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At Forrester, Carter, Eric, Liam, Hope, and Brooke gather in the main office. Eric explains Steffy wanted them all there as soon as possible. Liam guesses it must not be about work since he’s there. Hope questions if it’s about Taylor and Ridge not getting married and recalls they both left town. “But not together.” Brooke confirms she told Ridge to take some time to himself to figure out what he wants. “He needs to commit to me.” Eric still can’t believe what Thomas did. “I’m so disappointed in him.” Hope is too. Carter asks if anyone has heard from Thomas. Eric says he’s been keeping a low profile. Hope reports that the good news is Douglas is back home with her and Liam. Brooke sighs, “Thank God for that,” before adding, “No offense, Eric.”

Steffy and Finn arrive and thank everyone for meeting them so quickly. Steffy declares that she and Finn have some shocking news. “Sheila Carter is alive.”
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Sheila enters Deacon’s apartment in the blonde wig, and he asks where she’s been. “You can’t be running around L.A. like this!” Sheila informs him he’s giving her whiplash — one minute he wants her gone, the next he’s concerned. She muses that given his reaction, he seems to want her close. Deacon thought she got caught. Sheila laughs, “Who’d be looking? Everyone thinks I’m dead.” Deacon says, “Not anymore. Steffy and Finn figured it out. They know you’re alive.” Sheila, panicking, stomps her foot in frustration. “No… no!”
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At Forrester, everyone is in disbelief. Steffy and Finn report that they believe they have evidence that Sheila faked her death. Hope can’t believe that Sheila cut off her own toe. Carter asks if there is other evidence. Finn explains the bloody clothing was torn, not clawed, and she used the severed toe to cover it in blood. Brooke says that it’s making horrible sense. Eric asks if they’ve spoken to the police. Finn reports that they’re reinvestigating. Carter wonders why the cops were so quick to accept Sheila’s death. Finn shrugs that the pieces seemed to add up. They can’t say for sure that she’s alive, but it’s what they believe. Eric declares if it’s true, they have to be very careful. Steffy agrees; they have a security team ready to go. Hope wonders where she is hiding out. Steffy says, “We asked your father that very same question.”
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At Deacon’s place, Sheila has removed her disguise and asks Deacon what this game is he’s playing. Deacon tells her Finn and Steffy were there last night. “They know you’re still alive.” Sheila asks how. Deacon explains that her son put her toe under a microscope and figured out that she cut it off. Sheila shakes her head. “No, you’re just trying to freak me out.” Deacon exclaims, “I’m the one who’s been freaking out! Don’t you get it?!? This is the end of the line. You’ve got to get the hell out of L.A. and never come back!”

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Sheila tells him to calm down but Deacon keeps hollering that her son the doctor has seen the evidence and looked at her toe under a microscope! Sheila argues it’s still only his opinion. Deacon warns the cops will reopen the investigation and come to the same conclusion. That sound she hears, “It’s the walls closing in, babe!” Sheila exhales, “Stop panicking.” Deacon yells about the cops hauling their asses back to prison. “I can’t do this anymore. I’m done. I can’t risk everything I’ve built. I can’t. You need to leave!” Deacon doesn’t want to see her go down, but he has to think of his daughter. Sheila grits that counting her out is a big mistake. Deacon argues there’s no way out. “The cops are going to find you and it cannot be here. You need to leave. Today!”
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At Forrester, Hope argues that her father is trying to better himself. Steffy explains they only asked a few questions — he seemed as shocked as them. Brooke gasps over the thought of Sheila being alive. Steffy vows they’ll find her and put her behind bars where she belongs.

At Deacon’s place, Sheila muses that if it didn’t threaten her existence she’d be so proud of her son for figuring this out. Deacon tells her it’s fine to be proud, but she’ll have to do it somewhere else. “Hit the bricks.” Sheila knows she can’t stay there any longer. Deacon’s relived she’s finally got it. Sheila vows she’ll find a way out of this. Deacon warns that Finn and Steffy won’t be happy until she’s behind bars. Sheila smiles, “That’s not going to happen. I’m not going down and neither are you.” She appreciates what they’ve shared and promises no one will ever know where she’s been staying all this time. Deacon pulls her to him as he grouses that it was the biggest mistake he ever made letting her stay there. Sheila husks, “It wasn’t all bad, was it daddy?” Deacon and Sheila kiss.
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At Il Giardino, Finn tells Steffy he’s surprised she wanted to come there after what happened in the alley. Steffy won’t let Sheila take away what she enjoys but they will have to protect their family. They go over the bombshell they dropped at Forrester and Steffy’s relieved that her parents are out of town. She asks how Finn’s feeling. Finn will never get over his mother shooting her — the woman he loves more than anything in this world. They hold hands across the table.

At Deacon’s place, Sheila is dressed in her blonde disguise once again. She asks what Deacon is thinking. He was thinking about the hot redhead who followed him back there for the hottest hook-up ever. Sheila is thrilled he finally admitted it. Deacon will miss her. Sheila has never had many friends and tells him he’s been a good one. He asks her to be careful out there. She assures him she’ll be fine. Deacon thinks this will be the last time he’ll see her without bars between them. Sheila insists she’s not going back to prison. Deacon asks if she has any idea where she’s headed. She says it’s best he doesn’t know. Deacon wishes her luck, and they kiss goodbye. Sheila takes her things and goes. Deacon locks his door. Outside, Sheila takes a deep breath and then walks away.

At Forrester, Liam, Hope, Brooke, Eric, and Carter wonder where Sheila has been staying. They figure a hotel or with some old prison pal. Brooke wrinkles her nose at the idea of Sheila cutting off her own toe.

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At Il Giardino, Steffy tells Finn how impressed she is with him for figuring out Sheila faked her own death. She muses about her being out there. “Doing what? Planning what?” Finn assures her that the police will get her. They go over being reunited in Monaco and flash back. Finn recaps that nothing could have kept him from her.They express their love and Steffy tears up and kisses him before going to call her mom.

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Near the restrooms, Steffy is talking to her mother on the phone when she bumps into Sheila in her disguise. Steffy begins apologizing for spilling her drink and lets her mom go. She then notices the blonde woman’s missing toe. As realization dawns, Steffy slowly looks up and into the woman’s eyes and gasps, “Sheila!”
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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Steffy and Finn work together to track down Sheila Carter.

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