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In the Forrester office, Ridge tells Taylor and Brooke he spent his time away soul-searching. He apologizes for what they both went through. “I’m sorry.” Brooke asks, “Are you?” and Taylor adds, “Are you really, Ridge?”

In the design office, Steffy and Hope are debating which woman Ridge wants when Finn and Liam come in. Steffy reports that her father is back home. Finn observes that he must have made his decision between Taylor and Brooke. Hope sighs, “I think we can all see which way this is heading.” Steffy interjects, “I see my parents now, living blissfully together at the beach house.” Liam thinks the only reason Brooke and Ridge broke up was what Thomas did. Finn says Ridge made it clear the CPS call had no bearing on him wanting to marry Taylor. Liam points out he didn’t go through with the wedding. Steffy has no regrets about telling her father the truth, but if she hadn’t spoken up, her mom and dad would be together right now.
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In the main office, Charlie walks in and senses he’s interrupted something, so turns around and leaves again. Ridge tells Taylor and Brooke he’s genuinely remorseful. Taylor informs him that they’re not there to hear his explanations or apologies. Brooke continues, “You’re here to listen to us.” Taylor adds, “To actually hear us. You’ve put us through a lot.”
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In the design office, Steffy, Hope, Finn, and Liam talk about the kids and Sheila coming back from the dead. Soon, they’re back on who Ridge will choose. Hope reminds Steffy that her father has let her down before. Liam knows they both want what’s best for their mothers. Hope observes that one of their mothers is about to get their heart broken. Steffy predicts a Brooke meltdown. Charlie comes in and reports that Ridge is back at Forrester and is in the office with Brooke and Taylor. Hope gawps, “Wait, so Ridge is with both of them?”
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In the main office, Ridge thinks it’s good that Taylor and Brooke have been talking. Taylor says they definitely see eye-to-eye on things now. Brooke muses that they have more in common than they realize — they’ve both been waiting on the same man most of their adult life. Taylor explains that she went away but realized she wanted to be in Los Angeles. She tells Ridge she should have told him what Thomas did, but she got caught up in his promises and wanted to believe him. “I did believe you. I took you at your word.” She shrugs, “I want you to know that the time we spent together was magic.” Brooke tells Ridge, “And I want you to know you were the love of my life. You still are.” Taylor says he’s a loving man and father. “My heart.” Brooke feels the same way. Taylor muses, “My best friend.” Brooke says, “My destiny.” Taylor tells Ridge he can’t have both of them. Ridge knows he can only be with one of them. Taylor says, “No,” and Brooke adds, “You can’t.”
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In the design office, Liam, Finn, Hope, and Steffy marvel about Ridge, Brooke and Taylor being together in one room. Finn hopes that whoever Ridge chooses he lets the other one down gently. Hope feels it shouldn’t really be up to him. They debate some more about who he’ll pick.

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In the main office, Brooke tells Ridge, “As much as I adore you, Ridge, when you left me in Aspen…” Ridge interrupts her to say he thought she had betrayed him. Brooke says what bothers her is that he didn’t talk to her about it or open up. “If you did, we could have handled it right then and there.” Instead, he left her with no idea what was going on. “Who does that? What kind of man runs to Taylor to propose to her, all the while he’s still married to me?!” Ridge is sorry her hurt her. Taylor says he hurt both of them. She recalls he came chasing after her — literally chased her up a mountain — because she was running away from him. “I told you to leave but you didn’t. You stayed.” She remembers that he pleaded with her and convinced her this time was different because he had seen the light and knew what he wanted. “And that was me… for always.” He promised to keep her heart safe. “And I bought it. I bought it!” They go over what happened at the wedding. Taylor points out that if what he promised her in Aspen was true they would have gotten married, but he left her there shattered… again. “Everything you have done is wrong! God!” Brooke comforts Taylor and says, “Taylor’s right.”
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In the design office, Steffy tells Hope she’s not clueless and knows her father will always love Brooke, but now it’s time for her father to be with her mother. Hope asks, “So now Taylor gets a turn? Steffy that’s not how this should work.” Steffy thinks her mom needs her father.

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In the main office, Taylor and Brooke inform Ridge that they don’t need him. They have been stuck in this same cycle for decades! Taylor sneers that he’s got it good — he’s got two families and two women who love him. “Lucky guy.” Brooke and Taylor say they’re better than this and they’re done fighting. “We deserve to be happy,” Brooke says. Ridge agrees. Brooke declares that she and Taylor have made a decision. “We choose us.” Taylor echoes, “We choose ourselves. Our dignity. Our self-respect. We’re done.” Brooke repeats, “We are done.” Taylor turns to Brooke, “We’re done.” She smiles, “We are.” Taylor says, “Goodbye, Ridge.” Brooke adds, “Goodbye.” Brooke takes Taylor’s hand and says,” Come on, Taylor.” Taylor grabs her purse and they walk out together. Ridge smirks.

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In the corridor, Taylor and Brooke high-five.
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