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At the Forrester mansion, Thomas, Steffy, and Taylor have changed out of their wedding clothes. Steffy tells her brother that he must be so proud — thanks to him, their father went to Brooke’s and the wedding is ruined. Taylor takes responsibility for not having spoken up either.

At the cabin, Brooke has filled in Liam and Hope, who notes, “Steffy’s the one who told the truth.” Brooke says she stood up at the ceremony and objected! Liam thinks Douglas is a remarkable kid to stand up to Thomas in order to do the right thing. Hope marvels that if he hadn’t spoken up, Ridge would be married to Taylor now and still believing that Brooke called CPS. Hope finds it odd that Taylor didn’t tell Ridge, and Brooke agrees. “It goes against her image, don’t you think?” she asks. Brooke finds it all so shocking, including Thomas setting her up in the first place. Hope says, “You were right about him all along.”

Brooke declares that one good thing came out of all of this — Douglas is coming home. Liam hopes Thomas isn’t the one bringing him. Hope says Eric is doing it and she can’t wait to see him. She wonders what happens next for her mother. Brooke recaps that she told Ridge to take time to decide what he really wants. “Just can’t keep doing this back-and-forth thing with Taylor.” A lightbulb goes off and Brooke announces she has unfinished business to take care of, before leaving.
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At the Forrester mansion, Taylor recaps that she panicked and couldn’t tell Ridge the truth before the wedding. Steffy wants to get her mother out of there, but she needs a minute. Thomas leaves and Steffy follows.

In the cabin, Hope tells Liam she feels foolish for trying so hard to believe in Thomas. Liam assures her she had a valid reason for wanting to keep the peace. Hope should have listened. There were signs, but she didn’t want to see them. She has something to tell her husband and fills him in on Thomas trying to kiss her after the preview. Liam stammers, paces and finally erupts, “Oh my God!” Hope assures Liam he backed off. She didn’t tell him sooner because she didn’t want to make a bad situation first. Hope is sorry. Liam embraces her and asks if she’s okay. She is. Liam only cares that she and Douglas are safe. Just then, Eric knocks and walks in with Douglas. Hope rushes over. “I’ve missed you so much!” Eric tells the boy he loved having him in the house and getting to know him better, but he agrees that now it’s time for him to come home with Liam and his mom. Hope and Douglas embrace.

At the office, Thomas confronts Steffy for destroying what they tried to build between their parents. Steffy fumes that what he did was terrible and wrong! She yells, “I just want my normal brother back!” Thomas says he was just trying to help. Steffy retorts, “Well now mom is paying the price.”
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Brooke walks into the Forrester mansion. Taylor tells her Ridge isn’t there. Brooke says she already saw him and knows everything. She complains about Thomas and Taylor admits she’s very worried about her son. Brooke says she should be; he is sick and he needs help — serious professional help, not from his enabling mother, who seems to be making questionable decisions all on her own. Taylor remains silent. Brooke feels sorry for her; obviously, Thomas played her. But when she found out what Thomas did, she was going to go through with the ceremony and didn’t tell Ridge.
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At the cabin, Douglas thanks Eric for letting him stay at his house; he had a blast. Eric tells Douglas that he’s a light in this world and it’s important to know right from wrong. “You’re going to do great.” Eric leaves and Hope and Liam tell Douglas that Beth will be thrilled that he’s there. She’s napping, so they wanted to talk to him first. Liam explains they want to check and make sure he’s alright. Douglas confesses it’s been hard. He knew what his dad did was wrong and played the recording for Aunt Steffy. Liam tells him that was so brave and Hope assures they’re very proud of him.
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At the office, Steffy accuses Thomas of playing God with people’s lives — their parents would have gotten back together in a few weeks without his interference. Thomas calls this wishful thinking — Brooke wasn’t about to let that happen. Steffy wants their parents back together, she just didn’t want their marriage to be based on a lie!
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At the Forrester mansion, Taylor tells Brooke she was going to tell Ridge that Thomas made the CPS call. Brooke observes, “But, after the fact.” Did she think Ridge wouldn’t care after they were married? Taylor just wanted to hold tight to the belief it wouldn’t matter to them getting married today. Brooke recaps that Ridge felt terrible that his son set her up. The whole time she was trying to grasp why he left her and went to Taylor and proposed! Taylor points out that she and Ridge love each other very much. Brooke counters that Ridge never would have left her for Taylor unless she did something unforgivable. So, Thomas came up with a devious plan to clear the road. “And you knew the whole time. I expected better from you, Taylor.”
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At the cabin, Douglas tells Liam and Hope he tried to keep his father’s secret, but Grandma Brooke was being blamed for something she didn’t do. It wasn’t right. He missed being there. Hope says they missed him too. They all share a group hug.

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At the office, Steffy rants that she wants Brooke out of their dad’s life but she won’t set her up for something she didn’t do. Thomas protests but his sister informs him it’s not going to fly. He may have gotten away with this sick behavior in the past, but not anymore. “You’re going to have to pay the consequences.”

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At the Forrester mansion, Taylor informs Brooke she wasn’t harboring the secret all along; she found out five minutes before the ceremony started. She was going to tell him everything. Brooke sneers, “When? After he slipped the ring on your finger?” Taylor explains it was a day she and her children had waited for a long time. She wanted to believe she and Ridge weren’t getting married because of something Brooke had done. When Ridge showed up in Aspen, she was done. He had to chase her to the top of a mountain, where he told her he wanted to be with her and it was nothing Brooke had done. Brooke says the truth is that Ridge left her because he thought she betrayed him. “But I didn’t.” Taylor must know that the past few weeks she’s been spending with him have been based on a lie. Taylor asks Brooke where things stand with her and Ridge. Brooke told him to go do some soul-searching and that he can’t come back to her unless he can fully commit. She can’t do the back and forth any longer. “You and I don’t deserve that.” Taylor agrees, “No.” Brooke says, “For what it’s worth, I’m sorry.” Taylor replies, “Thank you. I’m sorry too. And I’m so sorry for what my son did to you, Brooke. It was awful. And for what? This?” Taylor says goodbye to Brooke and walks out.

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