.” As they go around the room expressing what they’re thankful for, Zende says he’s grateful that he and Paris have gotten a second (or is that third) chance. So apparently, they’re together now, not that we’ve seen that unfold on screen. “When it’s worth it, and it’s written in the stars, it always falls into place,” Paris says before giving her beau a smooch as Carter, who dumped her at the altar, stands a few feet away. But hey, it’s not awkward… that’s just how holiday gatherings at the Forrester manse roll!

Paris Zende Christmas '22 B&B

Carter says that he has a lot to be grateful for, including the forgiveness the family has given him. “You are my chosen family,” he says and then, looking at Katie, adds, “I’m looking forward to seeing what tomorrow brings.” For her part, Katie says they’ve all been given so many miracles, and there are more yet to come.

“There’s that Logan pride!” enthuses Hope, and I can totally hear the haters amongst you not-so-silently grousing about the fact that there are moreLogans than Forresters in attendance. Hush, it’s Christmas! Hope continues that she’s happy her kids have such good role models to look up to, especially her hubby.

Douglas Hope Beth Liam B&B

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Liam, in turn, encourages everyone to “look for the joy. It’s there. And fortunately, in my case, I don’t have to look too far.”

When Brooke’s turn arrives, she shares how fortunate she feels to have her family — especially her children, grandchildren and sisters — to lean on, especially now. And with his usual impeccable timing, Ridge picks that moment to walk in, his hands full of gifts. The way he and Brooke look at one another makes me want to remind her about the whole self-worth trip she’s currently on and that she shouldn’t let Ridge derail that.

Eric is thrilled by his son’s arrival. Ridge admits he’s wearing “a big coat of humility, because I thought I knew everything about life and love and communicating, and it turns out I know very little.” Eric warns that he’ll never figure any of that out… except what’s truly important. And while family is extremely important, that apparently does not include Thomas, ’cause nobody so much as mentions him. Cold, people. Cold!

Charlie Pam Christmas B&B

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As the others watch on from the sidelines, Brooke and Ridge talk, and he admits he “really wanted to see her face.” Pam tells Eric that “the power of Ridge and Brooke can not be denied.” She and Charlie then sneak off, a gleam in their eyes…

Ridge is ready to exit, saying he doesn’t want to outstay his welcome. But Brooke points out this is his family home, and he shouldn’t rush off. “I’ve got some work to do on me,” he admits. “I’ve got to learn how to be more direct.” She suggests now isn’t the time to discuss that. “I should have believed in you,” he sighs. “I do believe in you! And I know you’ve sworn off men for the moment, especially this man, but it’s Christmas.”

At just that moment, Charlie and Pam use his new fishing pole to dangle mistletoe above Ridge and Brooke, who share a kiss.

Bold beautiful ridge brooke christmas kiss

The party gets under way and, honestly, it looks like a blast and there are a few ideas here I might steal for my own holiday gathering. Christmas Bingo? Bobbing for candy canes? And of course, there’s plenty of Eric’s spiked eggnog to go around! Eric encourages the family — and by extension, all of us — to help the less fortunate, be better people and keep the spirit of Christmas alive in our hearts all year.

And of course, it wouldn’t be a Bold & Beautiful Christmas if the guests didn’t gather around the piano to sing a chorus or two of “Deck the Halls.”

Forrester Christmas '22 piano B&B

Until next week, when Sheila will no doubt raise a little you-know-what and we’ll find out if that smooch between Ridge and Brooke was a holiday slip or the beginning of a renewed romance, Happy Holidays from all of us to all of you!

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