Taylor Ridge promises B&B
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At the Forrester mansion, a fuming Ridge tells Thomas now that Douglas is out of the room, he’s going to need some answers. Thomas states, “You’re angry.” Ridge assures his son he has no idea how angry he is. He rants that he called CPS and changed his voice to sound like Brooke. Thomas argues that doesn’t change how much he loves his mom. Ridge thought Thomas was a changed man, but he’s not. “You did this,” he growls, “You betrayed me.”

At Brooke’s place, she marvels to her sisters that Ridge is marrying Taylor as they speak. They wish their dad hadn’t had to leave so soon. Donna and Katie find it cute that he wanted to go over there and stop the wedding.

At Deacon’s place, Sheila accuses him of thinking about Brooke. He says he’s concerned about Hope’s mother; she’s going through a tough time. Sarcastically, Sheila says it must be really tough living in that big mansion all by herself, accepting the fact that Ridge is about to marry someone else. Deacon says Hope gave him a heads-up about the wedding. She’s still out of town for work with Zende. Sheila hopes his daughter doesn’t expect him to go over there and wipe away her tears. “I need you here.” Deacon confronts Sheila about using her disguise to sneak out. “Where do you even go?” he asks. Sheila tells him not to worry about, and not to worry about Brooke either — this isn’t the first time she’s lost her darling Ridge.
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At Brooke’s place, she doesn’t know how she’d survive without her family. She has something to tell Katie, who says she already knows Bill made a play for her. Brooke gawps, “He told you?!?” Katie explains how she overheard Carter confronting Bill after her ex also asked her to take him back. “He said some very sweet things in my defense. I don’t know that I’ve ever met anyone like him,” she smiles.
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At the Forrester mansion, Eric gets up in Thomas’ face and fumes, “You did this to Brooke?” Ridge moves his father out of the way and tells his son, “I thought you’d changed, I thought you were a better man.” Thomas insists he’s still that guy. Ridge rages, “You’re not that guy. Every time you open your mouth you lie.” Thomas hollers, “Because you and mom belong together, and you know it!” Ridge thanks Steffy for being honest with him and asks Taylor, “You see that boy? You see what he did?” Taylor’s eyes fill with tears. Ridge sags. “You knew.” Taylor nods.
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At Deacon’s apartment, Sheila wonders if a photo of Finn and Hayes will come out after Ridge and Taylor’s wedding. They get back on the topic of Brooke and Deacon hopes that she doesn’t start drinking to stop the pain. Sheila knows he’s tempted to go see her, but warns, “Don’t even think about it.”

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At Brooke’s place, she and Donna grill Katie about her new relationship with Carter. “Tell us more! How serious is this?” Brooke asks. Katie demurs, “We’ve gotten close.” Brooke feels she deserves all the happiness in the world. Katie says, “We all do, including you, Brooke.”

At the Forrester mansion, Taylor tells Ridge she just found out upstairs. Steffy relays that she told her mother after she found out from Douglas. Steffy says Taylor is shocked. Ridge interjects, “But you didn’t tell me. You were going to marry me any way.” Taylor owns it. Thomas reminds Ridge that it’s his wedding day. He’ll take the blame. “This is my mistake.” Ridge tells his son it wasn’t a mistake. “It was an evil, calculated scheme carried out by my boy.”
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At Deacon’s place, Sheila sips a beer and asks him, “So, how much time do you have before work?” Deacon replies, “Enough.” Sheila snarks about him not making an effort to woo her and thinks maybe she should put on the disguise. They debate again about her taking risks by sneaking out. Sheila vows she’ll soon be free as a bird. Deacon tells her to keep dreaming. Sheila retorts that the only person dreaming is him. “You don’t stand a chance with Brooke.”

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At Brooke’s place, Katie goes over what Carter said to Bill with her sisters, who are suitably impressed. Brooke can see she really likes him. Katie says it’s still new and feels bad talking about it today of all days. She urges Brooke not to give up on Ridge.

At the Forrester mansion, Finn, Carter and Eric have gathered in another room. Eric’s beyond furious and is so angry with Thomas. Carter’s never seen Ridge so disillusioned. Finn can’t imagine how Steffy felt having to expose her own brother.

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In the living room, Thomas complains about Ridge’s relationship with Brooke. Steffy tells him to stop, he’s already done enough damage. Thomas tells his father he had to get him out of that toxic relationship. Taylor hollers, “That was not your place, Thomas!” Ridge recalls that he kept asking Brooke to come clean but she didn’t even know what he was talking about. “I can’t believe this.” Taylor regrets not pulling him aside and telling him. Ridge strokes her cheek and wonders what happened to the woman he fell in love with; the woman who always tells the truth. “Where did she go?” Taylor doesn’t know. “I am so sorry, Ridge. I am so sorry.” Thomas glares at Steffy. Ridge looks at Taylor with a pained smile.
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At Brooke’s place, Katie tells her she knows it feel impossible to believe right now, but she and Ridge are written in the stars. “No one can take that away from you.”

At the Forrester mansion, Taylor tells Ridge she panicked. “You love me right?” she asks. He says of course he does. Taylor reminds him he’s been assuring that he loves her and that’s the reason he wanted to marry her, but that’s not true. “The CPS call…” She made the decision not to tell him about the recording because she wanted to believe that his promises to her had nothing to do with what you thought Brooke did to their son. Steffy pipes up to say that their mother doesn’t want to lose him. Taylor says that’s true. She wants to go back, but she can’t. She can only tell him she doesn’t want a marriage based on lies. Not for her, not from Ridge, and not from anyone. Taylor cries that she let her emotions and fears get the best of her. She thought they had made it; that they were going to be okay. “This is the moment of truth, right? What do you want to do Ridge? Do you want to go on with the wedding? Are we going to get through this?” Today was supposed to be about new beginnings, their family, and the chance at a life together again. She’s apologized and Thomas has apologized. She knows that doesn’t make it okay right now, but, “Are you going to stand behind your promises to me? Are you going to make me your wife?”
Taylor Ridge promises B&B

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