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In Forrester Creations’ main office, Chief Baker warns his officer on speakerphone not to lose the perp. Finn and Steffy press to find out if it’s really her. The cop confirms it’s Sheila and she’s accelerating.

In her car, Sheila looks concerned and then seems to enjoy herself as she hits the gas and flees the pursuing officer.

At Brooke’s place, Katie tells her sister she’s proud of her for choosing herself but Ridge has always been the love of her life. Brooke marvels that he’s always been at the center of every decision she made and it was the same for Taylor. They’re ending the uncertainty. She recaps that Ridge went away to do some thinking and they did some thinking of their own. They need to take care of themselves. Katie muses that Ridge must have been surprised to find them together when he returned. Brooke says he was more surprised to find out why. Katie knows what it’s like to reach that point where you’ve had enough. She also knows it can be liberating but isn’t always easy. “So, tell me. How do you really feel about all this?”
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In her car, Sheila vows she won’t go back to prison and gets a sinister look on her face as the siren and lights blare in her rearview.
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In the office, Steffy hollers, ‘Try to cut her off!” as Baker protests that’s too reckless. Finn argues that letting Sheila get away is the most dangerous thing they could do. The officer reports that the suspect is driving erratically. Baker tells him back-up will be there any minute. Steffy hollers, “She shot her own son — she’ll do anything to protect herself!”
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In the car, Sheila is slowed up by another vehicle and fumes, “Move! Move!!” as she tenses up.

At Brooke’s place, she tells Katie that she’ll miss Ridge but she feels so free — from the whole cycle she allowed to happen for so long. She put so much faith in their destiny when she should have been putting it in herself. Brooke feels she did the right thing for her family. They recap how terrible it was for Ridge to leave her and go to Aspen to find Taylor. Katie thinks this is huge for Brooke, who agrees. She just didn’t see the point anymore. Everyone has a choice to make and she and Taylor made theirs. Brooke can see how at peace Katie is after moving on from Bill, and Donna chose herself and then found joy with Eric. Katie invites her to Christmas at Eric’s place, and Brooke accepts. She thinks it will be that much more special with Donna hosting. They muse about whether Thomas will be there — it’s rumored he’s gone underground. Brooke says they also have someone else to worry about — Sheila Carter is on the loose.
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In the main office, Baker’s officer tells him over speakerphone that Sheila is trying to lose him and is headed downtown. Finn shouts, “Don’t lose her!”

In her car, Sheila lays on the horn as she comes into traffic and the cars in front of her stop. She bangs on the steering wheel in a fury.

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In the office, Baker’s officer tells him that Sheila has come to a stop. Finn worries if she exits the vehicle she might be armed. Baker implores his officer not to let Sheila get away as Steffy shouts, “Where is the back-up?!?” and starts to cry.
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At Brooke’s place, she tells Katie that RJ isn’t coming home for the holidays. Katie says Will isn’t either. Brooke’s surprised Bill didn’t make a big pitch for a family event. Katie says he wanted to go on the Stella Maris. She marvels that when she said no, he was so upset and hurt and vulnerable. “I just don’t know what’s going on with him.” Talk turns back to Sheila being on the loose and the lengths she went to in order to fake her death. Brooke says she’s capable of anything.

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In her car, Sheila vows she won’t be caught like this.

In the office, Baker learns that Sheila is trapped and has nowhere to go. Baker gives him the okay to move in. They listen as the officer tells people to stay in their vehicles. There’s traffic noise through the speakerphone and then the cop reports that a delivery truck moved and Sheila got away. Baker seethes, “Go after her!” as Steffy wails, “No!” The officer can’t get around and says, “Sheila Carter is gone, Chief. Sheila Carter is gone.”
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In her car, Sheila says, “Never count me out,” and cackles.
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In the Forrester office, Baker calls for all officers to canvas the area — he wants updates every 10 minutes. “She doesn’t have a lot of options right now,” he says before disconnecting. Finn and Steffy are flabbergasted at the turn of events. Baker assures them they’ll find her. Unfortunately, they lost her around Beverly Hills so their families will have to be careful. Finn rages that every time they get close to her, she gets away. “My family is in incredible danger right now!” he shouts. Baker raises his voice as he says he intends to make sure nothing happens to them. “Sheila Carter has been playing games with us but she’s not going to win. I’m going to find her and bring her to justice.” Steffy wants to believe him but Sheila’s been playing this game a long time, “And she always escapes!”
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At Brooke’s place, she tells Katie they can’t let the fear of Sheila control them. Katie asks if Brooke has enough security. Brooke is confident she’ll be found. “She can’t get away this time.”

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In the office, Finn assures Steffy they’ll find Sheila. “She couldn’t have gone far.” That’s what Steffy’s afraid of — she’s in her family’s neighborhood. Steffy recaps how Sheila has terrorized the family. “She’s a threat to us, and she’s a threat to our children!” When she finally confronted her she forgot who she was dealing with. She flashes to the scene with Sheila in the alley and recalls the shooting. They go over Finn almost dying and finding his way back to Steffy. Finn promises his wife he won’t give up. Sheila is going to go to prison and their family will be safe.

In some bushes, Sheila lurks outside a house. “You thought you could catch me? Think again.”

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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Katie reveals her deepest, darkest fear to Brooke which leads to them remembering a family tragedy, and Carter scores major points with a gesture proving his love for and support of Katie.

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