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At Brooke’s place, Ridge tells her that Thomas made the call to CPS using some kind of app on a kid’s phone. Brooke exclaims, “How is that even possible?!?” Ridge doesn’t know, but it is. It sounded just like her. Ridge says Thomas got what he wanted. “I walked away from you, I walked away from our life and turned to Taylor.”

At the Forrester mansion, Thomas challenges Steffy on her loyalty to their family and their mom and dad. Steffy can’t believe he’s saying this right now and informs him that what he did was awful — not to mention what he did to his son. Thomas scoffs, “Douglas is fine.” Steffy fumes that he told him to keep a secret and put him in a terrible position. Thomas says he’ll make it up to him. Steffy can’t believe he’s being so cavalier about this. Taylor intervenes and Thomas reiterates that she’d be married right now if it weren’t for Stef. Steffy yells, “This is all on you! This is your fault!” Taylor sighs. Maybe Ridge will just set things right, then come back and they’ll have a wedding. Steffy hollers at Thomas about what he’s putting their mom through. “What you did was so terrible and dishonest Thomas!” The sad part is, that she thinks he’d do it all over again if it meant getting his way.
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At Il Giardino, Paul the bartender asks Bill if he’s okay. Bill needs a double, not a shrink. He mutters about getting kicked in the teeth and having nothing and no one to go home to.

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At the Forrester mansion, Thomas tells Steffy he did what he did because he wanted mom and dad to be happily married. Steffy did too, but not like this. She really thought he’d changed! Taylor did too. She wishes she’d told Ridge the truth and feels it was a total lack of judgment on her part. Finn comes in and asks if he should tell Carter there won’t be a wedding today. Steffy says they don’t know for sure; she’s still hoping it will happen.

At Brooke’s place, she asks Ridge why he didn’t just tell her what he’d heard on the call. She would have said it wasn’t her and they could have gotten to the bottom of it. “Why didn’t you just believe in me?!?”
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At the Forrester mansion, Thomas snaps at Steffy for blabbing and Finn warns him not to attack Steffy, who was just trying to fix his mess! Thomas rolls his eyes. Taylor tells Steffy she’s glad she said something when she did because she wasn’t going to. “I couldn’t.” Taylor recalls that Ridge told her that his decision to marry her had nothing to do with anything Brooke did. “And I challenged him.” Steffy soothes that she was in a tough position because of Thomas. Taylor was going to tell him everything… tomorrow. Now she doesn’t know what to expect.
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At Il Giardino, Bill tosses back his scotch as Deacon appears and eyeballs him before speaking. Bill growls, “What do you want, convict?” Deacon needles Bill about being there all the time eating and drinking alone. He’s surprised he has the time and isn’t too busy putting poor defenseless people out of work.
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At Brooke’s place, Ridge admits he’s not sure he understands any of this himself. He recaps that Child Services showed up right after she threatened to call them. Brooke was upset and never would have handled it that way without going to him first. Ridge beats himself up for not knowing that Douglas was being abused by Thomas in his father’s house. Brooke never in a million years thought Thomas would do something like this. “Your son needs some serious professional help, and I don’t mean Taylor.” Ridge agrees. She asks if he just found out about all of this. Ridge explains that Douglas found the recordings on his phone, he told Steffy, who confronted Thomas, and later stopped the wedding. Brooke asks, “What about Taylor?” Ridge says Taylor knew. Brooke’s steamed that her rival knew what Thomas did and didn’t tell Ridge the truth. A tear runs down Ridge’s face.
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At the Forrester mansion, Steffy tells Taylor how sorry she is as Thomas looks on. Finn reports that Eric and Carter have had no word from Ridge. Thomas muses, “Maybe I should go over to Brooke’s.” Both Taylor and Steffy exclaim, “No!” Steffy says their dad needs time to process things. Thomas wonders if he’s busy contemplating kicking him out of the company. Taylor assures Thomas that Ridge was upset, but he’s his son, and he’ll never turn his back on him. Steffy wishes Thomas hadn’t made the CPS call and instead had trusted their parents. Thomas guesses they’ll find out how much faith he should have had or whether dad was lying to their mother all along. Steffy reiterates that they’re in this mess all because of him!

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At Brooke’s place, she’s apoplectic that Taylor knew what Thomas did and didn’t tell Ridge. He insists she would have, but Brooke gawps, “When?!? After you slipped the ring on her finger?” Ridge says he came over to apologize — they were both played. “I’m sorry I hurt you.” Brooke exclaims that he’s been over there sharing Taylor’s bed while she was alone trying to figure this out. “Why didn’t you just talk to me?” Why couldn’t you even give me that decency?” She stomps her foot, “Dammit, Ridge! Please show me some respect!” Ridge hangs his head. “You’re right. I’m sorry. I’m more sorry than I can say.”

At Il Giardino, Deacon marvels that Bill is sitting there letting him needle him without hitting back. He guesses Bill struck out in the romance department with Brooke and Katie won’t take him back. “I guess there’s only one thing left to do.” Deacon holds out his hand, “Welcome to the lonely hearts club, pal.” Bill glowers at him.
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At the Forrester mansion, Thomas informs Steffy he’s done being bashed by her. He exposed Brooke and her wanting to call CPS on him. Steffy counters that his lie was exposed, now their dad is furious with him, and they are all in limbo. Thomas tells her she could have just kept her mouth shut and they’d be married right now. Finn warns Thomas about speaking to Steffy that way. Taylor pipes up that Steffy told the truth, and it was the right thing to do. Thomas asks, “Even if you lose dad forever?”

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At Brooke’s place, she tells Ridge how hard she hoped and prayed for this moment; that he would come to her and open up? She knows he’s sorry and that he didn’t meant to hurt her, but today was his wedding day. Brooke is still trying to grapple with the fact that he wanted to marry Taylor and just throw away everything they had together. She knows Steffy, Thomas, and Taylor still want him over there but she can’t do this anymore. This back and forth cannot go on and he’s the one who must stop it. “What do you want with your life? Do you want to marry Taylor? Or do you still want a life with me? That’s what you’re going to have to decide. Just know whatever it is, I will always love you.” Ridge will always love her too, and says he needs to take some time.

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Brooke says he’ll always be her everything but there’s something more important — her self-respect. It’s really took a beating over the years, mainly because she was willing to do anything to get what she wants. Now, she admires the woman she sees in the mirror and won’t take anything less than what she deserves. It’s his turn, now, to figure out what he wants for his life. “I can’t do it for you.” Ridge walks past her and she touches his arm. He turns to face her, and she falls into his embrace. It’s over quickly, and then Ridge walks out the door.
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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Taylor and Brooke come face-to-face, Steffy vows Thomas will suffer big-time consequences.

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