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At Il Giardino, Steffy assures Finn none of this is his fault. They marvel over Sheila being alive

In her room, Sheila flashes to her run-in with Steffy and grunts in frustration.

At Forrester Creations, Hope and Brooke discuss the great sales numbers. Brooke remarks on wanting to stay busy with Ridge gone and tells her daughter she must be proud. Hope says it’s bittersweet given that Thomas was a big part of the success. Brooke urges Hope to relax — it’s the holidays! Hope finds it hard to do that knowing that Sheila Carter is out there. She keeps hoping Finn and Steffy are wrong. Brooke knows what Sheila is capable of, and she hates to say it, but Finn and Steffy are right to be worried.
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At Il Giardino, Chief Baker arrives and asks for the rundown from Steffy and Finn. Steffy says she saw Sheila Carter there in the restaurant. Baker isn’t sold. Steffy explains she was in some kind of disguise but when they locked eyes she knew. Baker declares this warrants further investigation. Finn tells him Deacon Sharpe is going through the footage right now — hopefully Sheila is on it.

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In Deacon’s place, he watches the footage of the restaurant on his laptop and calls Sheila to tell her he’s worried as hell. Sheila thinks he should stay out of it. Deacon complains that Finn and Steffy asked him to help. Deacon finds Sheila and Steffy’s run-in on the security footage and Sheila orders him to delete it. “Now!”

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Deacon wonders how he’ll explain the missing footage. Sheila implores him to just delete it now. Deacon does it and tells her. He warns she can’t run — Steffy and Finn have already called the cops. He urges her to turn herself in and throw herself on the mercy of the court. “This is the only way.” Sheila intones, “I’ve told you, there’s always a way out. Goodbye, Deacon.” Sheila disconnects and exhales.
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At Forrester, Brooke tells Hope if Finn and Steffy are right about Sheila the police will confirm it. Hope guesses they’ll start looking for her again. Brooke warns they can’t let the fear set in. Hope wonders if her mother is nervous staying alone in the house without Ridge. “I have noticed you’ve been coming into the office a lot lately.” Brooke says there’s a lot to do with Ridge being gone and if Sheila is on the loose, they’ll have to help Steffy out. Hope asks how she’s feeling about Ridge. What will she do when he gets back? Brooke recaps that if Ridge wants to be with her, he has to be completely committed to her and nobody else. Hope declares that is what she deserves. In fact, she knows a man who would give anything to be with her and who loves her unconditionally… “And who just happens to be my dad.” Brooke laughs, “Oh, honey.”

At Il Giardino, Steffy tells Baker that Sheila’s reaction was unmistakable when she recognized her. Baker says if they get a decent shot from the footage, he can send it out to the airports and bus stations. Finn doesn’t want her to hurt anyone else.

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In Deacon’s apartment, he grimaces over his laptop as Baker, Steffy, and Finn come to the door. He lets them in and Baker asks if he saw the woman Steffy bumped into. Deacon didn’t find it and explains that sometimes the Wi-Fi goes out and there are parts missing. Steffy panics. She saw Sheila Carter! Baker can’t let her escape this time. “She needs to pay for her crimes!”

Later, Deacon gets another knock on his door and hopes it’s Sheila. It’s Paul. Who asks why he’s packing. Deacon explains that the owner of Il Giardino may sell to him. He got his probation officer to sign off on a trip to Italy so he can raise funds. It may be possible to realize his dream of opening ‘Deacon’s Place’. “It’s got a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?” Paul asks if he’s leaving right now. Deacon thinks getting out of there asap is the smartest thing he can do.

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At Forrester, Hope knows Brooke will follow her heart, it’s just that Ridge isn’t the only man out there. She’s not saying she needs a man in her life, she just wants her to be happy. They express their love and hug. Just then, Steffy and Finn come in. Steffy tells them, “Sheila. She’s here in L.A.” Brooke and Hope learn that she was in disguise and Steffy noticed the missing toe in her sandals. Finn worries that every moment she’s out there, his family is in danger. They need to protect each other and their children because this threat is still very much alive.

In her room, Sheila tells herself in the mirror that she’s not going back to prison. “I won’t be hiding out long. I’ll be a free woman again. That day is coming. Soon.” She cries and cackles.

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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Taylor gets into her feelings about her part in keeping Thomas’ secret, and Eric practices tough love with Ridge.

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