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In the Forrester living room at the altar, Ridge asks Taylor, “Everything okay?” She stammers, “What?” He tells her she looks so beautiful and coaxes her, “What do you say, do you want to do this?”

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At Brooke’s place, Stephen and Lucy wish their visit was under better circumstances. Brooke admits she held out hope that Ridge would change his mind, but it’s too late now — she’s sure the wedding has already started. Donna offers to go over to the house and find out what’s happening, but Brooke would rather pretend this isn’t happening. It can’t be real that Ridge is going to marry Taylor!

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At the Forrester mansion, Taylor waffles at the altar. She hands Steffy her bouquet and makes a speech about being late and having so much going on in her head. Taylor notices Ridge’s cufflinks and tells him this is overwhelming… for so many reasons. She recaps that she gave up hope that they could be together, but he came and found her and told her he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her and promised to protect her heart from now on. Taylor gasps, “Ridge, I have to tell you something.” After a pause, she gushes, “I’m ready!” Thomas smiles and Steffy’s stunned. Carter begins the ceremony, remarking that today, Ridge and Taylor are proclaiming their great faith and trust in each other.
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At Brooke’s place, she says goodbye to Lucy, who is so sorry about everything. Stephen sees his partner off at the door and says he’ll meet her at the airport. He rejoins his daughters, who gush about how good Lucy is for him. Donna wants to order food, but Brooke isn’t hungry. They all cluck about her needing to take care of herself. Brooke doesn’t want to eat, she just wants Ridge to come home and tell her he made a mistake. Stephen points out that if he doesn’t, then he doesn’t deserve her. He complains that the men in their lives have let them down, including him. He wants to take away the pain and disappointment. Brooke tears up; she feels empty and is still in shock. Stephen offers to cancel his flight or go stop the wedding. Brooke laments that Taylor isn’t going to let anyone stop her from saying, “I do.” Stephen pulls Brooke into his arms. “I love you.”
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At the Forrester mansion, Carter continues the ceremony talking about all the ways Taylor and Ridge love each other. He adds that Ridge is so proud of his son, Thomas, who has grown so much as a designer, father and a man. Douglas looks at the floor. Carter asks if anyone has an objection to Taylor and Ridge being joined in Holy Matrimony, to speak now or forever hold their peace. Douglas looks expectantly at his aunt Steffy, who blurts, “I do.” Thomas fumes and Ridge looks confused as she adds, “I object.”
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At Brooke’s place, Donna realized she missed a text from Eric. She reads it and relays that the wedding has started. “I’m so sorry,” she tells Brooke. Her sister doesn’t want to make their dad’s visit all about this, but Katie feels she’s entitled since she’s in mourning. Stephen feels it’s not like Brooke to give up. She insists she hasn’t; all of their memories are still in her heart and will always be there no matter what. “I will always love Ridge, even if he marries Taylor today.” Stephen kisses her hand and pats it.
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At the Forrester mansion, Ridge gawps at Steffy objecting — she’s wanted this forever. Steffy isn’t objecting to the marriage; it’s complicated. Steffy tells her dad he needs to know what happened — he needs to know what’s going on. She prompts Thomas to tell their dad the truth. Thomas fumes that the truth is that their parents love each other and they’re going to get married. He urges his sister to stop, but Steffy shakes her head and informs Ridge, “Dad, Brooke didn’t hide anything from you. You deserve to know the truth… the truth about the CPS call.”
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At Brooke’s place, Stephen feels she should be furious with Ridge — he is. Ridge ended her marriage without giving her a reason. To leave her with these questions is just cruel. Brooke says he knows she didn’t want an annulment or for him to marry Taylor. She signed the papers because she couldn’t get through to him. Brooke will always love him and despite everything, she knows he still loves her. Stephen sighs, “Oh, honey,” and hugs her again.

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At the Forrester mansion, Finn sends Li out of the room with Kelly. Ridge wonders why they’re talking about Brooke and the CPS call during his wedding. Thomas thinks Douglas should go with Li and Kelly. Steffy snarks, “Stop trying to cover it up, Thomas.” Ridge bellows, “Can someone please tell me what’s going on here?” Steffy says it’s about the call to Child Protective Services. “You thought it was Brooke, but it wasn’t.” Ridge protests that he heard the recording. Steffy says Thomas made the recording. Ridge scoffs, “That doesn’t make any sense.” Just then, Douglas plays the CPS call on his phone, first in Brooke’s voice, and then in his father’s voice when Steffy prompts him. He explains to his bewildered grandfather that it’s an app on his phone — you record your voice and can make it sound like someone else’s.

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Ridge turns to Thomas, “You did this?!” Thomas reminds his father he said he wanted to marry Taylor and the CPS call had nothing to do with it. He did it because he wanted to make him happy. Ridge hollers, “Do I look happy to you?!?” He realizes Thomas set up Brooke because he knew exactly what he would do if someone attacked his family. “My son, who turned his life around!” Ridge bellows, “You destroyed my marriage! My son! You did this!” Eric and Finn hover over Douglas as Thomas and Ridge stare at each other.
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