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The action picks up where we left off yesterday, with Deacon pretending to be shocked by Steffy and Finn’s suggestion that Sheila might still be alive. The couple lays out their case, with Finn pointing out there’s “a lot that doesn’t make any sense.” And having clearly watched more than their share of CSI: Miami, Steffy and Finn’s eight minutes of looking at the toe under a microscope have them sure that Sheila’s alive.

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Asked why they think Sheila’s alive, Finn breaks out the “souvenir”  he received from Sanchez. “So you’re just walking around with this toe, knocking on doors?” asks Deacon. Only his, they say, because they hope he can help locate the missing psycho. Deacon suggests the toe is pretty solid proof that she’s dead, but Finn and Steffy lay out the reasons they’re suspicious. For one thing, there should have been more remains found at the scene. “I guess that bear must have been famished, getting ready for winter hibernation,” quips Deacon. When he continues to feign skepticism, Steffy asks, “Who else would cut off their toe and fake their own death?”

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Finn explains he got the evidence from Sanchez (yeah, ’cause that‘s a thing that happens) and what he and Steffy found when they examined the toe. Steffy then implies that perhaps Sheila had help from… someone. (Meanwhile, I’m left to wonder who’s running Forrester Creations. Ridge is off licking his wounds, and Steffy’s playing detective… ) Eventually, the duo ask Deacon if he can help them find Sheila. After all, when she first showed up in Los Angeles, they were spotted together. Deacon insists he has no idea where Sheila is (which, at the moment, is kinda sorta true), but promises to let them know if he hears anything.

Over at the Forrester offices, Katie walks in to find Carter shirtless. Because who doesn’t strip down in the office in which all the higher-ups work without bothering to lock the door? Carter apologizes, but she says it’s probably the best thing that will happen to her all day.

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Their conversation eventually turns to Katie’s insistence that nothing will ever work between her and Bill again. Having talked to Brooke, Katie admits she’s thrilled to hear that Carter is making her happiness a priority. She loved him standing up to Bill after hearing her ex make a play for both her and her sister within minutes of each other.

Katie admits that Bill made another play for her, but she told him she was moving on. But she knows he truly loves Brooke. “Do you think there’s one man in Los Angeles who isn’t in love with Brooke?” asks Katie, and I’ll give you one guess how he responds, getting a genuine laugh out of the beauty. She asks if he really, truly was never interested in her sister, and Carter not only denies it emphatically but proves where his heart truly lies by pulling Katie into a passionate kiss.

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With his dad not having shown up at the office, Liam swings by his house only to find Bill swilling whiskey. Worse, Liam immediately notices that his dad is wearing the sword necklace again. “When you wear that thing on your neck, it means you’re in scorched-earth mode,” Liam says.

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“I poured out my soul to Katie and she wants nothing to do with me,” admits Bill, adding that she’s moving on with Carter Walton. (The tone he uses when saying his rival’s name indicates just how much this bothers him.) Spiraling, Bill says he’s tired of everyone betraying him. Liam tries telling his dad it’s okay to be disappointed and feel sorry for himself. Rather than listen, Bill lashes out. Taking another approach, Liam flat-out tells his dad to stop. “This is your ego, and when your ego is in charge, you get into trouble!”

Liam attempts to give his dad “one more reality check,” reminding Bill that he and Katie will always be connected by their son. “But you two have not been an item for a long time!” Sure, says Bill, but it’s always been there under the surface. “Everybody knew that we would end up together,” he says. And then, he adds, “Katie or Brooke, I was meant to be with one or the other.” Ironically, Liam is the one to tell him, “Yeah, but you can’t have both.”

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Bill, clearly not listening to anything his son says, rants, “I have loved them. I have cared for them. I have protected them. And this is what I get in return? Nobody betrays my trust, and nobody dismisses me! I am Dollar Bill Spencer!” Bill is about to storm out, but Liam grabs his arm, and begs his dad to promise “you’re not going to do something drastic!” Instead, Bill glares at his son until Liam releases his father. As Bill exits, eyes blazing, Liam is clearly shaken by the encounter…

Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Finn and Steffy share their theory about Sheila with Eric, Carter, Brooke, Liam, and Hope.

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