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In her negligee, Taylor takes in the wedding flowers in the Forrester mansion living room and spins around before heading upstairs where she catches Steffy trying to peek at her wedding dress. They hold hands and squeal over Taylor’s wedding day to Ridge finally being there.

At Forrester, Ridge tells Carter his cufflinks are at Brooke’s house. Carter offers to go by and get them but points out that his friend still loves her. Later, Ridge looks at a photo of Brooke and heads out.

At Brooke’s place, she is pacing with a photo of Ridge when Bill comes in. He knows about the wedding at Eric’s and observes, “Ridge didn’t waste any time.” Brooke thought their marriage would last forever this time. Bill knows it’s a hard day for her, that’s why he’s there — for support. If she’s hoping that something or someone will stop Ridge from marrying Taylor today, it’s not going to happen. He realizes it’s hard to hear, but that’s the way it is.
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Bill thinks it could be an opportunity. Bill makes a pitch for her to give him another chance — he’ll make her happier than Ridge ever did, or could.

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In his room, Douglas is staring at the files on his phone’s voice-changing app when Thomas comes in. He asks why his son’s not getting ready and what’s up with him. Douglas hides the phone under the pillow and asks if he really has to go to the wedding. Thomas points out he loves his grandparents, who are counting on him to be there. The boy wonders if he’s counting on him to be there or to keep his mouth shut about his dad setting up Grandma Brooke.

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In the other room, Steffy teases her mother, “Are you nervous?” She sits Taylor down to help her with her hair and asks if she’s okay. Taylor can’t stop thinking about the whole CPS call thing, and that being the reason Ridge came to Aspen. He didn’t tell her when she asked him… maybe because she would have kept running.
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At Forrester, Eric and Katie discuss a meeting that went well and remark on how quiet it is there today. Eric says it’s a big day for Ridge and his family. Katie reminds him he has a family with Brooke too. Katie knows she’s a big supporter of Ridge and Brooke. Katie says he is too — he knows Taylor is not the love of Ridge’s life; Brooke is. Eric doesn’t disagree with her. He thinks Brooke and Ridge belong together despite this wedding today. Katie wonders why on earth he’s supporting it then.

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At Brooke’s place, she debates with Bill about Ridge. He points out he just moved on after pledging to honor and cherish her. They’re just words to him, apparently, after what he’s done to her. “Ridge made his choice and you can make yours… right now.” Carter arrives outside and listens as Bill tells Brooke that he always loved Katie, but not the way that he loves her. She never tried to change him, and he’d never try to change her. She makes him feel more turned on about life than he ever has before. “You are my future. You are the woman I want. Not Katie. You.” Outside, Carter is stunned.

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Steffy styles Taylor’s hair as they talk about having a wedding glow upstairs at the Forrester mansion. Talk turns to Brooke and Taylor knows what she did hurt Ridge a lot. Steffy feels this wedding was meant to be. Taylor muses that Steffy never gave up faith. Steffy admits there were dark days that she worried Brooke would have her hooks in her dad forever, but that’s behind them now, in part due to the CPS call. Her father deserves to be with someone with integrity who he can spend his life loving and being loved. “That’s why he’s marry you, mom. Not because of what Brooke did.” Taylor smiles and nods, “I know.”
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Downstairs, Thomas teases his father about his mother bailing on the wedding before the conversation turns to how much he loves Ridge and has faith in him. Everything has been worth it to get to this point so that Ridge and Taylor end up together and happy again. Thomas knows his father isn’t marrying his mother because of what Brooke did, but the call to CPS was the last straw. He just wishes Ridge hadn’t told everyone about it and warns that Brooke can never know.
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Upstairs, Steffy asks Taylor if she and dad wrote their own vows. Taylor teases that her daughter will be very pleased but will have to wait to find out. Taylor wishes Phoebe and Stephanie could be there. Steffy assures, “They are.” She thinks it’s exactly what they would want — for Taylor and Ridge to get their happily ever after. They express their love and embrace.

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Downstairs, Douglas appears as Ridge tells Thomas he doesn’t want to talk about Brooke or the call she made, but he thought people deserved to know the truth. He turns to Douglas and teases, “You’re in trouble; you don’t get to come here looking like this and show up the groom.” He thinks the boy is bored but Douglas says it’s not that, and adds, “I want to be happy for you and Grandma.” Thomas reminds the kid that they belong together and make each other happy. Douglas asks to go back to his room until the wedding starts. Ridge asks Thomas, “Is he okay?” Thomas tells his dad to focus on making his mother the happiest woman in the world today. Ridge reiterates how proud he is of Thomas and the man he’s become and the father he’s been to Douglas. “This day couldn’t have happened without your help.” Ridge pulls an uneasy Thomas into a hug.

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