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In the Forrester mansion, Ridge’s family exclaims over his revelation that Brooke made the call to CPS. Taylor’s completely in shock right now. “She went after our son and he is such a good influence on Douglas.” Douglas remains mum.

At Brooke’s place, she tells her sisters she still can’t believe it — she just signed annulment papers and Ridge is already moving on. Katie and Donna feel this isn’t really what he wants. Brooke marvels, “He’s going through with it. He’s going to marry Taylor tomorrow.” She tells Donna she could have stayed for the rehearsal dinner. Donna exclaims that she couldn’t wait to get out of there. Katie grumbles about them celebrating a marriage that’s doomed from the start. Donna relays that she won’t be attending the wedding either. It hurts her to watch Ridge and Taylor together knowing how much it hurts Brooke. She can’t understand how Taylor doesn’t see this as a big red flag. What Katie doesn’t get is the Thomas connection. She recaps that he had something to do with them no longer being together.
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In the Forrester living room, Thomas watches Douglas as Steffy asks Ridge, “There was no question it was Brooke?” Douglas flashes to chastising his father for what he did. Ridge asks Thomas to back him up. Thomas says, “I heard what you did, Dad. It was definitely Brooke’s voice.”

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At Brooke’s place, Katie wishes they could help her sister put the pieces together. Donna feels there has to be more to the story. Katie complains that Taylor and Ridge can’t see Thomas for who he really is. “I mean look at his obsession with Hope.” Brooke intones that he’s a total pro at this point — a total con artist trying to unravel her marriage so his family wins.

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At the Forrester mansion, Thomas has told Douglas to hang out in his room and rejoins the others, who are still rehashing Brooke calling CPS. Taylor wonders if she did it because she didn’t want Thomas and Douglas together. Ridge doesn’t know why she did it. Taylor calls him out. “You knew this before you came to Aspen and you didn’t say anything?”
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Steffy hopes her dad wasn’t protecting Brooke — she targeted Thomas! Thomas informs the others that he and Ridge agreed not to say anything. Steffy thinks she needs to be called out and can’t get off this easy. Thomas argues if he can let it go, so can she. If they confront her, she’ll just come over there and beg and plead to Ridge. He’s getting married to their mom, so they should just put Brooke behind them.
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At Brooke’s place, Donna says she doesn’t trust Thomas and Katie complains about him using Douglas to lure Hope over to Eric’s. Brooke is tired of talking about him and knows Ridge is protective over him just as she is with her children. They go over how wrong it is that Ridge is about to exchange vows with somebody else. Brooke laments that that family is all over there celebrating it. Katie doesn’t understand how Ridge can celebrate anything knowing Brooke’s over there heartbroken.

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At the Forrester mansion, they go over how Brooke freaked out over Thomas eating the apple with a knife. Taylor figures she was looking for a reason to make him look unstable and that was it. Ridge explains how they reached out to Walter to listen to the recording of the CPS call. Ridge had never been so blindsided in his life. Steffy feels it just proves Brooke’s not worthy of him. Eric still finds it hard to believe. Ridge hollers that they heard it! Eric asks Ridge if he confronted Brooke about it. Ridge says he told her about the call and all she said was, “Oh my God, how could anyone do that to Thomas?” He fumes, “She lied to my face!” He flashes to her coming to Aspen and him asking her to be honest. Steffy’s sorry and Finn can’t imagine how hard that must have been. Taylor wishes she’d known. Steffy says that as long as they’re being honest, she has to ask… She turns to Ridge, “Is this why you’re marrying mom?”
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At Brooke’s place, she tells her sisters she loves Ridge and knows he loves her too. Donna is sure he’s thinking about her day and night. Katie feels Ridge will never love anyone the way he loves her. Brooke misses him so much and is trying to come to terms with the fact that he’s going to marry Taylor tomorrow. Donna suggests there may still be hope. Brooke doesn’t know what else she can do to get through to him. She doesn’t know what happened, only that he still loves her. Katie declares that Ridge’s marriage to Taylor doesn’t stand a chance. “Don’t give up on your future with Ridge.”

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At the Forrester mansion, Steffy doesn’t want to put her dad on the spot, but they and their mother deserve to know. Ridge says it’s a fair question. Brooke broke his trust in so many ways, but that’s not why he’s there. He takes Taylor’s hands. “I’m here because I love you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” Taylor loves him too. He’s shown her that he wants to be with you, so she’s going to continue to believe him no matter what. They kiss. Thomas tells him mom, “He’s not with you because of what Brooke did. What she did was just one of a million reasons he could break free.” Steffy just wanted to be sure. Ridge gets it. Thomas tells his parents they’re a magnificent couple; they have a love that not many people do. He toasts to the wonderful couple and the days ahead. Taylor is so excited to be Ridge’s wife again and tells him, “I’m gonna make this so good for you, I really am. I’m never going to let you down and I will always be honest with you, I promise you that.” They kiss again until Steffy pulls Taylor away and takes her upstairs. Ridge gets a faraway look as the others joke.
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At home, Brooke gazes at a photo of her and Ridge and cries.

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